Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 1445 - Why Did She Have To Play Along With This Public Display Of Affection?
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Chapter 1445: Why Did She Have To Play Along With This Public Display Of Affection?

Turning aside, Lea said, “Beast Kings were indeed rare over the past 1,000 years. Snakel was the only one. But now... our family alone has two. So it’s not anything noteworthy. As such, I don’t really care about being a Beast King. I am satisfied as long as I can take good care of Mengmeng.”

Cole narrowed his eyes. Typically, there was no way someone as good at manipulations as him would fail to see that Lea was purposely inciting him. But he could not control the raging anger in his chest.

That feather earring on Gu Mengmeng’s right ear was an eyesore.

He should not be bothered by all these.

No matter how many males Gu Mengmeng had by her side, they were just playthings. After he transmigrated through the doors of time and space and took over that world, he would become the one and only revered god in Gu Mengmeng’s eyes.

He would personally witness Gu Mengmeng abandoning Elvis and Lea for him. She would slice off that mark from the back of her neck...

She would kill all her pets with her very own hands just to please him. She would then stand by his side, stepping upon the fresh blood spreading out like a blooming poppy flower and radiating a faint fragrance.

Why was he getting so angry over a mere guardian beast?!

But he just couldn’t control himself.

He could accept Elvis’ and Lea’s existence. They had met her before him after all.

But Gregory... that insignificant Gregory... what did he have that enabled him to gain her good graces?!

That malevolent anger burned so fiercely that just a few provoking words by Lea made Cole radiate all over with a violent rage.

The firewood in the bonfire crackled and sparks flew. But those sparks were instantly swallowed by the blackness of the night, the bit of light produced not even equaling the brightness of fireflies.

Lea chuckled as he looked innocently at Cole. “What’s the matter, great Fox King? Your beast pressure is seeping out... our two guardian beasts are only third-level and cannot withstand such intimidation. Especially that Gregory. He just joined our family and our Mengmeng adores him. Her heart will ache if you scare him.”

Lea’s words were like a lighter thrown into nuclear site. But he still felt the effect was not dazzling enough so he turned and winked at Gu Mengmeng before asking, “Right, Mengmeng?”

Gu Mengmeng looked very conflicted.

Why did she have to play along with this public display of affection?

A display for Cole to watch? What for? Did he buy tickets to this act?

But Lea already said those words and if Gu Mengmeng didn’t play along, wouldn’t she be exposing his ruse?

Gu Mengmeng waved at Gregory who immediately circled around Elvis to stand on the other side of her. She then offered the roasted meat which Lea had given her earlier to Gregory, and said in a gentle voice, “You must be tired after carrying me and flying around the whole day? Eat this first... don’t bother about those crazy people. I don’t believe anyone has the ability to hurt you right in front of me.”

Gu Mengmeng shot a cold glance at Cole as she said her last sentence.

She didn’t unleash any beast pressure but managed to suppress Cole’s rage.

Snakel was a Beast King who had lived over a thousand years. His power and dominance was not something which newly-crowned Beast Kings like Elvis and Cole could match up to. And Gu Mengmeng possessed Snakel’s snake gallbladder so she just had to shoot someone a black look and he would feel like the shadow of massive snake had been cast over him, making him gasping for air. Further, she had dug out Bi An’s heart and took his life. So she now possessed an aura that would make all stray beasts cower with spine-chilling terror...

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