Be happy with sports

Chapter 75 Walking Back to Top 2
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Chapter 75 Walking Back to Top 2

He knew he could be considered hypocritical, but he had this feeling now, after all, he did not want to see the school he played in so badly.

Even so, there was nothing he could have done from what he heard from some former classmates the team from his old school was very weak this year, although Jake’s team was considered weak last year this was considering the level of the national championship but even without it was a team that could reach the state.

So when he heard that he was weak he did not take many into account, but now he understood that his friend said he was weak compared at the regional level, but that also meant that he would not have to face the dilemma of facing his former team in a game.

After he went home he told everything he was thinking to his mother.

"You’re not being hypocritical, my son, it’s just that you have a good heart, I’d think it would be a lot worse if you just cared about winning and do not mind your old school."

"I understand that, but I still misunderstand."

"It’s okay, just win the national championship this year and so in your head, you will make sure that your decision to change schools has been successful."

Jake decided to believe what his mother said and went to rest, it could be that in addition to feeling sad for having changed school he was unsure whether this was a wise decision, because it affected not only him but also his friend and his mother.

After that, Jake went to school and told the same thing to Joseph, and coincidentally he said almost the same thing as his mother said, so Jake took that as true since two people said the same thing.

In class, the teachers still seemed to bother with Jake reading books from other subjects in the classroom, but after seeing that he’d gotten all the questions asked, they decided to wait to see their test results.

Jake did not care about it, he really did not think the classes important with him already knew the matters, taking the best grades possible was something he only did to make his mother proud, she gave Jake much freedom to do whatever he wanted as long as he gets good grades.

So during the week before the game, Jake would always go to workouts to review some tactics and also see how the training of his colleagues was being done and if they needed their councils.

That was another difference from this and his old team, although Jake knew that everyone was skillful, he liked to give advice to his old teammates like Luke and Owen and watch their growth from game to game every week.

But in this team, although everyone had their failures were things that would not show great improvements in a few games, who else could improve and trained a lot was David practicing his 3-point shots.

Jake could see that he was improving and had more confidence in him to pass the ball in important games to try the shot of 3, it was good to be able to trust his teammates.

As soon as the third match arrived, Jake could no longer distinguish whether his opponent was good or not because they always played the same way, after all, they had many teams that were good at the regional level, but Jake’s team was all of it at the national level.

So the ball started with the possession of Jake’s team, he soon ran with the ball along with his teammates and just waited for everyone to position themselves, then made an assist as Carter scored the first two points with a layup.

After the first game coach, Mike told the whole team to score as strong as possible from the start of the game so the opposing team would be pressured by the strength of their team and would tend to miss more attacks.

And even if the attacks did not go wrong, some of Jake’s players had good defensive skills and steals a lot of balls and when the opponent arrived to do the layup, Mark and Carter took turns and blocked the attacks.

Just as in that game that at the end of the first period Jake’s team led by 10 points of advantage, both sides missed some attacks, but Jake’s team was stronger in defense and less miss.

Jake ended up getting the first two games and now in that third game also without scoring any point, but he was happy with that because he meant that his team was good enough not to need him in the attack and also increased his coordination with the team which would be important in more difficult games.

At the end of the second period Jake’s team led by 20 points and the opponent had given up reversing the score, so with the win assured the coach put some players reserves to train them since they would be the starters in the next few years.

And Jake was impressed that the reserve team was stronger than his former teammates, so he realized the difference between a private school that prioritized the sport and its old school.

After the end of the third game, more reporters began to realize that they had a very strong team dominating the regional championship, and Eric was always registering everything in the games and preparing his story at the end of this long journey that would end in the national championship.

Eric had even received compliments from his boss for being so committed to his work, because in addition to covering the regional league in the games at night he still did his reporter work normally during the day, and the newspaper was glad that Clara had paid a rate for the publicity he received from the newspaper.

After the weeks went by quickly, everything was still the same, his teammates were still training hard for the games and Jake did just the basics which left his colleagues puzzled as to how he looked better after each game even though he did no special training.

There was no way they knew Jake was doing the most important training in his games in the space of his imagination training, unlike before Jake clearly understood the fraud that was to have this tool to train, Jake felt he already had an experience of hundreds of games now and did not make any more simple mistakes.

Because in his imagination training though Jake know that opponents are not really everything is still very stimulating to his competitiveness, sometimes Jake gets tired of losing by putting his opponents’ skills at higher levels to learn better and modifies in some games just to be able to win.

In addition, he gets several experiences and can think of countermeasures to play with higher opponents, and thus improved his layup and his shots of 2 and 3 points, although not changing the rank of skills in the system he was much more versatile.

His dribbles and ball control also improved after facing opponents with high defensive and steal skills, Jake several times had the ball in his possession stolen in this training.

And not to mention that this training had infinite potential, when he is at the beginning of the NBA skill level he will be able to organize his opponents’ abilities to the NBA ALL-STARS level, so until he reaches the top he can always improve.

Also, since this was a training that only involved his mind, he could make this training even tired or hurt what he hoped would not happen, and his mind simulates exactly how his body is in a healthy state.

At home Eva was much happier recently, she was very happy when she saw the success and joy of her son that was what she always wanted, but she did not have to be completely happy if her own life was missing something, but now that she found something she likes to do and friends to talk to, Eva was much happier now.

On weekends always as promised Jake would go with her to cooking classes, the other women on the course were happier than Eva when Jake appeared mainly to the teacher named Anna who treated Jake as her grandson and always gave milk and cookies.

They always talked about how they envied Eve, who had such a loving and educated son, Eva was also very proud, and all of Jake’s stories became known to the group of friends who were only more impressed.

After all, someone 12 years old who could already support the house and also played basketball so well that he was MVP twice in championships, was also the best student in his class always making the most of all the tests, he was really like the perfect son for them.

Besides, he was someone who treated his mother so well despite doing all this and was not arrogant, they all especially liked the trip he organized to Spain that was the land of Eva’s more distant relatives.

Now Jake was like the mascot of women doing a cooking class.

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