Beastmastering: The Best Master Ever!

Beastmastering: The Best Master Ever!

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    [What is the method to distinguish the gender of the Thunder Rat?]

    [What is the attribute of the Thorn Seahorse?]

    [What is the superpower trick that the Lipstick Magnet Monster can learn?]

    The last science subject of the college entrance exam suddenly became the basic knowledge of Phantom Beasts!

    Chen Qiyue, who was sitting behind the desk, had a bewildered face.

    Well… well…

    Looking at the contents of this test paper and the surrounding students who had their heads buried in their books, the corners of Chen Qiyue’s mouth twitched.

    He must be dreaming.

    Or else this world was crazy!

    Inside the Phantom Beast Feeding House

    “Sir, which one do you really want to buy?” the female receptionist asked weakly.

    Chen Qiyue pointed at one of the Phantom Beast eggs. “I’ll take it!”

    “Okay, I’ll take it down for you.”

    “Wait! I’ll take this one!”

    Chen Qiyue pointed to another egg.

    “Okay, do you still want to change it?”


    The female receptionist was speechless.

    Half an hour later

    Chen Qiyue happily walked away holding the black, unattractive egg with a few blue spots in his arms.

    The female receptionist suddenly turned pale, her legs went weak, and she fell to the ground, crying.

    “He was such a bad person. He deliberately pointed out all these Phantom Beast eggs.”

    Chen Qiyue spread his hands. “Well, I had to make better use of my cheats.”

    “Ahem, I’m a decent person!”

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