Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 1573 - I Won’t Do Anything That Makes You Sad The Second Time
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Chapter 1573: I Won’t Do Anything That Makes You Sad The Second Time

Gu Mengmeng just watched with her own eyes as Wang Xiaoxin led Wales and Samuel disappear in front of her like a wisp of fog.

And Wales only left behind a sentence, “Gu Twomeng, take care.”

And he disappeared along with Wang Xiaoxin.

From the time they met in the Snake King Valley to her departure after Snakel died, they would always part twice a year and every time, Gu Mengmeng would feel reluctant.

This time, they would never meet again and Gu Mengmeng felt more at ease instead.

Probably because every time they separate, it would mean that little shit had to spend the lonely period alone.

But this time it was different. He had someone he loves by his side.

They had waited for each other for thousand years and their feelings were stronger than gold.

Seeing little shit’s gaze at Wang Xiaoxin, Gu Mengmeng knew that even if they did not have to leave each other, a person like little shit who would value lover over friendship would not have time to bother about her anymore.


Thousand years later, when Snakel revives, if she had to call Wales ‘dad’... they might probably fight for a day?

Gu Mengmeng leaned on Elvis’ chest and hugged him tightly while saying, “Hubby, everything that happened today was too fast, I feel surreal, as though I had been dreaming...”

Elvis kissed Gu Mengmeng’s littlle face and said, “This is the dream realm, of course you are dreaming.”

Gu Mengmeng looked around blankly and nodded, then she smiled and said, “True, we are dreaming. But hubby, if we wake up now... you will still be around, right?”

Elvis grabbed her little hand and kissed it. He replied, “I won’t do anything that makes you sad the second time.”

Gu Mengmeng then nodded and with one hand holding onto Elvis, and the other hand holding Lea, she closed her eyes. The usual feeling of falling made her heart thump as hard as playing the drums.

When everything was stable, she did not dare to open her eyes.

The faint blood stench that was entering her nose had told her that she had returned to the Beast World where the Snake King valley cave was.



What if when she opens her eyes and she still sees a huge hole in Elvis’ chest and Lea laying on the ground with blood flowing all over his body?

Gu Mengmeng felt herself trembling. She had regretted it. She should not have woken up, even if it was a dream, she should have died in it.

“Xiao Meng, open your eyes,” A familiar voice was heard. Using just a simple sentence, it had already soothed the uneasiness in Gu Mengmeng.

She opened her eyes wide open and stared at Elvis, then she looked down at his chest.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she then laughed, “Thank goodness you’re alright... Lea, Lea?!”

“I am here.” After Lea woke up he had immediately transformed himself and cleaned all the frightening bloodstains on his face. Currently, he is in his half-beast form and was wagging his furry large tail. Every step that he took was so seductive. He lay on the side of Gu Mengmeng’s knees and supported his chin up to say, “Xiao Mengmeng, I heard that only the Beast King can enter that dream realm. Aren’t you curious... why I was there?”

Gu Mengmeng was slightly stunned, then her lips rose unconsciously. She looked at Lea and smiled, “You...?”

Lea nodded and replied, “You might not believe it but Cole’s Tear of the Beast Deity is here with me.”

Gu Mengmeng frowned and did not understand.

Lea sat up straight and said, “On the second rib bone on my left chest, there’s Cole’s Tear of the Beast Deity. When you dug out his heart, he had also given me this rib bone at the same time.”

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