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Chapter 71 The New School 1
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Chapter 71 The New School 1

After the end of the game, the cheer was totally lively other than the last champion, everyone loved that game and they thought that Jake’s game was incredible, the fans did not even remember having consideration for Kirk who was the loser.

And it was to be expected, Jake struggled to give a show in this match other than his normal game style, after all, he had to assert his sponsorship that was very well paid by the two companies compared to what he could do for the companies.

Now that he had the chance to promote the marks he would do his best, his mother also understood a little that his son played very well, and she also realized that the fans were much more excited than in the last tournament when Jake beat an opponent 4 years older.

Soon they set up the place and called Jake to receive the trophy and do the interview, Jake went to the audience before and gave a hug to his mother to take a bottle of sports drink from Tiffany’s company, he liked the drink himself, he had a better taste than other companies.

So he went and to the applause of the public received the medal and the trophy as well as the check for $ 2,000, then the reporter who looked more like a gym teacher appeared in his sportswear to do the interview.

"Hi, young man, congratulations on having won the 12-year-old tournament, I and I are very fond of your game in the final and especially of that spin, tell us your name and where you are from here."

"Hi my name is Jake and I would like to thank the city of New York for hosting this tournament which is a good experience for all of us, I come from Miami and I am very happy to have won."

"So you came from far away here, I mean I think you play very well and have an incredible future in basketball, and I hope to hear more from you in the future."

"Thank you very much."

"Is there anyone else you’d like to thank here?"

The interviewer gave the space for Jake to make his announcement because the tournament organizers had accepted that in advance.

"I would like to thank my mother who always supports me and came here with me today, and I would also like to thank the Sports 100 and Natural Sports companies that support me allow me to concentrate on basketball."

When Jake made the announcement he also pointed to the shirt and the drink in his hand.

"Congratulations again and thank you for coming here."

After that Jake left the place that received the interview and took the picture with the trophy for the local newspaper.

As he was leaving the place Eric was coming up to him, Jake knew he would ask some questions and stood by his mother to wait for Eric as the David final began.

"And here we meet again, very good game today, you could see that if you had more freedom in your team you would have been the national champion, you may not know the team that eliminated you reached the final this year, pity they missed. "

Jake really did not know but it was better to know that the team that eliminated them went so far to the championship but if they lost their team did not even have a chance to win, Jake just got a little sad because their hopes were very high.

"I took a picture of your last move and I’m going to ask for a copy of the recording of that thing to send to you, I think you’ve gotten the attention of the elders, even the 17’s can not do like you, unless they make a beautiful dunk, but it will not be so easy because the two finalists have the same strength and no one will give so much freedom. "

"I just have a few questions to ask, the first is what you expect to achieve in that school year?"

"I ended up changing schools this year and I’m going to be in Elite school this year and I have not yet seen the team they formed, but I’ve also improved a lot since last year and the one that is winning the final of the 13 years will also be in the same school as mine, so at least we will win the 2 championships that I won last year and reach the national level and have a better performance than last year. "

Eric was surprised to know that another talented youngster would also come to Miami from this tournament if they have average players besides those two he already had a chance to win and even more if they have a better team that is more likely.

So Eric was thinking of a new story to make after that, he would cover the history of the Miami team that would win the national championship, and Jake would be the star of that article, it seems that he really had many gains in making that trip to New York.

"Do you have any expectations of winning the 3 MVPs this school year?"

"I think with David here it will be difficult, as I had said before I’m a PG, with good players the less I stand out better, I’ll better organize the plays and give the stage to my teammates."

And so ended the interview with Eric coming out satisfied, soon after the interview the game of David also ended his victory by 10 to zero as well and the applause of the public.

So Jake decided to return to the hotel because tomorrow morning he would have to go back to Miami and also Clara and Tiffany would have come back tomorrow too.

Now Jake intended to rest on those holidays and train only his strength and speed beyond imagination training, and he had another challenge, to create a movement of his own that would be useful for games, he had many ideas and now it was time to start experimenting.

After Jake returned home his vacation went on without further surprises, and Jake was working on his first move that he thought several times, as his first move a PG had to be a care movement, it was something he had thought of after field football games and also some similar throws in basketball.

It was an assist that he thought he used the flexibility of his arms, speed and also needed to be done at the right time, he moved his arm to give an assist to one side and when the opponents think the ball goes there, with the tips change the direction of the pass to another teammate.

He would call this ’Elastic pass’ despite being a very specific movement that can be used in not many circumstances the system confirmed that it was worth as a good move and that could be his signature in the future.

In fact, Jake thought of a dribble and a shooting move of 3 as well, but he deduced that he would need more time to hone and also more physical stats and as each movement created increase his stats he created an easier one first.

In fact, no special moves are needed to make assists, what is important is the view of the player, if the player giving the assistance has a more general view of the game he can give an incredible pass that no one expects and break the whole defense, but it would still be just a pass.

So Jake thought these moves mainly to deceive opponents who like to try to steal the ball, so now he had to improve this movement in the vacations to be able to use it in the first games of the regional championship.

The holidays passed quickly and it was time for the beginning of classes, Jake morning put the new uniform went to his new school to study, arriving there he saw several students of all ages, in the same place there are the buildings of the Middle School that Jake would and also the high school building, so he saw many girls and boys as well.

Jake went to the administration building to get his class schedules and in which class he would be going every week, Jake had made a special request that was approved to be able to study in the same room as Joseph, so he knew he could see his friend every day.

When he got to the classroom Joseph was there and also he could see David who had moved from New York, Jake and Joseph chose a place together in the left corner in the background, David chose to sit in the middle well on the opposite side of Jake, so it seems he did not want to contact Jake.

When classes started Jake as he always picked up his books and began to study, now he was finishing reviewing the French books and then he would move on to Italian, Jake’s business books thought it would take many years yet to study all the areas.

But unlike the teachers at his old school, the teachers at all classes were bothered to see Jake concentrating on something other than his classes and asked several questions, some that were not even what he was being taught, Jake did not bothered and answered all the questions.

He knew that not concentrating on classes was not very respectful of the teachers who were upfront, and even more so now that this was a private school and Jake besides earning a scholarship, he was being paid to attend, but he did not either. could spend time in class with something he has learned before.

After all, Jake still had some ambitions in his life to accomplish and could not let the studies aside, and as for answering the questions, it was a teacher’s right to ask what time they wanted.

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