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Chapter 69 Going to New Ways 5
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Chapter 69 Going to New Ways 5

Jake grabbed the ball and quickly made a step back, David advanced to try a block thinking that Jake would try a shot, but Jake just kept the ball and made David unbalanced and so did a cross jab pretending he would go right to going to the left.

After going through two dribbles so David lost his balance and almost fell, but he stood up determinedly just to see Jake quietly going toward the basket to score a layup and make the third point.

After two moments of carelessness Jake had already scored 3 points, and David had to admit that this 12-year-old was better than him, yet he did not give up and Jake continued to score points.

When Jake could not give a dribble he would only open space and give a shot to mark the point, it is worth mentioning that after so much training Jake could now jump and immediately give the shot without having to adjust much, was his strong base with the shot without a jump.

So who was more stressed was to be a scorer as David was after all Jake had many resources to score the points because he had no teammates if adding his assists would be difficult to steal the ball of his possession.

But that left David more excited to improve, after all, he had a tough opponent to hit, after a while, Jake was 1 point to finish the game but missed a shot of 3 and David recovered the ball.

David was excited to try the reaction and after trying a feint and opening a spice he gave a 3-point shot, but Jake looks like he was already expecting and almost managed to give a block, but still touched the ball by pulling it out of the direction of the basket.

Jake ran and gained possession again and then scored the last game.

David was more excited after losing this game instead of being depressed and soon approached Jake.

"You really are good, but this year I’m going to a stronger school and I’m excited to win the national championship this year, and I’ll give you the change there."

"I do not think you’re going to get my school, you’re also determined to win this year and you’ve invested a lot, I do not think you have any chances."

"Then tell me which school you’re going to play so I know which team to expect to defeat."

"It’s the Elite school in Miami, so we certainly will not meet in the region at least."

When David heard the name of Jake’s school his smile quickly left his face and changed to a grimace.

"Then we will not be able to meet as opponents in the nationals."

Jake was surprised by this change of attitude of David and did not understand why he said this, after all how he participated in the team that went to the national last year he was very aware that there would be no opponents this year.

"Because you said that, do you know anything about the Elite school that I do not know?"

"Yes, I know a lot, because they called me to study there too, so let’s be teammates this school year."

Jake was quite taken aback by this turn of events, the strongest player in the national league age here was David, and if he is his teammate regardless of who the opponent was, he was confident of winning.

So unlike David, Jake was very happy with this news, it seems the trophy was closer now, and Jake did not think he needed a rival to motivate himself to improve, only his mother was reason enough, to give pride to her and earn money for a stable life.

"That was really good news, I now have more confidence in winning the national championship this year with you on my team."

"But are not you an SG too? We’re going to have to play a position or some of us play as SF. "

"No I’m the PG of the team, you’re too good to be my reserve so it’s impossible for you to be in the same position as mine."

"Are you a PG? I do not think it fits, with your 3-shot and your dribble you should be an SG. "

"That’s because you did not see me organize plays and command the team, then you’d change your mind."

"Alright then, I’m leaving now, after this game I was really tired until the finals."

After that David left and Jake returned to the hotel with his mother who was smiling even more than seeing his son win and then making a friend, she was hoping Jake to be able to win the national championship this year and not be discouraged as at the beginning of year, and by the smile of his son it seems that he was really confident in the victory.

Eva was right, Jake was really confident in winning this year now that he had a David level player on his team, moreover, he was more hopeful in his new school’s recruiting ability if they wanted to make sure to win the national championships this year they would need 3 more high-level players.

Jake did not need as much, the better team he could do, after all his job was to organize the team and give assists at the right time to his teammates, and it all boils down to their ability and Jake’s confidence in them.

It could not happen again that Jake decided to do it all alone and gave up on passing the ball at the end of important games in fear that they could not complete the attacks, Jake may have gone very well last year but he did not exploit half of his abilities as PG.

So many still said that he should change position, Jake did not mind giving the position to another mate if he showed a better ability as a PG, but only by having more freedom he would not give up his position.

And so Jake and his mother had dinner and then went to sleep the next morning while they had breakfast, Jake was making plans to spend the day with his mother, today were the qualifiers of players aged 14 and up in 4 days which would be the final Jake was free to do whatever he wanted.

So he left with his mother and soon asked for a taxi and gave an address, Eva who was accustomed to follow his son when they went to walk did not ask where it was, the place where Jake wanted to go was the Broadway that was a few hours from the hotel where they were.

Jake had seen on a website in the future that at that time was running a show that he liked very much and was sure that his mother would like too.

It was the famous spectacle Les Miserábles that was a success worldwide, was a beautiful story that had several twists and had a dramatic end.

When they arrived at the place Eva finally knew where they were and her eyes glittered at seeing the theater that only heard in the newspapers and television, Jake went to the box office and was lucky to have two tickets available for today.

So he took Eva to a nearby restaurant and ate with her and then they killed the time until the show started, then they went to the theater site on time and went in early to enjoy this great atmosphere that had the theater.

And so the show began different from the cinema, the audience of the theater saw the people acting live that brought more realism to the story told and also saw the changing and being the scenes and the characters coming and going.

The play begins with the story of Jean Valjean being told in the beginning when he was in prison having to do forced labor to pay his five-year sentence for stealing a loaf of bread and another 14 for trying to escape several times, and he finally gets his parole where he is always obliged to carry a yellow paper that was a symbol of his social status.

But after leaving Valjean ends up stealing silver from a religious bishop who offered him food and a place to stay, then the police take him and the bishop shows mercy and mind to protect Valjean.

Impressed by the kindness of the bishop who offered advice that would abandon his past and change his life, so many years later he becomes a successful man who owns a factory and mayor of a small town.

In this factory works Fantine, who was the favorite personage of Jake, that worked in the factory of Valjean, and after that was discovered the truth that she had a single daughter she is fired.

Then Fantine who had to send money to her daughter is driven to despair and forced to become a prostitute and loses her health quickly in this situation, then Valjean who finds her pities her and sends her to the hospital.

When Valjean goes to the hospital to visit Fantine he goes through a situation that is seen by Inspector Javert who suspects that he is the prisoner who fled years ago.

Valjean visits Fantine and promises to take care of his daughter, but Fantine dies before seeing Cosette one last time.

After Valjean discovers that an innocent man had been captured in his place and confesses that he is the fugitive, but he can not surrender because he has to fulfill his promise and find Cosette.

He finds the girl and takes her with him after paying the swindlers who mistreat her.

The second act Jake does not like much, had the grown Cosette who finds love in a revolutionary called Marius, after a long fight the resistance is all dead and only Marius and Valjean that saves him, and then Valjean gives Cosette to Marius and goes to a place to die alone accompanied by the ghosts of Fantine and Eponine the foster sister of Cosette.

But of all things, Jake liked how the story was accompanied by the beautiful songs that were exciting and brought history to life.

After they left the theater and went to the hotel Jake was happy that his mother liked it as much as he did the show.

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