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Chapter 66 Going to New Ways 2
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Chapter 66 Going to New Ways 2

[You will easily continue to increase your statistics with a lot of training until you reach the 25 points, then it would take almost ’1 year to train each point, then the missions enter to help you overcome your limits, or you can get better equipment to increase more your statistics.]

[How much your skills was what I already told you while you were stuck at the Middle School level, just because you do not see your ranks go up does not mean that you have not improved, you have skills that despite having high rank cannot be used by you completely, then you can just find out more in the games.]

Jake agreed with the system’s vision, he really felt that he improved his skills even though he could not see the ranks before when he was stuck at the Middle School level, and now he was so focused on the ranks again that he did not notice his improvement.

Jake still had to understand that professional basketball players did not have systems to improve anymore they became stars, he needed to look beyond the system sometimes, then Jake thought of something else.

"Why did my intelligence increase more this semester?"

[Had the trip you did with your mother and the books you read, in addition, many things you came to understand this semester you did not understand before, how feelings, or in basketball, whatever you learn depending on the effect you has in you can increase your intelligence.]

After he understood Jake was silent again, he was thinking about how to improve his skills until the arrival of the school games, he did not just want to pass the time, he would have to think of a way to improve forever be in front of others.

[I see that as long as you’re not doing anything to improve you’re not going to sit still, but only once a day go to imagery training and your daily workouts cannot be increased, and you hitting the ball on the court would not do any good. ]

[So I’m going to give you a hidden mission that was for you to find out for yourself in the future, but that future seems pretty far now, so I’ll get by now.]

[[Special mission being a reference]]

[All the biggest basketball stars ended up being a benchmark and source of motivation for new players, but you have not even come close to that yet, but there’s something that every star should do to be unforgettable, and that’s something you can start doing now, will be your brand in the future.]]

[[Create a movement of yours, can be a dribble, or pass or even a special way of giving a 3-point shot, important that when people see them know that you created and that this movement is useful, if you must create a shot that never hits the basket because nobody will want to imitate.]]

[[Reward: one point for each basic statistic, if you have the same talent you can create several moves.]]

[So you’re going to try the challenge? If you try to create your move, if it is updated in the future you get more statistics points.]

Jake’s eyes flashed when he saw the mission of the system, it was such a good idea that he wondered why he had not thought of it before? After all, a single move would be too good to fool the opponent, it would be something that the defense has never seen before so would not know how to react.

"Of course I accept, this is a great idea, thank you for giving me this mission Fate."

[I think it would be interesting to see what movement you would think of to create, it has to be something unique, that comes from your mind, even if it has a similar name or resembles another created movement, it will still be unique because you created it yourself, three people who created 3 different moves to make a dunk with just one hand would they be the same? Of course not, whoever executed the movement would know the difference.]

After that the other day Jake went to New York with his mother, they stayed in a great 4-star hotel that Clara managed for them, the same day he met with Clara.

"Hi Jake thanks for coming, I know you were on vacation plus this is a great opportunity for our two companies to get a great advert and not pay too much."

"You do not have to be so polite, this is my job, I already earn a lot to play for just about half a season and without much media exposure, after all, we will not have many opportunities like that from the interview with Eric, he referred me to it after he took a scolding for making such a good and without the newspaper receiving. "

"If it’s to repeat a success like that I do not mind paying the extra for the newspaper, but it just happened so well because it was spontaneous."

"Yes, that’s why if you have an opportunity like this you should not hesitate to call me, after all, I also want to help the company that helped me."

"It’s good to know that, many who are sponsored as you to appear in any situation that is not in the contract always asks for an extra payment, and in this world it is impossible to put unexpected situations into contracts."

"I’m just different because my time is not worth so much and because I’m your friend, but if one day I’m famous and busy and a company that I do not know pays me for just using my image I would do the same as the ones you said, it’s a matter of situation. "

"You’re right, I should not complain without understanding the other side’s point of view."

"It’s good for you to complain about these things that bother you whenever you’re with people you trust to keep things that irritate you in the heart, it just makes you feel bad in the future, sometimes even if you’re not right you should talk to let off steam."

"You really look older than me giving advice like that."

"It’s your impression, so why would you especially call me here?"

"I called you here to give your equipment and uniform to the street basketball tournament matches, it will be one against one and will have tournaments of all ages separately, tomorrow starts and it will be the 11-year playoffs."

"Your qualifiers are after tomorrow and will be until 17 years, then there will be a day that will be played all the final matches in one day."

"Alright, you can count on me."

As Clara said the other day began the street basketball tournament, there would be hundreds of games a day, plus they had 5 blocks where the games were played, going up 10 points or 10 minutes, Jake saw the tournament for 11 years and was one very low level, the strongest players reached the final matches quickly and the tournaments ended much faster than the organizers predicted.

Jake was bored even with the last games that were more disputed, even the two finalists were at a much lower level than Jake when he was that age.

The other day early in the morning began the tournament for young people at age 12, for the huge number of people had 4 keys with 64 games each, so the two best of each key passed and the eight best would play, the last two would play the final in the last day.

Jake fell on the key and soon started the games, luckily or not Jake’s first opponent seemed to be there just for fun and did not play really, so Jake quickly scored the 10 points and went to the next phase.

His second game was also an amateur and Jake scored the 10 points quickly as well.

The third game began to get interesting, was a regional level player that Jake game had a good defensive posture, more easily fall into feints like Lucas and Aiden of his team, so ended up on the ground twice and then gave up scoring and Jake made 10 points again.

The fourth game was also regional level but was higher then it should be a Center, in this match Jake only used his speed to escape the defense and give 2-point shots or layups.

But the fifth opponent was different, the weak had all been eliminated and that player was Jack’s level of the Eagles who eliminated his team, Jake had to take it a little seriously, he started again with a dribble hitting the ball near the ground to did not lose possession and when he would dribble he would get the ball more in the waistline.

So mixing a few feints he had a burst of speed and passed the opponent, so he ran into the basket, then the opponent realized this and gave more space to react to Jake’s explosive speed start, but with space, Jake just shot to score another point.

That was the reality for Jake’s abilities, it was difficult for him to lose in one against one, even though the opponent was a national champion, he just lost because the national school championship was a five-on-five game.

So Jake was ruthless and always gave the maximum while playing with the opponent to take the anger of losing the national, the opponent could only suffer and run to try to score a single point in failed.

Jake’s game was the first to end and he soon began to see the games of his future opponents, after that game they would only have 8 players and they would have 2 more matches today.

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