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Chapter 68 Going to New Ways 4
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Chapter 68 Going to New Ways 4

Then the game continued and Doug hoping for a difficult match turned out to be the perfect opponent for Jake to test new moves.

But as Jake always used to the right moves and made the point later everyone saw how his natural resource was like in field football, if a player like Neymar made a beautiful bid or gave a hat on the corner of the field rival fans would be offended, but if it was a dribble under the legs of the defender and then made the goal the fans would even applaud.

The difference is the objectivity of the throw, Jake was now testing new moves, but always with the intent to make the point and not humiliate the opponent.

Jake made the 10 points in the game, Doug lost his will after the 6 points marked by Jake and Jake ended the match easily, Doug was upset because he needed this money, but even if he knew that Jake could not leave it, to overcome it.

So Jake went on the way out after that, he had scheduled lunch with his mother and also with Clara and Tiffany, and today they would not have any more games.

Jake was also interested in the games of tomorrow because they would be his biggest rivals in the nationals, the rest did not matter to him, the public thought different, they were hoping to see games of the young people with 15 years until the 17 years, because these would be the games more played.

"You played really well in the Jake matches, you should have told me before that I had already won a tournament so when I was younger, I would be more relieved."

"It was different, many good players had to stay out either because they did not want to pay the inscriptions or because they could not, and the stronger ones seemed to have chosen the three against three that is easier to win with a good team."

"Even so, if you can beat some at the age of 15 those your age would be easier."

"This is true, good that we call you, now the advertisement is guaranteed on the day of the finals, even if you did not win it would be difficult, we would gain visibility, in addition, in the end, they will have the games of the elders that draw more attention, so it will have more audience. "

"I think it’s a good idea you two have too, it’s rare to find such a good chance, and you could tell the Miami newspaper that a young man from there won in New York that I’m sure they would publish it."

"That’s a great idea, I’ll call the reporter who did an interview with you before and I think he’ll be interested in that, you know the market well, too, Jake."

"I’m reading some books on economics, stock market, and business management that I plan to do at the university, so I’ve seen some business strategies."

"I heard you do it in the middle of normal classes and still get good grades, I also heard that you are learning a language alone, this is quite difficult, I just learned because I had enough people to nurture and practice with me, but only through of books is incredible. "

"It’s not even easy, but if you have enough patience and time to learn is something more useful than the courses because you learn to speak and read at the same time and I can travel as I did this year with my mother in the countries, so it’s worth it. "

"It would be good if I had a son like you in the future, I was not even so good to my mother, and you Tiffany."

"I was not, too, but today I regret not spending more time with her when I was a child because now that I’ve aged I’m ashamed."

"I also heard from Matthew that you had chosen a new school to go, I and Tiffany were looking for one for you too, but the business improved and we were short on time."

"Yes, it’s called the Elite school, they offered me a scholarship and even a financial incentive for me to go there, and they also said that they will form a team to win the national championship, which is what I wanted the most."

"So it’s good, although your contract is no longer restricted by your immediate results it will be good to win a national title as well."

After lunch Jake returned to the hotel to rest, his mother also seemed tired, so they slept early to watch the tournament the other day.

The next morning Jake had breakfast with his mother and after that, they went to the competition together.

Jake realized that he had much younger than yesterday, and tends to increase as the age increases, moreover, it was more difficult to find a young man who was an amateur as Jake faced, in the 16 and 17 years there should be no nobody else.

For young people this is a great chance to get some money and for some also more fame and visibility, in addition, it may be a great opportunity to test their skills, it was said that some great PG suffered when young at street basketball games and being their specialty to pass lost in 1 against 1, thus many develop new talents.

In these youngsters, Jake still could not see any player with sponsorship shirts yet, but he heard from Clara that many companies looked for players who were more likely to win, and games with older players draw the public’s attention.

So the games started and Jake just watched silently with his mother who was experiencing the sensation of watching games without having to worry about her son, it was more relaxing she had to say.

As Jake’s games only from the 5 games onwards the competition got more excited, Jake had already seen many players that could give him trouble as an opponent, and one especially caught his attention.

He was a very skillful young man and what caught the attention of Jake was that he also shot 3 points, he missed some but also knew how to defend well, besides he has a good time and presses strongly on the attacker.

If Jake had to point out a good example of an SG being this boy, Jake also realized that in addition to his 3-point shots his robberies must also have outgrown Middle School media, this would be an opponent Jake would have to personally score to be able to ring in a game.

And as expected he went through all the opponents and reached the final just like Jake, after the end of that day of tournament Jake intended to walk with his mother to tour the city since he did not care about the qualifiers of other ages, so that Jake was with his mother leaving he saw someone approaching him.

"You’re the one from yesterday who reached the final is not."

Who approached him was precisely the young man Jake was watching more closely on this tie and would go to the final on the same day as Jake.

"Yes, I am one of them, my name is Jake."

"Jake, you seem to be better than my opponent in the final, I saw your game yesterday, I do not care much about this tournament I just want to play with strong opponents because we do not play a match now."

Jake found interesting the personality of this young man, he was even thinking of one day maybe having to play against him in a match of the nationals, but he did not have the audacity to think of challenging him right now, he wanted to go and so he gave a look asking by the authorization of his mother who nodded.

"Well I can play with you now for a while, but you have to tell me your name."

"Great, my name is David and I play like SG in team matches, I hope you do not disappoint me."

So Jake and David were up to a block that was open to the public in this competition, but it was empty now, Jake let David start because he wanted to see closely how his attack was.

David did not refuse because he recognized Jake’s abilities; as soon as he picked up the ball he showed a much greater speed than in the playoff games and tried to get past Jake as if he hoped he just retreated calmly keeping the distance between them next.

So David tried several different feints without success and when he tried a cut dribble Jake saw an opening and stole the ball, as he opened more distance Jake can attack took advantage of the distraction of the opponent and gave a 3-point shot to make the first two points.

David really had been distracted because he did not expect to lose the ball in the middle of a dribble and was even more distracted after seeing Jake doing a 3-shot and hitting.

"You’re not the only one who can shoot 3, you’ll have to try harder if you want to beat David."

Jake used a tease that he seldom played when he played, but that was because he wanted to see all the potential and skill that David had now, so he would know his strengths in the future national games.

From the stance of David’s moves, Jake had already realized that he must play a lot in games in teams, and with his skills, he should have played the nationals.

And the teasing seems to have worked, David stopped thinking too much about how Jake did and began to focus on the game now that it would become more serious.

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