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Chapter 57 The State Championship 5
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Chapter 57 The State Championship 5

After a long time thinking about what happened in the past and what could happen in the future Jake smiled, and so he stayed for a while then he thought of something and could not resist the curiosity to ask the system.

"Fate, I was curious, in many games or stories the system always gives missions or reward the protagonist with something when he does something, but I did not receive any of these types, why?"

[I was curious as to why you did not ask me this before, as I said before my goal in sending you to the young past and also come with you as a system, is to help you fulfill many of your desires and not allow a tragedy happen to you.]

[Even though I want to help you a lot, I can only do what your karma created in this and the other accumulated life allows, for now, I have not made very big changes in your lifestyle nor given anything that you did not have to train also to receive.]

[So in the future you will be able to receive several rewards for the actions you did more as you are very young and you are ahead of many talents your age, you have no real challenge now, and even if it seems a challenge is no achievement in view of the system.]

[So you’ll only have rewards when you make NBA-level achievements, and in return those rewards would be very good, and if you win them now it would be worse than winning in the future, for example, if I give you physical stats points for you now, it will be much harder to train to earn another point, but when you reach the age of the NBA you will have all your stats very high and it will be difficult to train the next point so you’d better win later than now.

Jake had just asked a casual question and was not really upset about it, after all, he already had everything he wanted plus he did not think he would have such a complete answer, and it seems that the system had already expected him to ask about it, that for the system, winning trophies and prizes without being in the main league was not a very big achievement.

He did not agree with that part, after all, when you are young you have limitations, like Jake who cannot win even though he has more skills than his opponents because his team is weaker, and in the NBA everyone would have grown up a lot and faced many experiences like by Jake.

More after listening to the other part, Jake realized, for the truth that it was not so difficult to gain new points of physical statistics for now, but now it was much harder than at the beginning when he had all his statistics in single digits, so he could imagine which would take months even with exercise devices to increase new points when he was above 30 points.

At that time he will be playing in the NBA and it would be great to win a statistic point when it was difficult to train, it’s like in martial arts stories, if a martial artist gets a pill that can make him cross any level he’d rather use to cross a bottleneck or a difficult level, than when he is in the first levels that only take months to cross.

And he remembered that the system said that when his strength was very high he could improve his percentage of hits in 3-point shots, then he would be a star even if he did not want to, and another thing the system said is that because of the system Jake could go months without training and still maintain fitness and he would not get fat.

It means that when his level was high he would not need training and could rely only on missions and rewards to get better, and he knew that no matter how good he was he could not win the NBA title in the first years, unless that your team is already a champion.

So he would have to build his skills for many years to be a champion, not to mention that Jake had many other goals in life beyond basketball.

After that week passed quickly and the game of the semifinal arrived, before the game instead of warming up he took the information of his opponent to study better, so he saw that the opponent in the semifinal was the Wolves team.

The Wolves were a tough opponent but not hard to beat, their best player was the SG called Mike, the PG was the second best and he was good at organizing the attacks, his name was Alex, and another good opponent was Center Paul.

This was very good for Jake’s team, since his greatest weakness on his team Luke would not be exploited, so they just had to try harder, it seems that the opposing team was very fast and his PG did a lot of stealing and the Center some blocks.

It was more difficult for Alex to steal Jake’s ball, and Owen did not attack much so the opponent would not have anyone block, so it would be a game that made more points and missed less since Mike would have more freedom to score over Lucas.

The game started with possession of the ball with the team of Wolves, when Alex got the ball he started to run for the attack while he hit the ball in the middle, he wanted to try to take the opposing defense of surprise, but Jake was already on top of him, not giving room to move forward.

He already had the information that Jake was fast, plus he thought it was like the almost seemed like he was underestimating the opponent, more when Alex started to run Mike also ran along and the two had the same speed, Jake was able to follow his mark more Lucas did not then Mike was free to receive the ball and score the first points of the game.

After Jake started the first attack of his team, although Alex tightened the defense Jake could still get around, and he reached the three-point line, the opponents were in position and attentive to the change of opponent movement, so Jake made the signs and his companions began to move, their defenders followed closely.

After Jake made another sign and passed the ball, Lucas took a few steps back and received the ball, Jake fired toward the basket and Lucas passed in the empty space, Jake received the ball and gave the 2-point shot and tied the game.

The opponents scored well, but Jake managed with the movement of his teammates to open space for him to attack, it was a move that did not have the defense to react correctly and only Alex could do something, but Jake was very fast when he reacted Jake already had gone through it.

After a tight match, the Wolves’ attack was very dynamic and with good players who did not lose the attacks or the pressure, and in Jake’s team, he made the points of the team.

It was the same situation as the last game if they did double marking Jake would pass the ball to whoever was free, and if the marking was weak he would make the basket on top of the two opponents, so they could only hope Jake got tired.

Alex was also frustrated, in addition to losing speed he had no chance to steal the ball, when he tried Jake took advantage of the opening and did the dribble, and in that game Jake showed the strength of his dribbles, he made crossovers and other plays to pass Alex or to create space for the shot.

Even with often having two scoring Jake the opponent was tiring faster, and at the end of the first period because of a mistake in the attack, the team of Jake was ahead of the score by 2 points.

For those who saw in the stands looked like a very tight game was more in control of Jake, he only feared opponents that could give shots of 3 points, because then it was difficult to control the score.

Another thing that could happen is if his team lost possession of the ball if he had more than one player with Alex’s defensive ability, Jake’s team would lose many attacks and it would be difficult to reverse the score because Jake could not attack and score without giving a pass.

The second period was practically the same, Lucas was already starting to feel discouraged because many balls would come on him, others would go to the PF of the Wolves and the only Paul did not receive passes, it seemed that the team was worried about Owen too.

Jake had a chance to take the lead off my feet, but he could not seem to keep up with the others.

At the end of the third period, Jake received again double marking and had to move to Lucas who was free, and Lucas lost the attack thus equalizing the game, Lucas was sad and lost his morale and Jake was forced to animate him as was the captain team.

In fact, if he could choose he would not, it was not enough for him not to complain about the innumerable failures of the team and besides, he had to encourage them, it really was not an easy task to be the captain of a team.

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