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Chapter 63 Good News Comes Always Together 3
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Chapter 63 Good News Comes Always Together 3

"Many of the parents of young people who were present that day will not like what our school did, what was to be a tournament with free registrations became a paid enrollment and took the money from many parents that day."

"After that several parents went to the education office in the city and they complained that a school made misleading propaganda to take money from the people, the school tried to argue the fact that they had to charge at the last minute because the people who wanted to participate were many, but it did not help at all, it did not change the fact that it was the school’s fault. "

"After that our school was punished and almost closed, but the board happily acted fast and fired the president and some tournament officials, now that the school is regaining its popularity the shareholder who is now the president is putting into practice their plans of make our school a reference for sports. "

"So this year we are inviting and giving scholarships to young people like you, and forming teams strong enough to win the next several sports championships like basketball."

"For great talents like you have other plans, if you come to our school next year to win the national championship next year and commit to a contract to stay in our school until the last year of high school, we promise we will pay you $ 5,000 beyond your scholarship, and you will have the priority of choosing a university that we have partnered in when you graduate. "

Jake had to admit to being shocked by the generosity of this proposal, plus the scholarship to study at a school that had first-rate teachers and a team strong enough to win the national championship, would still receive $ 5000 a month worth of his former sponsorship, just to attend school until the end of high school, and more importantly he would guarantee a university to study and fulfill his mother’s dream.

Just as this was a proposal he could not refuse he agreed to transfer to this school at the end of that school year, and that he would stay in it until he finished high school.

Then Jake went home and told his mother that he was very happy for his son and even cried when Jake said that he would have guaranteed entrance to a university, it was a dream that was being carried out, now she had nothing more to do ask, just live quietly with your child.

So Jake knew that his luck statistic was very good in other aspects of life, how bad luck ended his life in his past life, as the system said that it was not for Jake to be the best basketball player in the world, but for him to have a happy life, so it was a great system, as it is said good news always comes together.

After that as Christmas was coming Jake told his mother his desire to go to Spain with her, Eva’s family was from a distant relative from Spain, she had even heard much about this country from her grandmother, and really wanted to go there, and with Jake saying that it was his desire and also using the excuse that was to improve his Spanish, Eva accepted the trip.

Seeing that his mother had accepted Jake began to prepare the trip, he called a tour company and said he wanted to make a trip to Spain in a few days and would stay there for about two weeks, he asked for a personalized script.

Paying a little more expensive and as Jake had a personalized script that would cause fewer problems for the company if tourism they accepted, so Jake told the places he and his mother would visit, also said the names of the hotels and even their numbers.

Then she asked for travel insurance and a rental car to stay on hold when they got there, so everything was settled more easily, Eva was seeing all this impressed on the side, it was as if Jake had much experience in making trips.

Jake really had a lot of experience organizing trips, but it was much easier afterward when everyone was using the internet and cell phone so travel could be scheduled in hours.

So after a few days, Jake and Eva went on their trip to Spain, the place where they would visit for a few days was Madrid, where they visited several beautiful places and the most important museums of the country: the Prado, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen.

Then they continued in Madrid to spend Christmas and New Year, then they went to Seville and met the image of flamenco going to Jerez de la Frontera, then went to impressive attractions such as the Reales Alcázares, La Giralda Tower and the impressive Plaza of Spain.

Then they went to Barcelona where they visited such impressive places as the Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, La Pedrera or the Palau de la Música, Miró Foundation and the Picasso Museum.

Then to Catalonia where they went to various places to try various dishes such as butifarra, fuet and espetec, snails, rabbit served with snails, seafood and even chocolate, escalivada which is red peppers, eggplant and baked onion with lots of olive oil and served with goat cheese, as well as pà amb tomàquet which is bread with tomato and olive oil and many recipes with cod and seafood. For dessert, the Catalan cream.

And they stayed there to celebrate Jake’s 12 year anniversary, Eva was very pleased with this trip, she had many ideas for the restaurant of her dreams, eaten in the cities where they passed, she wanted to try some of the drinks too, but she could not with Jake around.

She was also very moved when she passed through Barcelona,

which was the city where her grandmother always spoke to her, she never thought she would be able to visit this place in her entire life, and all thanks to her son who was only 12 years, for herself being mature Jake will always be a child, he was the pride of his life.

Jake was also very happy, he also wanted to take his mother to several places where he drank before more decided against it, he visited all the places where he had already come before and also to new places, and realized that it was actually much better to go through these places with someone you love.

After this Jake and his mother returned home, after all, Jake’s classes had already started, it was just that the first few weeks were slow and Eva was not worried about Jake’s notes, so they left to return after Jake’s birthday.

After returning Jake made calls to his friend Joseph and also to Clara and Tiffany advising that he had returned from his trip, as he was responsible he warned his sponsors that he would travel to see if he had no commitment in those weeks.

Clara allowed the trip, now she was very happy because several gyms made orders and also in their stores they saw many parents buying their brands for their children, after all, Jake was also young, parents did not even believe that it was the training that Jake did so good in no time at all, so they figured beyond their talent could be because of the sporting goods he wore.

What was not a complete lie, equipment, and sportswear can even increase a person’s performance and even reduce the risk of injury, and if it were not for the bodybuilders and the treadmill Jake received from Sports 100, he would not have the same stability in their games.

In addition, all of its products have the highest quality and do not lose to any major brand, it’s just that Clara’s company has cheaper products, so those who buy once will end up buying again.

And at school everything was normal, the teachers did not mind Jake having come in a week later because besides being the best student in the classroom he is also the school’s hero in sports.

Joseph was also very happy to see his friend back, in the interval Jake told his friend that he would no longer have to look for another school and told about the business with the private school Elite, and Joseph only said that he would tell his father, even Joseph knew the Elite school and knew that his teachers were very good, so he thought that he would not care,

Now it was a few days before the first national championship game, which was the school’s dream to participate, just to have his name participating already raised the name of the school, Jake also thought he did not have much hope in winning had to concentrate and prepare to try to move as far as possible, his entire team had trained a lot on that vacation and Jake also trained every day in his imagination training space where he played with mates with much greater skills and lost many times.

So the whole staff was ready not to do too much ugly.

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