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Chapter 571 West Conference Finals 1
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Chapter 571 West Conference Finals 1

Jake really thought that Zack could be a professional athlete and maybe even win marathons someday, so Jake thought that Jake had to run other marathons to gain more experience on different marathons and on different routes.

Of course, Jake thought that Zack knew that he could only win a marathon one day if Jake was not competing in the same marathon, otherwise it would be impossible for Zack to win him in a marathon.

Jake’s goal in the marathons was no longer to win but to try to run in less than 2 hours, and Jake was very close to achieving that, of course, Jake still had to go back to training and he needed to gain more resistance stats and agility to be able to run the marathon in less than 2 hours.

"How was your last semester at the university, Haruto?"

"It was very good, I was looking forward to finally graduating from university and being able to start my life, now that I finished university I will be able to leave the house and I will be able to work with what I want."

"This is good, as I already told you, I want you to come to work with me now that you have graduated from university, when your vacation is over I will ask Emily to talk to you, Emily is the person responsible for all my business and she will find something for you to do to gain experience."

"Yes, as soon as my vacation is over I will talk to Emily, I will see with her what I will have to do at work, and then I will talk to my family before saying if I can accept the job, but I really want to work with you."

When Jake became friends with Haruto he already thought about hiring him after Haruto graduated from university, after all, Jake needed more people to trust him to help him take care of his business.

Jake was very lucky to have Emily to help him, Emily was nominated by Matthew and so Jake knew he could trust her, but after so many years Jake had a lot of business and had invested in many companies and Emily was no longer able to take care of everything on her own.

So Jake thought Emily had to teach Haruto some things she knew and then she could share her responsibilities with Haruto, Emily still didn’t know about it, but Jake always thought about doing it.

Jake didn’t know that Emily was already training some people she trusted, Emily thought about introducing these people to Jake in the future so that she would have people she trusted to help with her work.

Even though Jake trusted Emily he wouldn’t trust anyone just because Emily recommended that person and Jake didn’t have time to look for talented people, so he was lucky to meet Haruto while he was at university.

In fact, Jake also wanted to hire William to work with him, William wanted to work with the stock market, and Jake thought he could leave William working with Emily to take care of the stocks he invested.

But William wanted to try to find a company in New York to work after he graduated from university and then William wanted to use the money he would earn to invest in stocks and in the future open his investment company.

Jake didn’t know if William could make his dream come true, Jake knew that William only had that dream after seeing how the shares of many technology companies have risen many in the past few years and so many new millionaires have emerged, but Jake knew it would last only until 2000.

After the bubble burst it would be much more difficult to find companies that would appreciate more than 100 percent in a few years, it was also difficult to find the right time to invest in these companies and some companies would also devalue and shareholders had to know the right time to sell.

Jake himself would not risk himself in the stock market if he did not know what the future would be like, of course, Jake hoped that William would succeed as an investor and could fulfill his dream of opening his own investment company.

But if William was unsuccessful for a few years, Jake thought about offering William a job again, so William could take care of Jake’s actions and Emily would have even more tranquility to work.

William didn’t know that Jake had ever thought of that and in fact, neither he nor Jake’s other friends knew about the companies that Jake had and the investments he had and how much money Jake really had.

Jake had worked hard to keep the media from discovering his true wealth, of course, all of this was possible because of Jake’s good fortune, but next year Jake knew that not even his luck would help him hide his wealth.

Jake knew well that the people at Forbes magazine had tried to find out some information about him in recent years, but with Jake’s strategies of putting some companies on Emily’s and his mother’s behalf, they helped him not to stand out too much.

The next year when Jake was going to sell the shares of the Cisco company, he would pass all of his investments and companies to his name so that everyone would know what his real financial assets were.

Jake knew that Haruto wanted to work with him, but the truth was that Jake hadn’t told Haruto much about the investments and companies he had, so Haruto would have to find out when he went to talk to Emily.

Furthermore, even though Haruto had no chance of taking the job that his father had, Haruto still had to talk to his father before saying that he did not want to work at the factory and that he wanted to work with Jake.

"Okay, I’m sure you will enjoy the job and that your father will allow you to work with me, next year you will have to learn as much as you can from Emily, and only after that will you start working hard."

After that, Jake talked to his university friends about various things that had happened at the university after Jake left, and Jake also told us a few things about the NBA and talked about some players he met.

Jake spent the whole afternoon talking with his friends and he convinced them to stay at his house while they were in Los Angeles, after all, Jake had a very large house with many rooms that was not used by anyone.

"Are you guys interested in watching every game on the Los Angeles Lakers team that I’m going to play?"

"Yes, but we decided that we are just going to watch the games here in Los Angeles, we want to take the opportunity to visit the city and we don’t want to worry about getting plane tickets and booking rooms at various hotels to follow their games in other cities."

"This is not a problem, my mom is staying here at home while the playoffs continue, so I rented a helicopter for her and booked a hotel room in all the cities that I will play when the Los Angeles Lakers team is visiting."

"So you can go with her on the helicopter to keep her company and I can book more hotel rooms for you."

William and the others were surprised to learn that Jake had rented a helicopter so that his mother could watch the Los Angeles Lakers team games in other cities, yet they still didn’t want to go because they thought they were taking advantage of Jake’s friendship if they did that.

"Even so, we won’t be going, like I said, we’re going to stay here in Los Angeles and enjoy the city for a bit in the coming weeks. If you want us to stay here in Los Angeles for longer, you should make it to the NBA Finals so we can watch more. games of the Los Angeles Lakers team."

Jake no longer insisted on inviting his friends and was happy because his friends had come to Los Angeles to support him, Joseph had also called Jake saying that if the Los Angeles Lakers team made it to the NBA Finals he would go to Los Angeles to watch to the games and cheer for Jake.

Jake didn’t know if his other friends would have time to go to Los Angeles just like Joseph, but he understood if they couldn’t, after all, it would be at least 4 games and could even be 7 games if the opponent was too difficult.

Jake talked to Matthew who was very busy and Matthew said that neither he nor Oliver could go to watch his games in those playoffs, Matthew also said that he talked to Clara and Tiffany and the two were busy with their companies.

Even after the two companies stopped sponsoring Jake, customers who tried their products at the time their companies sponsored Jake still bought the products, so Clara and Tiffany earned more money to improve the companies’ products and production capacity.

From what Jake talked to Clara, she intended after investing more in the company and improving the production line the company would start investing more in advertising to get more customers, of course, the amount that Clara and Tiffany’s companies could invest was much more than it was in the past.

Jake can have a lot of fun with his friends and then he can sleep well, the next day Jake left his friends alone so they could visit more Los Angeles and Jake went to train with the Los Angeles Lakers team.

The players were still tired after those 5 games against the Portland Trail Blazers team, yet they knew they still had another 2 days to rest before the next game, Coach Rambis also knew that and did an intense training even though the players were tired.

Today the players of the Los Angeles Lakers team would know who the next opponent would be or would have to wait until the next game if the Utah Jazz team won, so Coach Rambis knew that the players had to train more intensively.

Jake thought the next opponent would be the San Antonio Spurs team, fortunately, Jake knew that no player on the Los Angeles Lakers team underestimated the San Antonio Spurs team because they knew how the San Antonio Spurs team improved and was the second-best team of the season.

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