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Chapter 79 Problems Always Comes 1
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Chapter 79 Problems Always Comes 1

While still lying on his bed Jake’s mind was still working fast, it was hard to calm down and get to sleep after winning a trophy, so Jake just kept thinking and did not try to hurry and decided to wait for sleep to come naturally.

The good thing was that Jake was never really alone, he could always talk to the system in his mind, but since the system usually did not bother Jake if it was not something more important, Jake also did not speak unless he had something that he really was curious about.

"Fate, why do I feel like the staff on my team this year celebrated less excited than my team last year?"

[Is this simple, your teammates this year were like you last year do you remember?]

"Like me?"

[Yes, like you, last year even though you just won the regional championship, I was not very happy because I thought it was just a way to win the national championship that was your goal.]

[Your companions this year also think just like you, they are happy to have won, but they can not let go of the thought that was natural, and the more difficult the competition, the more joy you and they feel to win.]

[So last year your team that was weaker and just depended on you to win found incredible every trophy they won so the celebration was much greater.]

After hearing what the system said Jake thought it was reasonable and also was a bit embarrassed to judge his companions being that they were the same as him last year.

[You have to get used to it. Jake, this is the world you’re entering, everyone who plays basketball is fortunate to have the talent and can make lots of money doing what they like to do.]

[But one thing you should never forget is that it’s also a business above all, you’ve gotten started earlier so you can better understand, the results are everything in professional basketball, that does not mean you’re waived if you do not win, but will certainly be less valued.]

[In addition, the teammates that vice have in the future will be just that, teammates, often co-workers, not all players in a team are friends, many even dislike each other.]

[And if you can win a trophy like this you’re just happy to have won, but when you do not win understand that this is natural and you settle for receiving your salary, that’s the professionals’ reality.]

Jake could understand a little what the system was saying, he was also well acquainted with how the adult world worked, were it not for the fact that Jake did not mind being promoted and getting a better position in the company, he could hardly have done make the few friends you made in your past life.

Everyone in the company is always alert and never trusts anyone, after all, they are competitors to get a better position in the company, Jake saw many people ruin their social lives, lose their families, get separated and sometimes become depressed while fighting for a salary best.

Jake can see this well because he was seeing this as a spectator and did not participate in this dispute, but perhaps whoever was going through it was not willing to acknowledge that he was in a difficult situation.

The other day at school Jake found the behavior of his teachers strange, but he was optimistic and thought that they would stop implicating him anymore.

So in the interval, he went to talk to his friend Joseph as always.

"Congratulations Jake, winning the championship and the MVP again, more and more I feel that you can play in the NBA in the future, so you sign some T-shirts for me because I’m going to sell them dearly in the future."

"You have a wealthy family and you still want to resort to such petty tricks and make money over your friends, I’ve changed my mind about you."

"Bah honor does not fill the belly or even the pocket, even if I am rich I will not refuse a good chance to make more money, because you study these books of actions if you did not think so."

"All right you win, but speaking belly you’ve been losing a lot, so I can not call you fat anymore."

"Good to know you called me that way behind my back, I have to lose weight to get a beautiful girlfriend."

"Already thinking about dating at this age, if your notes fall I’ll tell your father."

"What do you mean by that age? We’re 13 now, well I’ve got at least that’s the right age for romance. "

"Well if you say, I’ll wait until I get to the end of high school at least, and do not stop wearing glasses either, otherwise you’ll lose your identity."

"Well let’s stop talking about identity, why do I feel like teachers are looking at you differently these days?"

"So it was not my impression, I think they gave up picking on my foot."

"Maybe after you won the championship in our last school you were like a hero and the teachers started treating you better, it could be because of that."

"I hope so, although I do not mind it’s a little annoying to have the teachers on top of you."

"I also think, it’s the first time I see the teachers get on the foot of the best student in the class, you’re really different."

After class Jake stopped bothering about this and returned home, the week passed calmly like this and Jake thought that everything should be fine at school.

Eva was still going to lecture her a few times a week and Jake could see that her mother’s cooking was improving, maybe he inherited her talent in her kitchen, it was a feather that Eva had not had lessons in her past life, otherwise Jake would know.

When the weekend came, Jake went to class again as he had promised, but when he went to class no one would let him do anything, and it turned out that it was like a visit for everyone including Anna who adopted him without knowing him as a grandson.

At first, Jake thought that Anna was just such a person and that she liked children and so she clung to him, but later he discovered in a conversation with his mother that the story was not so simple.

Anna, as Jake thought, was perfect for being a grandmother, she was in her early 50s and her hair was starting to turn white, black eyes and her face reminded her somewhat of actress Meryl Streep, but with a slightly more rounded face and without that whole actress’s charm.

And Anna really had a grandson, but this grandson who was a bit like Jake and was a little younger than him ended up dying in a car accident along with his mother who was Anna’s daughter-in-law.

Anna was a little depressed at the time, she owned a restaurant that was a bit of a hit and she was also the chef of the restaurant.

After the death of her grandson, Anna also lost contact with her only son who after losing Anna’s grandson and his wife was shaken and decided to move to England, so Anna at once lost all her family as she was already a widow.

Still, Anna was a strong person and after a few years she recovered, even though she had the money to spend the rest of her life well after selling the restaurant, Anna decided to give cooking classes just to do what she likes and talk to other people.

So she met Jake who was the first child to come to her kitchen and also was of similar age and face resembling her grandson who died, moreover, she had heard from Eve how much Jake was loving and special, so she began to spoil him as if it were his relative.

Of course, Anna did not see Jake as her dead grandson and she was not crazy, much less looking for someone to fill the void her grandson left in her life, it was just that she really liked Jake and she had a lot of affection to give and no one to receive.

After knowing that Jake was even more affectionate with Anna, after all, it was someone who liked him and his mother, had the same love for cooking and also suffered similar lives, Eva also suffered much more than Jake, only another part of his suffering only Jake knew, and would not repeat.

So after the day ended Jake and Eva came home happier after spending the day cooking and with friends, Jake just went to rest because he would have to have next week to prepare for the start of the state championship, his team was fine, now it was just tweaking a few details.

But what Jake did not know was that next week could be more hectic and stressful than he’d expected.

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