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Chapter 8 Preparing for the Future 3
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Chapter 8 Preparing for the Future 3

"Fate, what’s this luck, you did not explain."

[I left that last of all, Jake, luck is not a statistic that an ordinary person has, or rather, everyone has more is impossible to measure, this is one of the so-called hidden statistics, there are others like charm, perseverance, talent among others, everyone has these statistics no one else knows how much, the more your case is different, I put your luck to the fullest to correct the mistakes of the past, you had an abnormal luck you should not have and this has changed your destiny , you should have up to negative this statistic, the problem is that as I saw, it was for you to be happy and have much success in your life, more happened the opposite with you, so you caught my attention, so you accumulated a lot of karma in your past life, so much that it gave you back in the past, to have me, to have 99 of luck statistics and still have left.]

[The only thing I ask you, is not to play games that require luck like the lottery, because if not the chance you win several times is too big and this will bring problems for you.]

"You can leave, I’ll play only sometimes to have fun and I will not bring trouble."

Jake always wanted to know what it felt like to play and win at a casino, so it’s impossible that he did not want to play a few times, but he also understood that it could bring a lot of trouble for him and even his mother.

In fact, Jake still had no idea how terrifying it is to have a luck above human standards, to get an idea if a stray bullet shot was certain to hit Jake, it was possible that a piece of meteor fell into the earth the size of the bullet alone so the bullet does not hit him, in a way, luck is a kind of super power, but you have to know how to use it and Jake does not know how.

"Part of luck I understood, more and this job I saw in the statistics window, because it is blank and what does it mean?"

[As I have said before for you, my sense of coming to the past with you, is to help you accomplish all the things you want to do, then this system will depend on your decision to be able to adapt and help to accomplish what you want to do, you said that you want to be a basketball player, if you are determined to do this then one of your jobs will be basketball player and the job title will change according to the level you reach you can have multiple jobs and the system will show you the skills you need to be the best and most successful at what you want to do, plus I warn you that although you may have multiple jobs and multiple skills, you have to train your skills to level up and the more you it will be harder to get to the top.]

"So it’s settled, my first job will be basketball player."

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