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Chapter 572 West Conference Finals 2
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Chapter 572 West Conference Finals 2

Coach Rambis was concerned that if the San Antonio Spurs team were the opponent team in the next game it would be a tough opponent, after all, Tim Duncan and David Robinson were excellent players and were having a great performance this season and in those playoffs.

So coach Rambis was concerned that Shaq and Dennis would have a hard time defending against the best-attacking players on the San Antonio Spurs team, in addition, Shaq would have a harder time attacking in the next games.

Coach Rambis was also concerned that the San Antonio Spurs team would also make the Hack-a-Shaq strategy of making many fouls to prevent the Los Angeles Lakers team from scoring more points with Shaq and Jake.

So, coach Rambis decided to do more intense training for the players, in the next games the Los Angeles Lakers team would continue with the strategy of attacking intensely in the first two quarters to prevent the opponent from using the Hack-a-Shaq strategy.

Of course, that would only work if the Los Angeles Lakers team could score a lot and open up a big point advantage, but luckily with Jake, Kobe, and Shaq in the attack, this was not difficult to do even playing against the San Antonio Spurs team that was a strong team in defense.

The training ended with the tired players, the next day Coach Rambis had given the Los Angeles Lakers team another day of rest so they could rest for the next game.

Jake came home and talked with his friends until later, Jake stayed awake because he had to know if the San Antonio Spurs team would win the sixth game against the Utah Jazz team and advance to the next stage.

Just as Jake hoped the San Antonio Spurs team was playing better in that sixth game, in the other games that the San Antonio Spurs team lost it was because some players did not perform well and also because of John Stockton and Karl Malone who had a great time performing.

Karl Malone was not performing as well as was expected in those playoffs, if he played so well maybe the Utah Jazz team would have already won all 4 games and advanced to the next stage.

In that game Tim Duncan and David Robinson were the highlights of the San Antonio Spurs team, both were well offensive and on defense and defended well against Karl Malone and thus prevented the Utah Jazz team from attacking.

The game ended with the San Antonio Spurs team achieving victory and advancing to the next stage with 4 victories, so the next game would be between the San Antonio Spurs team against the Los Angeles Lakers team on May 29th.

So Jake knew that the next game would be in 2 days, he and the players of the Los Angeles Lakers team could rest the next day to be ready for the game that would be on the 29th and they had to get the victory in the first game in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers team was the favorite to win because the players would be more rested and because the Los Angeles Lakers team played better all season, Jake hoped that the Lakers team would win that game and advance to the NBA Finals and so they would have the opportunity to win the NBA title.

William and the others watched the San Antonio Spurs team play with Jake and then said everyone went to sleep, the other day Jake woke up early and he left with William and the others because Jake was going to show some things from Los Angeles to his friends.

It had been a long time since Jake had gone out to have fun with his friends and so he took the opportunity to go to some places he couldn’t go with his mother and other things that William and the others wanted to do.

Jake took William and his friends first to do a go-kart race, when Jake asked if William and the others wanted to, everyone agreed that it would be cool to do a go to a kart race.

Jake was very fond of watching races and always wanted to go to a kart racing with his friends, but in his past life, he didn’t have the opportunity to do that when he was younger, much less after the accident.

Fortunately, all his friends also liked to watch races and they liked cars, so they also wanted to know what a kart race was like, Jake knew a place he could go with William and the others even without booking anything before.

As it was the first time for Jake and his friends, a kart instructor taught them how they could run, so they went running together with other people who went several times to go-karting, they did a race with several laps and Jake stayed among the first 3 even competing with several people who had a lot of experience.

William and the others were in the last positions and they were happy to see that Jake had done well in the race, Jake was not so surprised because he had more dexterity and thought faster than the others because of his agility statistics.

Even so, they had a lot of fun in the kart race, and afterward Jake took his friends to visit the Warner Bros. studios, this was something that not even Jake had done and so he had fun too.

Jake preferred to visit Warner Studios after the Harry Potter films were released, but he still enjoyed the tour and knew he could return to visit London in the future, after which Jake took his friends to visit the stars on the walk of fame.

Walking the walk of fame was not as fun as many imagined, but doing things together with friends always made things more fun, after they walked the walk of fame William started talking to Jake about his career as an actor.

"Jake, we saw the movie The Matrix that you acted in, we were really surprised because you looked like someone else playing that Jev character."

"It’s true, I also thought that you performed as well as the other actors, we didn’t know that you knew how to fight so well."

"I’m happy to know that you liked it, I was very nervous because I thought I wouldn’t be able to play the character Jev as well, I don’t fight as well as you think, it was just choreographed fight scenes, the merit was Yuen Woo-ping who taught me and the other actors and also choreographed the fight scenes."

Jake was being sincere saying that he didn’t fight as well as he looked in the movies, but the truth was that he learned how to fight really to be able to do those choreographed fight scenes, so he could with his strength and agility fight very well even with people trained.

William and the others also thought that Jake was just being modest in saying that, they also knew that several film critics praised Jake’s performance in this film and they expected him to continue acting.

"Jake, are you going to make more films in the next few years?"

"I don’t know, I want to make more films, but with the NBA games and the other things I have to do, it’s hard to find a film that I can participate in because I have little free time to participate in the filming."

Jake was only sure that he would be invited to participate in the sequences of the film The Matrix, his character had gained importance in the story and the audience very much liked to see Jake playing this character.

The Matrix had been a huge success and raised a lot of money, the film was still going to be in the cinema for a few more months and the film was very popular, Jake thought that the Wachowskis brothers thought he was responsible for the success of the film.

That was easy to understand, after all, one of the things the audience liked the most in the film was the fight scenes and Jake was the best in the fight scenes and in the next films he would be even more important, so Jake thought that maybe the Wachowskis brothers would try to schedule filming for the next movie when Jake could participate.

Of course, Jake knew that it was possible for the Wachowskis brothers to decide to invite another actor to play the character of Jev because they knew that Jake would be busy, but neither Warner Bros nor the public would like this change.

After visiting the city Jake went to a restaurant with his friends and they were able to eat a good meal before returning to Jake’s house, Jake took advantage of that day to go out with his friends because he wouldn’t have much time to do it in future with William, Haruto, and Zack.

Even though his friends would be staying in Los Angeles at his place until the end of this season, Jake would be busy training and playing and would not have much time to hang out with his friends, after a few hours Eva arrived in Los Angeles too.

Eva had gone to Miami to stay at the restaurant for the past few days to help Anna and Jake knew she would be back on the 28th which was the day before the next game, Eva would do that because Jake had already warned her that by the end of the playoffs she would have no way back to Miami.

If the Los Angeles Lakers team won 4 games against the San Antonio Spurs team and advanced to the NBA Finals then Eva would not have time to return to Miami, and if the Los Angeles Lakers team lost in that playoff phase then Eva would return to Miami and Jake I could go back with her.

"Hi mom, how’s Anna and the restaurant?"

"It’s okay, Anna has a lot more experience than me and all I learned was she who taught me, luckily the restaurant is already full of reservations for the next month."

"Anna is also fine and just more tired because of the restaurant, Anna said to tell you that she is rooting for you and is following the results of the Los Angeles Lakers team games."

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