Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

Chapter 192 - 127: Thunder Dragon, Bloodthirst… The overall strength of the little guys increases rapidly! —3
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Chapter 192: Chapter 127: Thunder Dragon, Bloodthirst… The overall strength of the little guys increases rapidly! —3

Translator: 549690339

Gangzi was stunned for a moment, then the corners of his mouth cracked open, and he broke into a silly grin.

Chen Fan gently patted Gangzi on the head: “Gangzi, come, help everyone activate their Bloodthirst!”

Gangzi nodded, and after a slight focus, a faint phantom of a blood-colored crown appeared above everyone’s heads.

The phantom flashed quickly and then disappeared.

Chen Fan immediately felt a surge of power within his body!

Power, increased by 30%!

Chen Fan immediately waved to the Elder Ape: “Elder Ape, use your Shadow Poison Claw on me again… full power!”

The Elder Ape also felt the change in power within his body, looked at Gangzi incredulously, then furiously clawed at Chen Fan with both paws! The Mysterious Iron Armor appeared with numerous cracks!

Black Iron Dragon Turtle:

Chen Fan was overjoyed: “Continue!” Cοnt?nu? r?ad?ng οn th? οr?g?nal N?wNοv?l.οr? fοr fr??

Getting the hang of it, the Elder Ape’s claws became like the wind, bringing up a series of afterimages as they furiously clawed at the Mysterious Iron Armor on Chen Fan’s body!

After all, the mysterious iron armor was formed from the energy condensation, but it was after being clawed by the Elder Ape for six or seven seconds…

Boom! It exploded!


In the moment the armor exploded, the Elder Ape quickly retracted its claws.

Although the attack power of the Shadow Poison Claw was slightly weaker, Elder Ape’s control was much stronger than that of Gangzi and the others. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

Chen Fan nodded with satisfaction.

Gangzi’s amplification skill was truly formidable.

It’s just a little bit of a pity that it can’t be used on Guardian Beasts that are more than 3 levels higher than himself… In other words, Gangzi’s skill cannot be used on the 10th-level Wild Savage Ape.

And it’s even more impossible to use it on the 16th-level Golden Gyrfalcon.

Otherwise, it would be too terrifying…

Chen Fan suppressed his excitement and looked at Feicui and Elder Ape again.

Elder Ape’s Combat Power Level remained at 5, but his Species Level had been upgraded to Low Lord because he lacked “Drunk Dragon Grass”.

Feicui’s Combat Power Level had broken through to 6, but her Species Level was still Extraordinary/ High because she lacked “Heavenly Fei Fruit”.

[Monster Name]: Red-eyed Shadow Ape Elder Ape

[Combat Power Level]: 5

[Species Level]: Lord/ Low

[Species Skills]: Shadow Canopy+, Shadow Poison Claw+, Frog

Transformation+, Ghost Shadow Step+

Elder Ape did not Awaken any new skills, nor did his previous skills evolve, and the duration of “Frog Transformation” is still 7 seconds.

But the Shadow Canopy now has a note behind it, stating that it can now become invisible in front of soul-type monsters like the Crying Demon!

And the distance of the Ghost Shadow Step had also been extended by 6 meters… At 13 meters away, Elder Ape could use Ghost Shadow Step to instantly teleport behind the enemy!

However, these improvements seemed to be somewhat weak compared to Snowy and Gangzi.

Who knows if there will be any new changes after breaking through to level 6 later.

[Guardian Beast Name]: Storm Slime Jade Feicui

[Level]: 6

[Species Level]: Extraordinary/ High

[Species Skills]: Storm-Wind Blade+, Wind Wing+, Water Dragon Bullet+

Feicui did not awaken any new skills either.

But Feicui’s skills were already pretty overpowered…

“Storm-Wind Blade” couldn’t previously break the defense of a Grade 2 Realm, but Chen Fan had used it as a control skill to disrupt the enemy’s battle rhythm.

Back then, in the 1st Secret Realm, when they encountered a mid -Grade 2 opponent from Nightmare Hall, Feicui had used “Storm-Wind Blade” to render the opponent immobile and overwhelmed!

Now that Feicui had broken through to level 6, the upper limit of her skill proficiency had become 150 points… When the skill proficiency is raised to 150 points through training or direct point addition, this move will undoubtedly make ordinary Grade 2 opponents scream in pain!

Really nice…

Chen Fan’s gaze shifted to the side and fell on Blackie.

Blackie immediately became excited.

But Chen Fan quickly withdrew his gaze.

Blackie: ‘

Feeling so sad.

Originally thought that after breaking through to level 5, he had finally caught up with Snovvy and the others.

Unexpectedly, after one night, Snowy and the others have become level 6!

Not only have they become level 6, but their Species Levels have also been upgraded!

He didn’t even get to enjoy it for a while before being left behind again!

Blackie looked at Chen Fan with tearless eyes, then flew to the bed and pecked Chen Fan’s leg twice with his mouth.

Chen Fan:

This guy obviously could speak human language but chose to play dumb this time, acting all cute like the Cold Ice White Python.

“You just broke through to level 5 the day before last.”

Chen Fan said a little helplessly, “First, train well for a while to stabilize your foundation, don’t be in a hurry.”

“Oh.” Blackie tilted his head and used Gangzi’s body as a pillow.

Chen Fan looked up at the window.

The sky was bright.

It was time to sleep.

Chen Fan pointed at the door and said, “If you’re tired, you can rest, if not, you can go to the garden and play with the Wild Savage Ape.”

As soon as the words fell, Snowy and Gangzi immediately darted out of the sickroom.

Blackie and the Cold Ice White Python also followed.

These guys’ energy is really strong.

Finally, only the book-reading Elder Ape and the quiet Black Iron Dragon Turtle were left in the sickroom.

Chen Fan stretched and lay down.

Although he had been busy all night, he didn’t feel tired at all.

Each time Snowy and the others broke through their Combat Power Levels and

Species Levels, a surge of Star Power came back, and the strong power made

Chen Fan not only not feel tired, but also too excited to sleep!

Suddenly, WeChat buzzed…

Chen Fan casually clicked on it and opened WeChat.

He didn’t know who had pulled him into a new group…

Looking at the note, it turned out that this group was for students from the three major academies who were at First Rank and above.

Inside, someone even tagged him several times.

It was Li Fengxing….

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