Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 1: Otherworld Summoning
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Chapter 1: Otherworld Summoning

ーBig Bang

Kirishima Ran had seen an intense light comparable to birth of space as the last part of his memory.

There’s a screams and roars flying on the other side, the start of the gloomy morning has been disturbed by the confusion.

The surroundings became white for a moment and there’s a light so strong that can burn covered his eyes.

The next thing that attacked him is an intense power sucking up and an unpleasant floating feeling.

He’ll be hit with the ceiling if this continues but the feeling of floating has faded away in the next moment.

At the same time, the white light painting the surroundings has vaninshed.

Did the sun fall?

Or could it be that we got involved in some kind of explosion?

He doesn’t care about either but Kirishima Ran thought that of wanting to go home immediately.

MondayーIt’s a gloomy morning before the class starts.

He didn’t know what he got involved to at that time.

There will be a staff meeting so today’s class will be wasted.

Possibly, a temporary closure of school may happen in these several days.

When it comes to that, it’s better to go home immediately.

The train and busses would stop if it’s too slow.

Ran who opened his eyes while having such thoughts was speechless when he area’s spectacle spreads out.


A stone wall without wallpaper that’s not popular nowadays is seen.

A stone floor without carpet similarly spreads below.

There are men and women along with Ran on the same high school uniform on the location, there’re around 20 people scattered around.

The skirt of the schoolgirl who fell down nearest to him was rolled up and a stimulating panties was exposed splendidly.

It’s a light blue panty that’s lacking on surface area. It’s not a show-off panties but the form of the ass is clearly seen.

It’s engraved to the memory because it’s rare.

After thanking the unintentional work of art, ran looked around again.

It seems that the men and women who fell in this place are attending the high school same as RanーHis classmates.

There are lots of students who had the similar hairstyle and the looks he’s used to seeing.

But it seems that the delinquents of the class aren’t present.

Those guys originally don’t exist on the classroom at Monday mornings.

For Ran who’s not good with those people with such conduct and oppressive voice, he felt secretly relieved.

The problem wasn’t that..

「…Where’s this place?」

If Ran’s memory is right, he should’ve been at the high school’s classroom until just a while ago.

It should be a break time in the morning before the class started, he should be spending the time uselessly without doing anything.

He’s not being bullied but he has no friend in good terms in the class right now.

Ran is the so called Botchi(Loner).

He has no friend that he’s in good terms to be in the high ranks of the school’s castle, nor talk in a daily basis, a playmate in holidays, not even someone to eat together at lunch.

He’s a typical person without any presence, a low priority.

Therefore he can’t share this situation with someone.

That’s hard for the loners.

「I don’t get what happened at all」

Saying that, Ran was somehow able to answer even though it was vague.

Even though he’s thrown in a situation that’s different from the daily life doesn’t mean that his everyday life has suddenly changed in a certain meaning.

“I wonder if it’s the popular otherworld transfer web novels”

「Also, is it’s a class transfer? I don’t know the cause though」

The surrounding stone walls around has an artificial look in it.

They might’ve been summoned by someone instead of being transferred just somewhere else.

「But in this case, the person concerned won’t appear until all members wakes up」

If he had a friend then he’ll wake him up and it would wake up the classmates in a chain reaction but Ran couldn’t be the trigger for that.

That said, he can’t just leave them be.

It can’t be helped, so he called out the nearest unconscious schoolgirl with light blue panties.

「No but, I’m arousedー No, nervous」

Why is such a high-school girl wearing such a stimulating underwear in her body?

It’s not a question whether the panties is shown or not.

Or it’s just that Ran just doesn’t know that high school students commonly have sex in classrooms.

“Go explode”, he thought.

「Hey, are you okay? Err…. Nekoyama-san! Nekoyama Misuzu-san!」

He almost called her Mizuiro-san1 but that doesn’t matter.

The unconscious girl who doesn’t mind showing off her light blue underwear magnificently, Nekoyama Misuzu made a strange 「Funyaau」voice and turned over to face up lying down.

Because her skirt is rolled up, her much more important part is being shown through her underwear this time.

She’s shaved? He sees the crack clearly when he looks closely.

Is Nekoyama a cat?

There would be no complaints if he just raped her here.

Various thoughts floated on his mind but Ran didn’t have the courage to put it in action.

But if he just let such a stimulating view go away without doing anything, it would be a waste.

The other people doesn’t seem to be awake so it’s okay do it just for a bit.



The palm pressed mercilessly on the moderate chest for a high school student.

It’s softer than he thought.

After he did that, “Isn’t this a crime?”, he apologized inside his head.

No, this isn’t a crime. He persuaded himself that it’s a perquisite.

It’s impossible to wake up a sleeping person without touching their body.

The angel in his brain insists that there could be other places than the breasts to be touched but he ignored it this time.

「N, nyaa? Huh? I-It’s morning already? Huh? But it’s dark? Is the curtain closed up nya?」

It seems that she hadn’t noticed that her chest was touched.

He’s feeling relieved this late.


「Ah, Kirishima-kuun. What happened to me?」

Showing her canine while laughing nyahaha, Nekoyama Misuzu smiles awkwardly.

Her words and actions has an amazing scent of someone playing innocent and helpless but, it’s different from the the tempting actions that has nothing but calculations.

This is the real her.

Of course he hate people he hates butーーEspecially a lot of womenーーShe’s popular in Ran’s class’s nerds.

This Nekoyama Misuzu, doesn’t make light of another person’s appearance and doesn’t discriminate.

She can talk with the boys at the lower level of the castle peacefully.

By the way, she’s the only schoolgirl Ran has talked to in the original world2

Even if Ran denies it, when you look at the whole class, he’s treated to belong on the lowest group on the castle, the Ota(Nerd) group.

「You don’t remember?」

「Nyaa~…I do remember getting wrapped in a strange light however」

She raised her body while speaking and brushed off the dust on her back and on her skirt.

Then she looked around and looked at Ran again.

「W-Where’s this!? Or rather, why’s everyone’s sleeping…Eeh!?」

She shouted “Fushaa!” and began to shake the bodies who are unconsious.

The student woke up when they were shaken by Nekoyama Misuzu.

21 people in all.

The delinquents that’re late to come to school everyday and the fat and ugly women who’s being bullied everyday aren’t here.

The other students seems to have spread all over the place.

Unlike the class transfer well known on the internet, the class teacher isn’t transferred.

It seems that they hadn’t come to the classroom yet because it was early in the morning.

Noise, roars, cries, and shouts,

Various voices come and go around the area.

It’s good that there’s no one resorting to violence immediately but this closed space isn’t good as expected.

The ota group that’s on the bottom of the castle embraced each other and trembles.

Alone, I was grinning for some reason.

Perhaps Ran’s the same, he might’ve imagined the word class transfer.

「What’s the meaning of this!」

「I don’t know!」

The class president grieved and the delinquent girl who dyed her hair to brown (It seems that she’s alone) replied in an angry voice.

Similar things happened here and there, some girls burst into tears whenever an angry voice flies.

It’s no time to cry in this situation! The delinquent girl shouted while kicking the wall.

The class would collapse before the one who summoned them comes, Ran thought as if it was someone else’s problem.

But his thought disperses after the next words.

「King! Here! It seems that they were summoned in this direction!」

The cliche’d appearance of the master of the class summon.

The schoolboys who were grinning a while ago pumps their fists in the air.

They’re probably having the delusion of having a cheat ability and would make a harem with the schoolgirls.

「It seems that the coordinates of the summoning magic have been mistaken. That was dangerous. If it’s a bit of then they might’ve been buried alive in the wall」

A man dressed in mantle has appeared from the darkness.

It feels like he just said something frightening casually but Ran ignored it.

There’s no profit if he attacked in such a place.

「King! The summon was successful! There’s 21 people gathered!」

「Is that so?…」

The man who appeared dressed with a mantle with a good build wasn’t the kind.

The appearance is like a skeleton.

A skin and bones man having a cane on his slender hand arrived it it seems that the knights have lent their shoulder to walk here.

It seems that he’s not just thin.

SickーNo, it’s something much more serious.

「The King is attacked by a cruel spell!」

It seems that someone’s explaining all of it so Ran decided to become silent.

The other students remained standing absentmindedly without knowing what’s happening.

There seems to be no person throwing unnecessary jeering or violent language either.

「It’s the curse of the Maou. This curse will continue to make him suffer as long as he’s living!」


「We have tried to defeat the Maou somehow but everything we did failed regrettably!」


「Thus the heroes from the otherworldーsoldiers called Saints have been summonedーto be able to defeat the Maou」

To summarize the long thing, it was simple:

Several years ago, the King took a curse from Maou.

The Maou must be defeated to remove the curse.

The residents of this world can’t match the Maou.

If it’s impossible for the residents of the worldーThen you should scrape up war potential from the otherworld.

There’s summoning magic in this world and humans can be summoned from the otherworld.

Then they’ll use them to increase their war potential it seems.

What to say? It’s very selfish.

Towards that the vigorous enthusiastic students didn’t endure hearing and ranted and speaks abusively.

But the man in the mantle, the king, and the knights took light notice of the violent language.

It seems that they’re used to it.

It’s disgusting that they don’t have the thought of the other’s life.


Among the students blowing up in angerーThere’s one person that’s enduring the laughter.

The otaku boy whos putting his hand on his glasses us making a criminal-like smile.

Though the barrage of glances bathed him, they’re not noticing it at all.

If he can be that dignified then he should do that normally.

「Summoner-san. We’re just ordinary people, we don’t have the skill to fight. Even if you summon such many people, the situation wouldn’t improve for the better don’t you think?」

Ran understood what the otaku boy is thinking about.

What do they intend to do summoning someone without the skill to fight.

This is different from liking or disliking the summoning.

He waits after he spun those words.

Of course there’s only one line that would be returned in this talk.

「Of course, we also know that. All of the saints have been given translation magic to understand the words used in this world and an ability to fight」

The otaku guy grinned while making a victory pose again.

It seems that he didn’t notice that everyone’s looking at him coldly.

「Is that so, then please tell us how to use our abilities」

「It’s easy. Stimulate the energy going around your body and pray. Once you do it, you’ll be able to know the ability immediately」

「Got it, now then!」

The otaku guy prays grinningly and a character rise in the surface of his head.

It seems that the ability given to you can be confirmed by other people.

By the way, the letters that appeared floating on the head of the otaky guy that’s praying is:


「No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayー!?」3

The otaku guy who obtained the failure skill by default on cheat heroes has crouched down in place and got at his wit’s end.

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