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Chapter 65 Going to New Ways 1
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Chapter 65 Going to New Ways 1

Then at the break of classes, Jake called Joseph to eat in the usual place, so they walked there quietly after Jake began to excel in the games no one else approached this place when he would eat, for consideration.

"So you talked to your father about Elite school and moved there?"

"I said yes, for him it’s okay, as you know he was thinking of sending me to a better school already, and the Elite is very good, he just told me to talk to you to take care of me there."

"Of course, I did not even have to ask, I know you could go to any school but you’re going to study with me, so I can only thank you more for taking care of you there."

"I think it will be cool also a new school, there might be more difficult classes and you miss a few questions in the tests and so I will be number one."

"Do not count on it too much, you have not even gotten all the questions in the tests like me, even if I miss a few, you’re going to miss a lot more."

"Do not put an end to my hopes so easily."

"And how was the trip with your mother?"

"It was really cool, we went to several special places like museums and we also ate a lot of unique foods from there, I took lots of pictures afterward and I send you some."

"Yes, I also wanted to go, when I was younger, my father was very fond of taking us to the snow for skiing, I did not learn because he was very young, but even so, traveling is legal."

"Why do not you go?"

"After my father opened his office it’s harder to take a vacation, and I was not too excited to go, only after hearing you speak I remembered."

Jake was very familiar with this, he had several acquaintances who were more successful than him at work, Jake also got rich, but I another area, the stock market, but anyone who wanted to succeed had to work more in the company, and so they had less time for their families.

He remembered that a lot of his colleagues had already divorced at least once, and many had different health problems because of stress, in that part Jake was fortunate not to have to worry about his work.

And so no longer having games later in the year, Jake already said goodbye to his team and coach Roy, everyone was very sad to know that Jake was going to change schools, but they also knew that he wanted to win the last title that he could not.

And that too because Jake did not want to spread that Elite school would pay him a salary to go there, otherwise no one would find it strange his change of school.

And so the semester passed quickly and the second year of Jake’s Middle School ended, in that time he always stood first in the grades and when he went to say goodbye to the teachers all found it a pity to lose such a great student.

On vacation it’s been two years since Jake came back to this time, really he had accomplished everything he wanted and could not have done, now it was time to make more dreams and always think of getting better.

While not going much further to the court besides doing the 3-point shots, Jake would still go whenever he could do his exercises on the weight machines and also on the treadmill to increase his speed and endurance.

And every day Jake was doing his imaginary training, so he gained more experience and also trained his skills, but after reaching the high school level skills were taking much longer to make improvements.

It seems like it would not be as easy to get to the NBA level as he thought, he was really naive in thinking this, the system itself had said that only at the beginning would it improve quickly.

But he was not in a hurry either, it would still have many years for him to worry about being on the NBA level, and he already had the skills to win the national championship next year, he just needed a better team so opponents would not they could focus solely on him in the marking.

Her mother at home was also much better, it seems that she was fully recovered from health after many years of stress in the restaurant having to always worry about paying bills, now she had a younger appearance that her age and vitality shone on his face.

Jake, who had never seen his mother so well in their two lives, could only be happy, his friend Joseph was also losing more weight and now he could no longer be called chubby, now he got even more looks from the girls at school.

Jake could also be considered popular, but he had an attitude that prevented these girls from approaching him, and he did it on purpose, because unlike Joseph he had more experience, but it was impossible for him to feel attraction to a child having a mentality over 40 years old, and he did not want to have to refuse and hurt their feelings.

And so the holidays promised to be very quiet for Jake, he had nothing programmed and also did not have to do an insane exercise routine to improve his skills, he was just thinking of relaxing to prepare for the next school semester that would be excited.

But it seemed that not everything would be according to his thoughts, a few days after his holiday began, Jake received a call from Clara that now that the announcement that Jake made in the newspaper was already beginning to lose the force, so he and Tiffany thought which was the perfect time to make a commercial that would be broadcast on local radio and television as well as newspapers and magazines.

Jake did not expect his first ad campaign to be such a big exposure, but after hearing what Clara said was really a smart way to save money, there would be a street basketball competition that would be organized by the city of New York that usually has the best street players.

And these competitions would be free and also divided by age and would be held on different days, and as players could bring their own shirts and uniforms, Clara and Tiffany thought it was a good idea to take Jake to this competition in a uniform that represented both companies.

The winner of each competition that the finals would be held the last day all together could do a live interview for the radio and television besides to be published later in the newspapers, the prize was of 2000 dollars for the first place.

This was also a chance for local companies to choose players and if they promote then they would allow ads, of course, they probably did not expect an outside company to bring a Miami player to represent their company, but since it was not in the rules they could just blame themselves for not thinking this.

Clara was naturally confident that Jake who was considered the best in school would not lose to 12-year-olds since normally the state MVPs were all 13 years old, and that’s been over 6 months, she did not think a genius with Jake would not improve at that time.

And she was right. Jake had a big improvement in those 6 months, mostly in experience and at the time, so, Jake, every inch would make a lot of difference in his game with his bigger stats, he could already jump higher than his opponents so he just needed to get into a difference of 6 cm so you do not have more problems in going to the layups without fear.

So Jake was guaranteed to make a good low-cost advertisement for both companies after he told his mother about the trip to work he naturally insisted on going along, in Miami, she could even leave Jake alone but she would not do the same in another state.

Jake naturally did not care that his mother was together and just warned Clara to prepare a new plane ticket, Clara did not care either, just that he seemed so mature that sometimes she forgot that he was still underage and had a responsible one.

Jake just prepared for the trip and told his friend Joseph that he would have to be out of town on that vacation, Joseph understood and wished him good luck.

The night before the Jake trip he thought of something and said.

"Fate shows me my statistics window."

[Sure here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 12 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: High School Player]

[Position: PG, SG]

[Height: 1.65 m]

[Weight: 60 Kg]

[Force 17]

[Agility 16]

[Resistance 18]

[Intelligence 50]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling A]

[Body Control B]

[Man to Man D]

[Dribble A]

[Layup B]

[Set Shot S]

[Block D]

[Pass A]

[Rebound C]

[2 Points S]

[3 Points S]

[Free Throw SS]

[Steal B]


"My skills have hardly increased, my stats are fine, but I feel it’s getting harder to raise a point."

[If this is what you think you are very wrong, your stats are increasing very well, is that you are very rushed, normal people without me would take more than 8 years of training to do what you did in 2.]

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