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Chapter 73 The New School 3
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Chapter 73 The New School 3

After this training, Jake went home and told everything that happened at school except for the teachers who were getting on his foot.

First because Jake did not want to worry his mother for no reason and secondly because his teachers were not wrong and even Jake was not doing it to annoy his teachers, for him the teachers’ job was to educate his students.

In both respect and teaching, so the tests were to know how the student’s performance was going, Jake, despite understanding his teachers, felt that he respected them particularly, because he had often seen students do much worse than he in the future he came, and talked to others in the classroom and also some used cell phones while the teacher spoke.

Even though some teachers thought that while the students were not upsetting the class they could do whatever they wanted, in fact, Jake was still studying in the classroom, just that it was something more advanced than was being taught, and he was confident in his notes on the tests.

Eva was very happy that Jake was doing well in her new school and also that Jake said she had a good team and thought she would win the national championship this year, she did not want to see her son sad again and she wanted to see her son have success with your talent.

So another day went by and Jake continued his school routine, only a few weeks before the start of this year’s regional championship, Jake was excited but did not want to find his old school in a game.

Jake had heard from a colleague that his old school had a much weaker team this year and did not have many chances to reach the regional final, it seems that Jake made the right choice in leaving, after all, members of his team were from and were now in high school.

And his whole new team looked very talented which would further highlight his skill as PG, the results in championships can help improve showing the ads of the companies he sponsored him too, he did not aim to be the MVP this year.

Just under a week into the start of the regional championship, Jake had already done a lot of training with his team, coach Mike had many good tactics that could change the course of a game, especially with a team full of talented players.

As a coach, he was worried about what he received from the school that some players could be undisciplined and especially Jake who was seen by everyone as the team coach but that was not the reality, Jake left everything to coach Roy, just in the hour of the games that he took on the team.

Just one thing he did before and still did on that team again, signal training, that was Jake’s game, and even his new teammates agreed that it was a good idea to know how to move to get the ball without being known by the opponent.

Carter even more because he personally experienced as a team much lower than they managed to keep a balanced game, so now it was time for him to experience the good parts being Jake’s colleague.

David also had no complaints and heard all Jake’s instructions, so it seems that David was not personally fond of Jake, but rather than Jake’s first impression of him, David was a very quiet and introverted person.

After a few weeks of training, everyone had already mastered the signs and game drives, Jake was very pleased with this, he now passed 15 different signals to each one, which would give dozens of different combinations for Jake to do.

He relied more on these players, they would remember those 15 signs at important times, of course, the 15 were personal, so Jake had to decorate 60 different signs to command the team.

So missing a week for the first game, Jake realized he was very stressed about it, because they were all knockout games, losing a game would mean that he missed the last chance to win a national championship.

So he decided to do something to forget it a little and calm down, when he thought what to do Jake soon had an idea, now at home Jake could not cook anymore, even Eva knowing that he cooked better than she, Eva still thought it was his work caring for her child now that she has left her job.

But her mother seemed a little obsessive about improving her cooking alone, and Jake, though he did not care, got used to eating only the best foods compared to restaurants he’d prepared himself.

From the thought of his mother that Jake could see that he was trying hard, he gave up on it, but cooking was also one of the things that helped Jake soothe himself in his past life.

So now he had an idea that he should have thought a long time, that was to raise his mother with him to do some cooking classes, now he just had to think about how to convince his mother that it was for him and not for her, she did not think she would.

"Mom, I was thinking of something, can I talk to you?"

"Of course, son, you can talk."

"I was thinking about doing some cooking classes to calm down a little before my first game, could you come with me?"

"Take a cooking class, where you took it from."

Eva was a little panicked when she heard that her son who cooked so well wanted to cook cooking classes with her, she was even a little bit obsessed with improving her cooking skills.

But it was not like Jake thought because he saw it cooking so well, but because after she left work and had more time she wanted to improve her cooking even though she could never have her own restaurant.

Because the most important thing to open a restaurant is the restaurant’s cooks and dishes, not the money because someone with skills could open a restaurant if they received funding, but even someone with money would not receive skills just because they had the funds to open one.

She did not want him to know, because otherwise, he would use all his own money to open one for her, and Eve did not want to touch her son’s money.

"I just really enjoyed a few dishes that I ate on our trip to Spain and wanted to learn how to make them, and I also want to do another trip later this year to another country, so it would be good to learn sooner."

This was the best excuse Jake could think of, and he thought he could work with his mother because he knew that for some reason she wanted to learn how to cook better, and he like his son for years knew it was not just him.

"So that’s why, I happened to like the food there too, and I wanted to learn how to do the dishes myself, but it’s not as easy as I thought, I think it might be a great idea to do some lessons, after all, I can too. use at home so it will not be wasted time.


As he hoped, it seems that his mother was very interested in cooking, he always knew she liked to cook, it was partly why he started cooking too, but even for those who liked it was too much, so he realized that she had some wish he did not tell him, did she want to make a different dish? If so, she could do it in class, but if it was something else he wanted to find out to help her do it.

After all Jake was so obsessed with the college that he would not make it to the NBA earlier because he knew it was one of the few wishes his mother revealed to him, if they had others he would want to know.

So he and his mother went to do some classes together, when they got there they were introduced to the whole class the teacher was also a woman, and it looked like a lady who would make a movie playing a good grandmother, Jake chose this course because he and his mother they did not want the stiffness of a professional kitchen but rather a quieter environment.

Eva quickly made some friends and went to try some dishes, Jake was not doing anything, for now, he just looked at what everyone was doing and sometimes he shook his head when he saw someone do something wrong.

It was not that Jake did not want to try to cook, but that the class would be after hearing the teacher’s instruction, they would have to make a double dish and they would share what to do, as Jake just wanted to relax and that Eva would take it he told her to try make the entire dish and he would do the decoration and finish.

As the women talked, Jake heard that sometimes his hand mentioned her name and soon after the women looked at him with a loving look, she must have told him that he brought her here, or their trip together, so he received many looks like if it were a rare animal in a zoo.

It got to the point of the teacher who looked like a kind grandmother to really become a kind grandmother and bring milk and cookies to him, Jake, of course, was not at all embarrassed with his thick face as concrete and took advantage of the flattery and the cookies, after all, he had already decided to stop doing things out of shame and after regret.

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