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Chapter 80 Problems Always Comes 2
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Chapter 80 Problems Always Comes 2

When the new week started and Jake was ready to go to school Eva received a call early in the morning, the call was from the school that she and Jake were to go to the board early this morning.

After that, Eva looked at Jake as if she were wondering what was happening and Jake just shook his head as if to answer that he did not know, so Eva replied that she would go to school, after all, it could be something important.

"What happened, Jake? Is it rare for the school to call parents suddenly like that, even earlier in the morning without warning you, did you do something at school that you did not tell me? "

"No, I do not think I did something that would justify calling him there, but if I could have missed something I’ll tell you everything I did at school in those first few months to see if you find something for possession to have been call."

So Jake told his mother everything including the incident with the teachers, but after that Eva could not find anything wrong either, she also could never have imagined how Joseph and Jake thought teachers would find trouble for nothing.

Later when they went to school Jake and Eva went directly to the principal’s office, after a while, the director said they could enter.

When Jake walked in with his mother the director took a slightly hostile glance toward Jake, when Jake saw this he was a bit surprised, after all, it was the first time he met with the director what might be the reason to receive the director’s anger.

"Good morning, Mrs. Eva, my name is Terry William, but you can call me Director William, I called you here because I received several complaints that your son has been causing problems for our school."

Eva and Jake looked at each other in shock, even today in the morning they had talked and agreed that nothing had happened wrong with what Jake did in school so far.

"Well, Director William, could you explain in detail exactly what my son did to tell you that he’s causing trouble at school?"

"So I guess you’re not aware of what your son did then, I received several complaints from teachers that your son does not pay attention in the classroom and comes bringing other material to distract him during class."

"I know that your son has received an agreement to come to this school to play basketball and we are very grateful that he brings us this trophy, but that does not justify his disruption."

Jake, who could not bear to hear this, soon interrupted what the director was saying.

"See Director William sorry if I may not be educated, but there are some very wrong things in what you heard there."

The director who no longer had a good impression of Jake from what he heard from the teachers was even more displeased at being interrupted.

"Then say what I misunderstood."

"As you are saying you should not have read the contract I signed so that means that this contract was made by someone who has more authority than you, and in the contract says nothing about me having to play basketball, I just have to stay in school until you enter college. "

What Jake said was true, the contract said only for him to win the national championship this year, in other years he just needed to stay in school until he entered college, but as the principal had not read the contract and only heard rumors he should not know that he also had to win the national championship this year.

In addition, Jake realized that the one who made this proposal to Jake must be someone who has more authority than this director so he had to be firm at that time, after all, he was clearly being slandered.

The director was even more displeased with this, but what Jake said was true, who made this contract has more authority than he and the director also did not know what the content of the contract, so he had to take a more passive stance now, after all, he could not punish Jake if he was not wrong, it would be the same as going over the authority of whoever called him here.

"You’re right, I do not know the content of this contract, but what I know that regardless of what it does not give you the right to interfere in class."

"This is another thing you’re wrong director, did you happen to find out what really happened inside the classroom in the classes that the teachers are complaining that I messed up and what exactly is going on?"

This question caught the unsuspecting director, he had not really investigated anything about what happened, but he did not think it needed after all several teachers gathered here to complain about Jake and in addition, he heard that Jake was hired by the school of some The director then decided to punish Jake for messing up classes.

But Jake had made several twists in this conversation, if Jake had not really done anything and the teachers were just complaining about anything, then the principal would lose all respect and would have called a student’s mother for nothing.

And by the way, Jake was acting the director realized he had more on this subject than he knew so the right decision on what to do was to take a less reproachful attitude and try to find out what was really going on in this situation.

"Very well then, in that case, you could tell me what your version is on this subject and if it is different from what I heard I will investigate well before making a decision."

So Jake, who did not really want to further increase this problem, just said what had really happened, how he already knew the story the teachers were explaining and so he would sit quietly in the corner of the room just reading books that were also educational and did not disturb the classrooms.

In addition, he said that he took maximum marks and did not miss a question in the exams and answered all the questions that teachers asked and did not even talk in class as other students did.

The more he listened the more irritated the principal became, the inside boiling with anger and regret, if he had not gone with the wave of teachers and made a simple investigation he would never complain he would call Jake’s mother here for a meeting.

Now he had no choice but to apologize for calling Jake and his mother here and so embarrassed himself, after all, it was his fault, the principal could not complain to the teachers because it was his fault for being deceived or having done a simple investigation.

"Well then, I can only apologize to Mrs. Eva for calling you here and you, Jake, for accusing you unjustly, this problem will end here and if the teachers continue to cause problems, I will resolve them."

So Jake and Eva also decided to put an end to it, after all, it seems that the director was not a bad person and just was deceived by others, and Jake also could not complain about the teachers since he would still have classes with them for almost 4 years, and if that matter really ended he would be glad to forget it.

The director was very pleased when he saw that Eva and Jake were not going to continue with the subject, that changed their opinion about Jake, now he thought Jake a good guy who did not hold grudges and besides a great basketball player was also a great student and who took the best grades, had no way he was not happy to have such a student.

So Eva came home and Jake went to his class, he entered the room and after a long time the teacher entered the classroom, he should have been called by the principal and taken a moral lesson, so the teacher just looked in Jake’s direction angered more then returned to normal and began to lecture.

When the break came, Jake called Joseph and told him what had happened.

"This really is absurd, several teachers come together to complain about something so meaningless just out of pride, it’s much better that they take more time off to prepare better classes."

"I was really disappointed with the teachers, but since I had not done anything wrong I did not care about it, at least now I will not be bothered in class anymore."

"That’s good, I’m not like you if it were me I would not have closed the subject so easily so I would have called my father here and would have required teachers to be held accountable for it."

"I did not do this because I would not win anything by ending the reputation of some teachers, I have more important things to worry about than that, soon will start the state championship and I have to concentrate on basketball, we have to win the national championship this year, that’s why I came to this school. "

Jake was right, he never needed to worry about his studies and did not care much about the scholarship from school to university, if he wanted now he could pay for the entire course of the university.

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