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Chapter 6 Preparing for the Future 1
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Chapter 6 Preparing for the Future 1

After Jake spent a lot of time with his mother to nostalgia, Jake found another problem, as he had lived to be 40, Jake did not remember many things at the time when he was 10, so whenever his mother tried to talk about things that happened to her recently he had to change the subject so that she did not notice anything strange.

Then Jake was very sleepy and slept.

The other day after Jake ate breakfast with his mother she went to work and Jake stayed home alone again.

After spending a joyful day Jake had to start thinking about what he would do for the future, in fact to change the future, he did not want to waste his talent for basketball in this life let alone get crippled again.

So Jake decided that he would try as hard as possible to avoid bus and car rides, to run to where he had to go or go by subway.

More after thinking about it soon enough Jake realized how stupid he was saying, many of the places he needed to go were long distances, it was impossible to go through life without cars, besides, the accident that almost killed him at the end of his life past was when he was on the sidewalk, not to mention that if you have to live in fear it was better not even live.

As for the studies Jake was not worried, he would have gotten into a good university in his past life had it not been for the first bus accident, and even more Jake had always studied alone after starting work and he was always smart, at least he would not need to study.

So the only thing he had to prepare really was how to be a basketball player, with his talent he would certainly have a chance and in the United States, opportunities would not lack for a talented person.

More like he trained his pitches and befriended a coach, this coach said the base is the most important in basketball without proper training when new even a talented player would be outdone by an ordinary with training.

That was Jake’s problem, the neighborhood he lived in and the neighborhoods nearby did not have many people his age practicing basketball, and local public schools also did not excel in basketball.

So Jake would have to train himself, it was nice that while he was walking with his friend coach, he saw many techniques to improve the bases in basketball, and also many training to improve the resistance, when Jake grew a little more he could train with the guys on the local courts.

So Jake left to run again, of course not as yesterday as more training to improve physical endurance, with his age was the only proper training for a child to do.

After Jake returned in the late afternoon to do the housework and make dinner with his mother, when his mother arrived they had dinner together more today his mother was too tired to talk and Jake went early to his room.

While thinking about doing the same thing tomorrow, Jake remembered that before returning to the past fate would send a small part of him with Jake, but as he was very excited he forgot it.

"Fate, are you there?"

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