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Chapter 62 Good News Comes Always Together 2
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Chapter 62 Good News Comes Always Together 2

Another day Jake was in the car that was sent to the hotel restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant he asked the waiter to take him to the table that had been reserved for Clara when he got close enough to see the table was surprised, next to Clara was the beautiful blonde woman that Jake had seen in the stands watching your game.

"Hi Jake, how long, sit down there."

"Not so long ago, I saw you and your friend in the state championship final game, thanks for the support."

"So you saw us, it was nothing, we were there not only to cheer for you but also to check our investment."

"And you liked what you saw in the game."

"Yes of course, not only what I saw in the game, but also what you did after him, I saw you in your interview with that reporter and also saw the newspaper later, very well done, you did much more than we initially expected, now for a while we will not even need to make a new advertising. "

"What I said in the interview was not only advertisement but also what I really felt was thanks to his sponsorship that I could concentrate more on basketball improving my standard of living and even being able to realize my desire to take my mother of her job that only hurt her. "

"Even so I liked it, let me introduce my friend here, her name is Tiffany, and she is one of my business associates, besides, she also has a company of her own."

"Hi Jake, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, as a partner of the company I was also very happy with what you did for the company."

"Hi Tiffany, it’s nice to meet you, too."

"So, Jake, we did not call him here just to exchange compliments or to congratulate you on your trophy and for being MVP, as I said before, sponsorship could increase depending on your performance and accomplishment, and you did very well in that state championship, so our company has decided to increase its monthly sponsorship for $ 10,000 a month because we think you deserve it, and there will not be any breach of our contract even if you do not have games because we also believe in your future. "

"Thank you very much, I promise I will not make you regret putting your trust in me."

"I believe you, now the other reason I called you here is something that my friend will treat."

"Thanks, Clara, so Jake as my friend here already said, I as well as her partner also have my own company that is also from the sports field, is a company that manufactures natural sports drinks and is called Sports Natural."

"And our company would also like you to be The pitchman for our company too, because besides having already seen that you can add a lot of value to our company, I also think it would be a great idea to do some commercials in the future showing the partnership of our companies , so if you are The pitchman for our company we can make this image association more easily. "

Jake was very happy with this development, he hoped to some extent that he could get a small increase in his sponsorship agreement with Clara’s company, after all, he showed that he has talent and also knows how to use his image to help the company, but he never thought he would get a new sponsorship.

After all, he was still 11 years old and did not have much visibility for a company in Middle School, but it was a coincidence that she was someone from Clara’s own company, so it made sense what she did, it seemed like Jake’s luck was working again.

"I accept and appreciate the trust your company is also putting into me."

"So that’s settled, we’ll give you $ 10,000 a month, and the duration of the contract will be the same as the two companies, I’ll have someone take the contract for your mother to sign, but it’s really amazing how mature you are for your old, it seems like I’m talking to someone who is older than me. "

"I thought the same thing when I first met him."

After that Jake found a way to escape the interrogation of his two contractors, it was good that Jake was a minor on the contrary he thought he would be forced to stay to drink with both of them.

After he went home, Jake told him everything that happened to his mother who was very happy for Jake, she was a little worried about getting out of her job and having to rely on Jake’s patronage, she thought she could easily get a job if something went wrong, but she still felt sad that Jake could not keep enough money for her future.

Now that she saw that Jake was earning $ 20,000 a month, Eva was happier and was completely relaxed from leaving her job, not that she had no confidence in her child’s ability, but that she was afraid the companies would change their minds and leave it backward, after all, companies worry above all with profit and not with the personal life of their business partners.

Jake was also happy with this development, although he was not worried about money it was always good to have more so when he started to invest he could make more money in less time.

After that things were calmer for a while, and Jake was planning how to spend his vacation now that he had more money, after all, it would be Christmas and after that, he would go through his 12 year birthday, so he planned to take a trip with your mother.

In the past to learn a language well and also to give a reward of his own, Jake liked to make trips to know the places, to see the language to be spoken everywhere, to know the culture, to try the local dishes and also to know the sights of the countries.

But even though he always thought it was a good idea, Jake thought traveling alone was very lonely, and sometimes he found himself wondering what his mother would think of that place, and now he could see in person what she would think as he won that second chance, he was hoping to get older and make more money before that, but now it was the perfect opportunity, as the saying goes, ’Never leave for tomorrow what can be done today’, because tomorrow is a mystery known only to God and the destiny.

So when preparing Jake received a call that a representative of a private school wanted to know him, Jake already expected something like that but hoped it was only after the national championship, even so, he agreed to meet this representative at a restaurant nearby.

When he got there he soon saw a man in glasses with a briefcase next to his body in a suit, he looked more like a lawyer than a representative.

"Jake, it’s a great pleasure to meet you, a future great NBA player and even now you’re a small star earning two MVPs, our school has been looking for you for a long time."

Jake was a little startled by the overly friendly attitude of the rep, after all, he was no professional player.

"You said your school always looked for me?"

"Yes, it’s a truly sad story involving rebirth, do you remember a street tournament you attended a few months ago?"

"I remember, was your school organizing this tournament?"

"This is a long story, as the school I represent is a private school, it also does not cease to be a company, and the shareholder who is now the president of our school has always wanted us despite being a school focused on teaching , we would also be a talent factory for large universities that are our partners. "

"As people who are very good at school do not have to worry too much about school if the teaching is good, we can not look for geniuses like that, but in sports it is different, that shareholder then suggested that our school also focus on the creation and training of various sports talents. "

"The former president thought this was a good idea, but he wanted the school not to spend a lot of money on it, the shareholder said it was impossible, and even though they lost money in the short term, it would be a great investment for the future."

"But the president of the day did not think so, and decided to do that street basketball championship to find new talent for our school, but he was very rushed and did not think things right and we ended up having to charge the entrances to the joy of the old President, we even made good money from it. "

"Until you showed up there, a great talent so the president thought it had been a success, but did not expect him to organize badly this street basketball tournament had been his biggest mistake and so the cause of his dismissal."

Although Jake did not know what had happened without listening to the rest, he already imagined what had happened, because that was what he had thought when he saw what had happened before the start of the tournament entries.

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