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Chapter 52 Sponsorship 3
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Chapter 52 Sponsorship 3

While Jake continued to speak in a loving voice, Eve had been crying for a long time in his arms, Jake did not know if it was shame for her son to know everything she felt in her heart that she thought she had hidden so well, or it was relieved that now that he knew Eve would have someone she trusted to vent.

It was the same situation that Jake cried all before his possible death before returning to the past, a feeling that all the things that were buried in the heart had been released and his heart that before was heavy now was light.

Eve did not realize she already considered Jake that it was a child the man of the house, someone she knew she could trust now to the bills of the house he wanted to pay, Eva did not want to accept because she did not want to mess with her son’s money, but after hearing what Jake said she did not hesitate anymore, it was true that she blamed herself so much for leaving Jake at home alone when he was still small, even knowing that she was doing something that had to be done she could not forget.

And if what Jake said was right then it was a bigger reason, if it was true that he was feeling anxious for fear that she had been going through something bad at work and could not concentrate on doing what she likes Eva did not want to see it happen.

"Alright, then my son, when I see if the contract is right and sign I’ll get out of my job."

When she heard that her mother had agreed to her selfish request, Jake just hugged her and did not speak anymore, he knew his mother was proud and it was hard for her to give up a job so many years just to hear her son.

More Jake who came from the future knew that this was the best possible situation, he could only have a happy life if his mother was in his life, Jake knew from experience in his past life that having lots of money and no one to share with was not as good as it sounded.

So the next day, Clara sent someone to Jake’s house to deliver the copy of the contract for Eva to sign, after reading and seeing that she was in the way Jake said she would sign, she also said that the contract would be for three years with the possibility of renewal depending on Jake’s performance.

After that, Clara had the first payment deposited to show sincerity and told Jake to just wait until the time was right so he could start recording some advertisements, he also received some sneakers and socks that he should use in the next matches of the championship, day of the first state championship game Jake was free.

As soon as the person who brought the contract went away Eva went to the restaurant to ask for her bills, she received a little money and just that, not a farewell and a thank you for her working there for the last eight years.

So Eva left the restaurant with the right mind that had made the right decision to leave work, she had gone through a lot of hassles there and never received a compliment for her job well done.

Jake, of course, was very happy about it, it was very important to him that his mother should be well, and one of the first goals he had set for him was to get his mother out of this job, and he finally got it, it may have seemed just a little more than a year more for Jake was more than twenty years to get his mother off work.

Now it all depended only on him, if he continued to do well, Jake could even get another sponsorship after finishing the state championship, and he had to try harder to play better and be more sought after.

So Jake was free from training and just having to go to school.

Taking advantage of the fact that the sponsoring company had said that he would give away all the sporting goods Jake wanted for free, Jake asked for some basketballs and some more advanced training equipment to train the dribbles and passes, and also finally a high-performance treadmill and some weight machines.

The company delivered everything Jake wanted in just two days and Eva questioned why Jake had bought a bodybuilder that he should not wear at his age and he said it was to take advantage of what was now free to save for the future.

Eva, who thought that Jake would not have the strength to use these gadgets, now thought for a moment and saw that what her son said was reasonable and accepted.

This time Jake had to lie, he needed the bodybuilder as soon as possible to improve his strength and play better, and with the system helping him he had no possibility of getting hurt, so Jake did not care.

So missing a week to the start of the state championship to start Jake would just do weight training and also as he always does, he would train in his imagination training spit.

Now it was a time that Jake was saddest in his imagination training, he was adjusting the difficulty to the maximum putting all his teammates and opponents at the maximum level of abilities, so it had been a while since Jake had not won a game in his training of the imagination.

More like Jake had great talent and could also learn just by watching, he was growing in his abilities as well, it was just too difficult to increase the rank of his skills that were already almost at maximum.

After almost a week when there was only one day left for the game, he received the news he had hoped for.

[Congratulations Jake, you got before your first major game unlock information from the next level of high school skills.]

So it seemed that after many months of effort Jake had managed to raise all his skills to the S rank of the novel Middle School, as the system said Jake had already outgrown the level of attack abilities for a long time, plus the defense was preventing him to advance.

And a few months ago Jake succeeded with the help of the street basketball tournament and also his imagination training raises all his defensive skills to rank S, but as in the final game, he had learned the steal skill and thus one more skill to rise to rank S.

More with a lot of training and the various championship games that forced his potential allowed him to raise his abilities by unlocking the next level.

"Then show me Fate my windows of statistics and skills."

[I will show more I would like to remind you before seeing your rank, what I had said before, the gap of the high school skill novel is too great, so sometimes an S rank becomes a D rank, I’ll show it now.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 11 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: High School Player]

[Position: PG, SG]

[Height: 1.59 m]

[Weight: 55 Kg]

[Force 15]

[Agility 13]

[Resistance 17]

[Intelligence 47]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling A]

[Body Control C]

[Man to Man D]

[Dribble A]

[Layup B]

[Set Shot S]

[Block D]

[Pass A]

[Rebound C]

[2 Points S]

[3 Points S]

[Free Throw SS]

[Steal C]


Despite the various warnings of the Jake system he was still shocked to see that the various SS rank abilities became B or A, and only a few came to S, only his Free Throw came to SS and would continue to do so until the NBA probably because sometimes Jake this way he hit 10 of 10 Free Throw shots, there’s no way he can hit it anymore.

Basketball really had no limits, it was far from being near NBA level, and Jake felt that he had reached a limit on how much he could improve in a short time, it would probably take a year before the end of high school to Jake could see his SS statistics, and he had no confidence to see the next level before entering college because some people who play defense in late high school already have skills to enter the NBA, and Jake was not confident of raising his defense skills for this level.

Jake was also happy that his statistical strength was beginning to keep up with his stamina and reaching as much as he was in his past life, only with a Jake system could he get better at that age, glad he would not grow many muscles in his body otherwise it would be weird.

Jake also had realized that his height was growing rapidly for his age, soon he would reach the height of Luke who was two years older than him, it seemed that the system and also his better food was allowing Jake to get much higher than in his past life, so his dream of making a dunk in a match could come true.

So everything he could prepare was ready, now it was just waiting for the opponents who would come in this state championship and he could finally reveal his true skills on the court.

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