Be happy with sports

Chapter 56 The State Championship 4
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Chapter 56 The State Championship 4

"Okay, I’ll admit that I was wrong and that your decision was right, but you’re really lucky, a friend makes a recommendation and turns out to be a genius."

"He really is very good, but the reason I chose him apart from his ability is his personality, he is quite mature and honest for his age, so he is someone who can be trusted, besides, as I said we did not invest much in it, if it did not work, we would not lose much."

"You’re right, we have to risk it sometimes, if his team wins the state championship and he’s the MVP we’re going to increase his sponsorship to $ 10,000 a month and start recording the advertisements, I’m going to make him the advertising boy for my company for $ 10,000 as well."

"You too? Your business is not geared towards young people with mine, a professional player would make more success would not it?"

"We are going to look for a professional athlete too, more basketball players and American football are more successful more are also very expensive, so I can choose a professional athlete in another sport and Jake for basketball, as you said is a good story to sponsor a young man who can go to the NBA, does more advertising in the long run."

"You are right, we have a market with many strong companies, we have to stand out in a different thing if we manage to win the young public could be an advantage for us, everyone wants the same as the champions."

"We’re going to have to see a new school for him come in next year too, this team is very weak, and as you said he accepted we can choose now, a private school is a good idea because he can stay there until he graduates."

"Let’s see this with Matthew too, it seems that Jake and his grandson are close friends, so he can get a good idea and change Jake along with his grandson to a new school, Jake also mentioned when I told him that he would depend on seeing with Joseph if he would change schools."

So as they got up to leave after watching the game the two friends decided important things about Jake’s life, the more important he was to play basketball, to help his mother with the money earned and to maintain his friendship with Joseph.

So Jake went home and told his mother that he won the game, she was very happy, with the passing of the games she was not so anxious more before Jake’s games, her son was more mature and Eva did not think Jake would to despair if he lost a game after winning so much.

"Mom, now we have two more games and in the end I want to see you there, it seems the opponents are really strong, we’re going to have to do our best if we want to win, the good thing is that after that we’ll have the holidays, so it would give the team more time to train for nationals."

"Son, it’s good to be confident, but you should not talk like that to anyone else, because even if you really can win you will be an arrogant person, and no one likes arrogant people."

"I know mom, I just say if you need it and for you, otherwise you’ll be anxious the same in the first games."

"I’m not going to stay that way anymore, I believe you and even if you can not win I know you’ll handle it well."

"You could have stopped at the ’I believe in you’ part more thank you."

It was good to know that his mother trusted him, Jake did not like being treated with a child, because although his body being his mind was not, it is difficult to be treated with someone who can not do anything, plus he even liked it when his mother worried about him.

So he had a week to prepare before the game, the bad thing is that this week Eric had not mentioned anything about his next opponent, it really sucks to stay in the dark, but before the game they would get a report, but also even if they knew in advance they would have nothing to do.

In the months that the championships were going on while Jake was just doing his imagination training, his teammates were working with coach Roy every day to be able to improve even a little, but the time is not enough.

If Jake did not have the system either, he probably was training like that too, of course, it was only with bodybuilding and his imaginative training that Jake’s training was much more effective than his opponents.

While at school Jake only read his books and talked to Joseph in the breaks, the school was very pleased with him, after all the basketball team was putting the name of the school in the newspapers and attracting a lot of attention, now they would also attract more students who were good at sports, this would increase the credibility of the school.

Jake was considered the best example for the school to give his students as well, after all, he was still number one on the test scores of the school, and his friend Joseph was second, many even thought that Joseph only got it because he learns something with Jake, when he heard this his friend became very angry, he studied ten times more than the others in school and now the credit had been given to Jake who never helped at all.

Jake just laughed at this, after all no matter how long Joseph studied between classes would not compensate for the years he studied, and even now he was still studying, it was like a famous saying in the sport if you do not stop the distance will not decline easily.

If Jake was satisfied with what he had and stopped studying in a few years Joseph would be better than him, but here he was studying with two books.

But the school was prepared to lose Jake for the next year, he did not know that anymore even his teammates already expected Jake to transfer next year, after all, it did not make sense for Jake to continue in this school, he was already more advanced with the studies and also in basketball.

"Jake, my dad asked me if I’d like to change schools like you, I had not heard you’re going to change schools?"

"I also have nothing definite yet, I’ll just see it after the national championship is over, I did not even look for a new school, so I would tell you before I decide to change."

"So I think my dad is getting ahead, but if you change, I’m going too, after all, my father had already told me at the end of last semester that after that year their test for me was over and that I should choose a good particle school to learn more."

"I’ll be happy if you change with me, because you do not tell your father to use your contacts to see a school that is good in both sports and teaching, how do you go there too, this is important, after all, if you have a team average would be enough to win the national team next year."

"Good idea, my dad will be happy to do it."

Of course what Jake did not say is that he did not intend to pay a penny in a private school, even if he has conditions now to pay because he thinks unfair as he did not need it, he would make a good advertisement for school, a scholarship because a school could not.

After returning home Jake did a few hours of training and then had dinner with his mother, for now, Jake was no longer cooked, his mother who was now at home did not want Jake to cook or do household chores like his Mom seemed happy and excited about it and did not get too tired he decided to leave it for now.

After all, Eva worked for many years as a waitress and sometimes worked overtime at work, compared to cleaning a house that only two people lived was much easier, and so she realized her desire to stay at home to take care of her child and relieved one of the things he had in his heart.

After he went to the room Jake was thinking of everything he’s been through since his return, he really thought he had too much karma accumulated on how well things had happened in his new life, of course, compared to a life of chance is paradise.

The thing that made Jake happier was to have been able to help his mother and have basketball in his life, he already loved basketball after his accident in his past life and had discovered his talent and how much fun it was to play, even more special because now he had experienced all that the sport could bring and not just the shots of three.

So with each game, he did he discovered a side of his competitive that became more and more anxious with the victory, this was a desire of rewards that he weaves when he began to learn the languages

and make trips at the end of the years, but now it was better because he competed with others and the rewards were not given by himself.

Now he just had to go on like this and live one day at a time, he had everything he wanted for now, but he had many ambitions to do when he grew older, one of them was to find a good woman and build his family, he hoped also that he and his mother could be happy.

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