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Chapter 78 Walking Back to Top 5
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Chapter 78 Walking Back to Top 5

The game continued with Jake’s team an advantage, with a tight marking and the stolen ball, the Tigers team was in a difficult situation, on the other side everyone was experienced and knew how to play with a little marking.

So at the end of the second period of play Jake’s team was 14 points ahead, if it was another normal game and with another team, Jake’s team could relax and manage the score because the opponent would have already given up.

But that was the final and the Tigers were a team that had been around for a long time but could not get the trophy home, so even with that big difference of points they kept scoring the same.

Jake respected this strong spirit of the other team, he also would not give up and would try to win the end if he was in another situation, but as an opponent, he could not only give the victory by being admired.

Jake continued to make the moves in the most appropriate situation, David who was also a skilled player had already learned to play and rely on Jake’s lead, so most of the time he made good saves from the defense to receive the ball.

Jake was pleased with this, it was proof that David had good senses of game, but since this was not a difficult game he still continued with the rotation and David received the same passes as always, but his good move could disturb the opponent’s defense.

To score the moves were always similar, Jake passed to Mark who made the points with a good variation of layups, Harrison or went inside to try the dribble and layup or made a feint and shot a 2-point.

Carter who was the least efficient was often left unmarked and was given the ball to make the points with a layup and David just as Harrison had a variety of attacks he could do.

But even though everyone was repeating the same attacks, what made the moves difficult to defend for the Tigers was the handling of the Elite team’s attack and also Jake’s passes.

Not to mention that everyone had to be alert to the possibility of Jake even making the points, with such pressure the Tigers’ team would tire faster.

By the end of the third period, Jake’s team had a 22-point lead, so despite the Tigers’ team not losing their will, their morale was low with such a disadvantage and little time to seek victory.

So by the time the game ended Jake’s team had won by 30 points difference, the Tigers made a good game but the difference in strength between the two teams was too great.

After the game was over, everyone on the Elite team celebrated a lot, although everyone knew they were skillful and that this was only the first step to the national championship that was the team goal.

It did not change the fact that this was the second regional championship trophy that many 12- and 13-year-olds received, and for many who were from school last year, it was the first time they had won even though they had only stayed in reserve.

Jake was also very happy, this was a contagious joy for everyone who tried Jake and the players of his team were greeting the Tigers team after the game.

Coach Mike was also happy, he knew he had been hired to this school only to win such championships, and he had delivered the first trophy.

When it came time to hand over the trophy, Jake as captain received again and after the champion’s party. Jake received the MVP for the second time in the regional championship.

Everyone was happy and celebrated a lot, even David who was the quietest could be seen with a smile on his face, Jake was not so pleased as well.

Although he won the trophy and MVP which would greatly help Clara and Tiffany’s company, he could not help thinking that it was not fair that he had won the MVP a second time without even scoring a point, it should be by he won last year as well.

He was partly right about it, but the reason was not as simple as that, Jake won the MVP because he performed well and it was the second time he won the regional championship by two different teams, which means he was responsible for lead the team to victory twice.

No one would think it was unfair because he was also the MVP of the state championship and everyone on his team recognized him as the best, moreover, the organization responsible for awarding the awards was bound by it, as well as Jake, only his four companions could have won the MVP.

But what happened was that because of Jake’s perfect turn of the attack giving the passes, the 4 others had both similar performances and so many similarly marked points, if the organization gave any of them the MVP award it would certainly have complaints, but for Jake not.

So Jake won the MVP and no one on his team thought he was wrong, not because they were very close, but because they knew that if Jake did not pass and tried to score more alone he would win the prize anyway.

When Jake tried to get back to his mother in the cheer to celebrate he was stopped by some reporters who asked to ask some questions, he was polite and he responded to everyone so that later the reporters went to the rest of the team.

After Jake went to his mother who was smiling, she was very happy every time she saw her son win some game, and even more a champion trophy like that, the best player award also made her proud.

She was happy that her son’s effort was being recognized by everyone, even though she was not a big basketball fan, even she could see that her son was improving a lot since the last game she’s seen so far.

When Jake finished celebrating with his mother and was just beside her hugging Eric coming in for the interview, as someone who followed Jake for a while, Eric knew Jake liked to have some time with his mother before the interview.

"Congratulations on winning the championship and winning another MVP, now you can say you’re one of the best Middle School players, what do you think of that?"

"I think I should not be the best, but I think I can be among the best if we win the national championship at the end of this season."

"So you’re confident of winning."

"Not because of my ability, if there is one thing I learned last year, you need a team to win the national championship and not just individual skill."

"With your team do you think you can win the national championship?"

"I think it is possible, yes, they are all very good players and could have won the MVP in my place today, but the important thing is that we still have to win the state championship in order to think about the national."

This time nobody or Eric gave Jake the opportunity to advertise the companies, but in the photos, you could see in the socks and also the sneakers.

Jake was thinking of starting to wear bandanas, bracelets, arm protectors and other protective equipment in the area of

the legs with the brand of the companies to be able to do greater propaganda, as were necessary items for players were allowed.

After all this Jake and Eva went home, their lives had been very happy these last few years, especially in these last days, it seemed that the problems avoided Jake’s house, it could be Jake’s luck helping.

But even this luck can not keep close people and their family from all problems, only the most serious problems would not happen.

When Jake returned home, after taking a shower and having dinner with his mother lay on his bed and was lost in thought, he had been grateful to fate that would bring his conscience back to when he was ten.

Although it seemed very early, a lot in his life would be irreversible if he had returned later, this relationship he now has with his mother, it would be difficult to get so close if he had returned at the age of 15 for example.

It would also be many more years that her mother would have to suffer working at that restaurant and continuing with her depression, Jake also would not have known the family of Joseph or Clara and Tiffany, her mother also would not have the friends that she now had like Mrs. Anna.

Jake could claim that fate chose the exact time for Jake to come back and have his turning point that changed his life, later it might have been too late for him.

Now that school year was going by so fast, in a few weeks the state championship would begin and then it would be her birthday soon the national championship if everything went right and would end Eva’s birthday that Jake had a surprise for her.

Every year her mother enjoyed a simple birthday, but this year Jake had thought of a special gift that was needed for them so he knew her mother would not refuse, and unlike last year Eva had some friends to be able to invite and spend her anniversary together.

After that would be an end of a phase, your Middle School.

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