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Chapter 58 The State Championship 6
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Chapter 58 The State Championship 6

When the third period was over, the game was tied, it was an exciting game for the public and the journalists, but it was exhausting for those on the court, Jake was very tired and his five opponents were just a little better.

After all, the entire Wolves team took turns to double-score Jake for the entire game, after Lucas made that mistake. Jake was not relying on his teammates much more to score, but now the victory was almost guaranteed.

Jake ate his Stamina Bar that he had accumulated from the system missions and regained all his energy, as Jake had a good body he was not sighing and sweating much earlier despite being exhausted.

Then his opponents only knew that he was exhausted because he was falling in yield in the last plays, and thus the Wolves team would take advantage when Jake was substituted to extend the advantage.

After all, everyone knew that without Jake his team did not have the ability to charge here alone, so Jake played every minute in every championship, and his body easily withstands a normal game.

So what the Wolves thought would be the key for them to win would be sure of their defeat, although their team was not exhausted they could barely finish the fourth period without running much more, but they did not expect Jake to come back full of energy and they would have to run more.

And so it was the fourth period, his opponents saw Jake running as usual and could not keep up, and then they thought that Jake was pretending he was tired to trap, at the end of the game Jake was attacking freely and the Wolves who were tired missed some attacks.

Almost, in the end, Jake still took advantage of the oversight of Alex to steal the ball and run to the opposing court and extend the advantage, in the end, the game was 70 to 64 and Jake’s team went to the final.

The Wolves’ team was disconsolate and many even cried because they felt they lost to just one player, of course, Jake’s team supported this game a lot, in the end, was their pressure by the tired opponents’ players who secured the victory.

Everyone celebrated the qualification for the final as always, after all, mistakes like Lucas’s even happen with the pros, and everyone understood Jake’s decision not to pass the ball at the end of the game.

Jake was not that happy, this was a good game that stimulated his potential and he had improvements in his abilities, but what he could not get out of his head and smile was the fact that in that game the limit of his team was clear.

Jake did not doubt that if he tried his best they would be able to win the final and take the state championship title, but he knew that almost all teams that play in the national championship would be of the same level as the Wolves at least to the strongest.

Because even though he tells everyone that he does not think he has the ability and strength to win the national championship he still wanted to try, Jake wanted to see how far they could get competing with the best teams in the country.

But this game made it clear that this is not possible, he has the strength and the will to defy more now he knew he did not have the qualifications, even if Jake was a strong body the team would be his wings to be able to fly, and it is as if all national championship teams were in the sky.

But after seeing his teammates smiling and celebrating he also had to compose himself, although his goals were different he could not blame his teammates who were doing their best for his talent shortages, he would only take them to the national championship to hold their dreams and see more of your smiles.

When Jake recovered he saw Eric walking up to him, as he did not need any warning to know how strong his next opponent was, he must have come to do another interview, Jake liked Eric because he tried to help his team with that information in another day.

"It must be an interview today, I would like to thank you for your good intention the other day for that information, it was very useful to know that some of our tactics would not work, so you can ask whatever you want."

"I actually came today for an interview, and I was feeling like I got too into the business of others that day, after all, even without my warning you would still win."

"It’s the intention that counts."

"Well then, I prepared this interview carefully in the last weeks, now I’ll ask the questions prepared, in these last games, everyone can see that you are much better than your teammates, do you think you have a chance to win that championship?"

"I think so, I do not know the Lions team and I’ve never seen them play, but I can say that I think all the last four teams in that league have a real chance to be a champion, so I think our team’s strength does not is smaller than theirs. "

"The Lions team has a whole team of high-level players and they also have great height, they also have reserves of the same level as the main team and you will not be able to make many points attacking internally, with only 2 shots, you Do you have any idea how to win under these conditions? "

This was the first time Jake heard the information from the Lions team, if it was Eric as he said playing as they played today, it will not come out with the win, it seems that Jake would have to use all his skills in that final and that they could only see the other teams in the national championship.

"Of course, our team has prepared for every situation, we have several ways to compete with all kinds of opponents, we intend to leave as the champions."

"You said you have a sponsor, do you think next year you can change schools to try to win the national championship next year?"

"I thought about this possibility, but I do not know if any school is interested in me because they would have to have a much better team."

"Do you intend to enter the NBA in the future?"

"I intend to have the chance, but only after finishing university."

And so it ended with the promised interview, Eric was very pleased with these answers and was happy that Jake did not avoid answering any of the questions, he was also surprised to know that Jake would try to finish college first before trying to enter the NBA, is not this the goal of all basketball players?

For Jake it was not like that, basketball was a fundamental part of his life and he loved it more had much more important ideals, he would not do as in movies drop everything that was really important for a dream, Jake’s priority was his mother and then living a happy life, if playing basketball helped in that, but he would not make it a priority, if his mother had a problem and needed help he would drop everything.

But he did not think it would be like that, basketball is the path he chose to solve the problems of his life while doing what he loves, and the system would help accomplish that, and it’s not like he could not play in college, and sponsorships would solve many problems.

After that, Jake went home and told his mother about his team’s victory and they moved on to the final, now Jake wanted to see Eva there cheering for him, maybe he was the only calm among the players who would be in the final, despite the Lions thought they were going to win they were worried about Jake too.

And the players of Jake’s team also would not relax and train all week before the game to try to improve even a little and take the pressure off their captain’s shoulders to bring another trophy to their school, they were lively and confident in victory.

Reporters and reporters, coaches from other defeated teams and businessmen from all over the state would be attending this game because the best players in the state would be on the court, and the victor would represent them at the state championships early next year.

Entrepreneurs were looking for youngsters who could sponsor, most were looking for the elders who would go to high school next year after all the high school championships are seen by people across the country, and would bring more visibility to the company.

And Jake was training on the racing and bodybuilding machines and also every day he trained his 3-point shots until he was tired, this was the weapon he had never used in the championship, not many of his age could give him 3-point shots and he hoped to catch the opponent by surprise, so they would open up the advantages for Jake’s team.

If he could not do layups and all the players on the opposing team had tall players, he would only betray his scorer and give his shot in the 3-point line, he could only squint at his aim and his luck that the system said it was good and would trust Owen to get some rebounds as well, it would soon be the state championship final, and the best would be decided there.

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