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Chapter 61 Good News Comes Always Together 1
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Chapter 61 Good News Comes Always Together 1

Clara and Tiffany who were together watching the scene from afar opened up a satisfied smile, and Clara almost ran her thumb up to Jake, really a good investment decision for her companies, Tiffany was now eager to sign that contract soon.

Incredible as a child after playing a game and being tired of celebrating and had the awareness to make this advertisement look good and not scandalous, and as it was a child who walked with the shirt with the company’s mark under the uniform nobody would complain.

An honest advertisement that shows results like this in a newspaper that everyone would read was worth much more than star-advertising that would cost millions as Jake had said he was sure he could repay the company, and that he gets only 5000 per month now that is a tiny part of how much the company can give.

That was how he thought, he needed this money now and not in the future, and even though it seemed like a lot to him now, it was enough to get his mother out of that grueling job that was Jake’s longing, and it was like Jake said, in the future when he did not even need other companies to offer millions of dollars he would not accept it.

After that, Clara would schedule a new meeting with Jake, but today it was better to let him celebrate and then rest, he would not run from one day to the next.

So Jake went home happy with his mother at the end of that day, he promised to have a celebratory lunch the other day.

The other day Jake and his mother went to a restaurant for French food, this restaurant was a bit pricey but had good portions and it was not like some restaurants that had more charm than food.

He wanted to show Eva the best meals he experienced in his time by learning to cook and on his trip to France when the waitress came Jake made the requests of the dishes in French, his mother was a little surprised but not so much, she knew that Jake had been studying French books, but did not know that he could speak.

After they had a good meal, Eve seemed to enjoy Jake’s favorites as well, then while they waited for dessert they began a conversation.

"Are you worried about something Jake?"

"So you realized, I’m thinking about what I told you, I’m very happy to win this trophy, the second this year, but I’m sad because I know this is going to be the last, we will not be able to get very far in the national championship. "

"I thought it was strange that you were so happy yesterday but worried today, I’m not going to say that you should not worry, but you’re still young, you’ll have many chances to win more trophies with your talents in the future, you should stay happy and celebrate quite like your teammates. "

"This is another thing I’m thinking, I think it’s a bit wrong of me to want to change schools just to win a championship, I know I have the right and that all my teammates have already accepted that I’m going to change from school, but I will not even make money on the trophies, is it worth it? "

"I’m glad you think a lot about your schoolmates and your friends, but I think you’re still young and should do what you want now as long as it’s not wrong, it’s an opportunity for you, I know you do not likes to lose and wants the best, whether it will be a good decision or not just time will tell and even if it is bad will be a good learning for you. "

After Jake heard his mother’s response he was a little silently thinking, even after the dessert arrived and until his return home.

Eva was happy as her son had a mature thought for her age, it is always a pride for parents when their education works and their children become good people, but she had a little regret because it seemed that Jake had lost the best of his childhood.

Eva could not know that this was Jake’s second childhood, what he enjoys now was a bonus for his age, he already went through an immature phase and now only bothered to do what was right and not regret the future.

After a little thought, Jake decided that he would change his school even though his greatest attachment at school is his friend Joseph would also go with him, although he quite liked his teammates, they were not really friends.

For Jake it was important to win the national championship once, then at high school, it was the same, he did not think about being champion every year, if he needed to he would play, but at least he would have to win.

Jake’s school decided to reward the champions of basketball championship, letting them go on holiday sooner, so they would have more time to spend on vacation and then come back rested for the national championship, Jake did not care much because he already had all he could rest before he wanted to.

Jake also heard that his teammates would train the most on this vacation to try to make a better campaign in the national championship that would begin at the end of January, it was still almost 2 months away and so gave time to make some improvements.

Jake gave a lot of advice as captain to his teammates if they had the will, the talent and the time they would improve quickly as Luke did in 3 months, so they thought it was worth the try.

Jake who already had the statistics of an adult who practiced some sports only did his races on the mat and bodybuilding to improve his strength as much as possible, if he regained the strength he had in his past life he could give shots of 3 with much more perfection.

It was amazing how much he improved in a little over a year, but it was all because of the system that could maximize his talents and training, you could not compare Jake to a normal person without the system he would get to what he had today only to 18 years.

To train his skills and experience he had his imagination training, which was better than having real games at times, especially when he went on to high school level, now if he leaves everyone with 1.80 m, and his skills in the He could not even touch the ball, it was like several adults playing with a child.

After all had a serious problem that Jake had that system could not solve in a few years, that was his height, with 11 years Jake had now already with the help of the system 1.61 m tall, which is already very good for his age , but despite his ability being enough for Jake to play with high school students his height was not so Jake could not rush.

After a week in the final Jake was already enjoying his vacation a lot and was also very happy because he never remembered in his life to be able to stay with his mother many days at home, it was a good thing Eve left her job.

So an order arrived at his house, when Jake opened the box he saw that it was two photos, his with his team raising the trophy and the other of Jake with his mother that Eric took the two were sent in sizes increased by about one meter on each side, could be hung on a painting.

In addition, there was a newspaper that had been published this morning, he had seen only a little notice the day after the final, but in that newspaper had a whole page with the two photos and a flashy title ’Young star twice MVP takes the team of Miami to victory ’, just to not be false was very biased this news.

As promised had his quotes from his sponsoring company Sports 100 up in the shirt that Jake wore on his champion photo, Eric even quoted in his column that the company Sports 100 was a visionary company that recognized him before everyone else, and also had a comment that the team, unfortunately, had no chances in the national championship.

Jake liked the report and thought it was all very sincere, he had criticism too, but it was normal after all nothing was perfect, so he thought that this journalist Eric was someone reliable that he could tell in the future.

Then Jake showed the order to his mother who liked the interview in the newspaper, especially the parts that Jake talked about her, and also said he would frame the two photos, it was a good memory to leave close to his medals, sorry that the trophy would go for schools.

At the end of the day, Clara called Jake’s house and said she wanted to have lunch with him to discuss more details of Jake’s sponsorship and performance.

Jake was not worried, he had played well and done his part, and also always used branded products in every game and still got this beautiful advertisement, he did not know if he would get a raise or not, but it did not matter if he received would be more money to be able to invest in the future and if it did not receive it would still fulfill the contract until the end even if another company offered a bigger offer.

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