Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

Chapter 200 - One Hundred and Eighty Six:
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Chapter 200: Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six:

[Misfortune Entanglement]_2

Translator: 549690339

“I got goosebumps all over, this guy sure knows how to talk, using me to gain popularity obviously. ”

Vincent Wolf thought about it, and in fact, Declan Hansen did help him boost his popularity. It could be considered a win-win situation.

However, there’s one thing.

Seeing you make money is more annoying than me losing money!

[Vincent Wolf: Cut the crap, how much are you giving for the copyright fees?]

What Vincent Wolf wanted was not the copyright fee, but rather an attitude, and the satisfaction of not being ripped off by others.

[Declan Hansen: …Half of the broadcast earnings from my four live commentaries of your matches.]

[Vincent Wolf: Fine, I’ll let you take advantage this time.] It was only after hearing this that Declan Hansen relaxed.

This guy Vincent Wolf had really scared him.

Just give more money and get it over with.

Back when they were in Wild Fox Plain, he could already tell that this guy was extraordinary.

Getting involved with him would definitely be troublesome.

Just when Declan Hansen thought everything was settled, he saw another message from Vincent Wolf.

This message made his heart suddenly jump. [Vincent Wolf: Are you interested in cooperating in the upcoming finals?] Declan Hansen quickly typed a reply.

[Declan Hansen: Cooperation during the finals? How do we do that?]

[Vincent Wolf: I’ll provide an exclusive competition monitoring perspective, special live broadcast content, and real-time highlight playback. You’ll commentate on the live broadcast of the matches I provide.]

Declan Hansen gasped.

That’s terrifying!


Could it be that he means that he will be able to live broadcast the entire process of the competition in the Hidden Realm?

Declan Hansen instinctively thought it was impossible.

But then he thought that just because he couldn’t do it, didn’t mean Vincent Wolf couldn’t.

If Vincent Wolf really couldn’t do it, then he wouldn’t have anything to lose. [Declan Hansen: No problem. How do we split the live broadcast earnings?]

[Vincent Wolf: Let’s go half and half. Be prepared in advance, don’t be clueless about what to commentate when the live broadcast begins.]

[Declan Hansen: Rest assured, my professional skills are not to be taken lightly.]

[Vincent Wolf: Remember to transfer the money quickly!]

After typing these words, Vincent Wolf closed his phone.

In this competition, Vincent Wolf planned to live broadcast the whole process of evaluating these candidates.

Sebastian Wood’s Al, named Cacea, allowed Vincent Wolf to connect to the internet in the Hidden Realm. (f)reeweb(n)

As for the broadcasting tool, it was the mechanical eyes that Declan Hansen had used in the Wild Fox Plain.

With Cacea’s intelligence level, it could control the mechanical eyes to broadcast the scenes that Vincent Wolf wanted to broadcast, and omit the things that Vincent Wolf didn’t want to be shown.

The reason Vincent Wolf came up with this idea was that he remembered President Wright had sent him the information of these foreign players after the preliminarv round. Vincent Wolf immediatelv understood at that time.

This meant that President Wright wanted Vincent Wolf to teach them a good lesson.

However, President Wright couldn’t say it explicitly due to his president’s identity, so he could only hint at Vincent Wolf like this.

With Vincent Wolf’s cleverness, he immediately understood President Wright’s meaning and secretly made up his mind.

Now, Vincent Wolf had a whimsical thought, if he simply eliminated these foreigners in the finals, would that be too easy?

As a qualified subordinate, he should fully grasp the leader’s intentions and even go beyond that, achieving the level of handling things even without the leader speaking.

Vincent Wolf thought that since President Wright had given him two hundred million and would continue to give him a share afterwards.

So, to some extent, President Wright was also Vincent Wolf’s leader, whom Vincent Wolf should also be thinking for.

Therefore, Vincent Wolf wanted to live broadcast the entire evaluation process.

As an undercover, Vincent Wolf felt that quietly messing things up was not his style.

He should go big!

Soon, it was nighttime.

Because Evan had absorbed a lot of energy in the morning, he didn’t need any energy at all now, and naturally, he didn’t look for Vincent Wolf.

As for Vincent Wolf.

He was in his bedroom, thinking about the plan he needed to take after arriving at the Life Secret Realm tomorrow.

“Twelve teams, each team has an official leader.”

“The leader of each team will assign tasks to their teams. There are team tasks and individual tasks, completing tasks will earn points, and the teams with higher points will be ranked higher.”

“Although I am an undercover, I can’t let my own team be eliminated, or else it would be a joke if we don’t get enough points to win first place in the end.”

“So, we should start with other teams first, eliminate the weaker ones first, and then slowly target the stronger ones.”

With that in mind, Vincent Wolf felt like he had forgotten something important. “What did I forget?”

“It must be something very important!”

After thinking for a while, Vincent Wolf finally remembered when he touched his phone.

“Damn it! I get a tenth of the things these players find!”

The condition Aiden Winter offered to Vincent at the time was that he would get a tenth of the resources collected in this competition.

That is to say, a tenth of the things these players collect belongs to Vincent Wolf.

“So I can’t eliminate these people too soon, I need to make them work harder.”

Vincent Wolf suddenly slapped the table.

“No, if I could take the stuff by force, wouldn’t I get 100% of it then!”

“But there is official surveillance, and if this is caught, the impact would be too negative.”

Vincent thought and saw his phone.

“I almost forgot about Cacea!”

Vincent opened his phone and gently called Cacea.

“Cacea, come out quickly. I have something to ask you.”

Immediately, Cacea appeared on the phone screen, still wearing her pajamas and holding a pillow with sleepy eyes: “What do you want?”

Vincent’s forehead was covered with dark lines, but he needed her help now, so he could only coax her instead of hitting her.

“Cacea, can you control other monitoring flying eyes?”

“Of course. You called me out just for this little thing?” Cacea sleepily nodded her head continuously.

“Never mind, just go back to sleep!” Vincent was very happy.

After listening to Vincent’s words, the phone screen automatically went dark.

“Strange, do artificial intelligences need sleep too?”

Vincent shook his head, not understanding.

“It’s no use thinking about it now. Let’s see tomorrow’s situation before making a move. Getting Evan’s things back is still the top priority.”

When he woke up the next day, Vincent Wolf hesitated whether or not to start a simulation.

With a trip to the Life Secret Realm, two simulation opportunities are possible. But once you are in the Life Secret Realm, no more simulations of other realms can be done.

Now in the Life Secret Realm, Vincent didn’t really feel he had much to simulate.

Even the demon beasts inside were dying and panting.

Going in would probably be just to train his skill proficiency.

However, two chances to predict the future are still pretty good.

But the simulations turned Vincent Wolf into a slime.

He doesn’t know if such a future is accurate or not.

Last time at Clean Base, the simulation result was quite accurate because Vincent Wolf did not directly participate in it.

But this time, Vincent was going to take the initiative to intervene, which was obviously different.

“Let’s just do one simulation first.”

Vincent drank a bottle of Mysterious Spirit Dew. “Simulate the Water Marsh Secret Realm.” “Choose the Three-tailed Fox.”

“Increase Entry Rarity.”

While feeling his own energy, physical strength, and spirit disappearing, Vincent Wolf also looked at the words in the simulation.

[Available Realms: Water Mysterious Realm, Life Secret Realm, Miracle Secret


[Simulation Targets: Slime, Three-tailed Fox]

[Randomly gained entry: Troubles Follow (Gray)]

[Troubles Follow (Gray): Whenever trouble occurs, a series of continuous troubles will follow.] “I’ve had it! Didn’t I raise the Entry Rarity? Why is it still gray!”

[Simulation begins:]

[On the first day of entering the Water Marsh Secret Realm, you find yourself turned into a Three-tailed Fox.]

[On Day 2, most of your skills have reached bottlenecks, so you begin to study your high-order Gift Skills [Clone].]

[On Day 30, you have no clues about studying the [Clone] skill, so you go out for a walk.]

[During your walk, you accidentally trip on a stone and curse.]

[Then you step on a banana peel while walking and trip again, thinking that you have bad luck.]

[You continue your walk and see a large pit, which you walk straight around.]

[Unbeknownst to you, a deadly trap lies just around the corner.] fre ewebn ovel

[You die.]

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