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Chapter 51 Sponsorship 2
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Chapter 51 Sponsorship 2

"If you do not mind, I’d like to ask you some questions about your company as well."

"Do you want to ask about my company? Sure you can ask."

"I’d like to know what kind of products do you work with?"

"We are a company that manufactures and sells more basic sports materials and also clothes, uniforms, cleats, tennis shoes, racquets, golf clubs among other things."

"So you have factories and stores too?"

"Yes, we have several factories and shops, including shops in some malls, we started 5 years ago and we are looking for a person to promote some of our products to the young audience, and Matthew recommended you."

"And what’s the name of the company?"

"The company is called Sports 100."

Jake was not only asking those questions to be the advertising kid, but also because he could invest in that company in the future, so he wanted to know if they also made their own products and did not depend on outsourced companies so they could spend a little more, but they also had more control over their deliveries.

"So, did your company decide if I was going to be her advertisement boy?"

"Yes, I really liked you, and besides, I found that you were honest in your answers, if you were just the regional champion and the MVP you would be qualified more I would not be sure if you would be the chosen but win the state championship is enough if you win the MVP even better."

"And how much will the sponsorship be and what will I have to do?"

"The sponsorship will be $ 5,000 a month, and then if your achievements improve the value also increases you will also receive the products you need for free, what you need to do is to participate in the games you participate in as the state championship using our products like sneakers and socks, if you attend interviews it would be nice if you mention the name of our company."

"And if you really win the state championship, let’s do an advertisement with you by participating by using our products in some magazines and maybe even on television."

"Okay, I think I’m good at doing the things you told me, so have someone take a copy of the contract to my house and I’ll tell my mother to sign it."

"Then I’ll take it, we’ll meet us next time, it’ll be a pleasure working with you."

"The pleasure will be all mine, I hope to be able to help promote your company as well."

So Jake left home in the company car, he really liked this Clara, and after some time talking to her, Jake realized what was bothering him, this Clara should not only be the representative of the company in this negotiation, it should be the owner of the company or at least one shareholder with great power, she must be the daughter of Matthew’s friend, so she would say his name without adding lord.

Jake was thinking this because he has also worked in this business and he knew that Matthew must be highly respected in this business sector, after all, he has a company worth $ 320 million, despite Clara’s company being able to earn $ 100 million. should be beyond that.

So she has to be a person very close to Matthew to be able to speak his name with such intimacy, in addition, Jake was thinking that maybe the company of Clara a Sports 100 must have been bankrupt or sold until the time of Jake in the future, because he remembers that while working at the accounting firm, he once had to survey the best sports companies in Miami for a client, and the name Sports 100 was not on the list.

It was amazing that two companies that Jake got involved in this would be two companies that were big plus did not succeed in the future, should be the effect of their lucky statistic that the system said that it would not be too obvious anymore would still help in their life.

So he was wondering whether or not to be a partner of this company seems like the decision would be easier to take now, the hard part was figuring out why this company would have failed? After all the company of Joseph’s grandfather was because of the change in technology, so it was normal, plus a sports company was a mystery.

After he got home Jake did the housework and prepared dinner for his mother, after all, he had good news for her, even if Eva did not want him to make his mother leave the restaurant now that he had that patronage, after all, her mother’s health was more important, and Eva received just over $ 1,000 working every day and doing overtime sometimes.

Jake would win with this sponsorship almost 5 times more than his mother, and if he was the state championship champion he could win even more, not because his mother would suffer, it was better that she stay at home and take care of him that would earn more, of course, that if her mother had a better job and that she liked Jake she would not mind, but it was a job Eva was forced to do.

As soon as she got home she went to take a shower and then put on her clothes and went to dinner with Jake, Eva was used to getting home and having the house ready and dinner ready, so she totally relaxed after getting home.

"Mother I have something I would like to discuss with you."

"And what’s my son, seems to be serious the way you’re talking."

"I think it really is a serious matter and it should not be delayed any longer, and I hope you mother will agree to my request."

So Eva realized that this was really a serious matter for Jake, she saw how serious her son was at all, studies and sports, he was struggling and she was proud of her son, she wanted to support everything Jake did that was not something bad for his future.

"And what is my son you can tell me."

"So Mom, what happened was this, I went to meet today with the company representative that Joseph’s grandfather recommended to sponsor me, the name of the company is Sports 100, they are reliable, so I went to talk some details of what I would have to do."

So Jake took time for Eve to think about everything he said and then went on.

"This company wanted me to think that I used some of their products in the championship games and also that I would mention them if I were to do an interview, also if we won the state championship I might have to do some magazines and television advertisements."

"As I get better in competitions it can increase, more at the beginning I’m going to receive $ 5,000 a month and I’ll also be able to receive several products with which they work for free, so it’s a complete sponsorship and I accepted, they’ll bring a copy for you to read and sign."

"So that’s what you wanted to tell me was very important? Although I do not like that you did not talk to me before accepting, how are you going to receive the sponsorship, no problem, when the copy comes I’ll read it and if everything is as you said I’ll sign it."

"No mother, what I wanted to talk about important was not this, that was just for you to understand the situation."

"So what was it you wanted to discuss with me."

"So Mom, now that I’m going to win this sponsorship that may be over $ 5,000 in the future, I want to ask you to please quit your waitress job, that’s for mine and for your good."

"Jake this is not something to discuss, I need that job to sustain the house and you should take that money and save it to use in the future, I do not want a penny of that money."

"I knew it would be so why I said I wanted to argue, Mom I understand what you’re saying, this is money that will be for my future and you who are the adult would have to work and earn the money for the house."

"I’m so proud of you to have taken that job and sustained us both for all these years, I know you needed, plus I want to tell you that it does not have to be more like this, I know mom you were suffering in silence all these years thinking she was hiding from me and even depressed because of her father’s death, and also that you faced a lot of pressure from having to raise myself."

"I also know that you suffered and felt guilty about having to leave me home alone all these years because you needed to work, but now it does not have to be this way anymore, Mom, I want to get the money I earned with my talent and work for that you can stay at home with me longer, I do not want to see you suffering for a boss who offends you or clients who do not respect you, or the fatigue of having to work overtime."

"I want you to stay at home with me, now that I have the condition I can no longer see you suffer, I also suffer thinking about what you go through, I mean that doing this I will also invest in my future."

"The nightmare I said I had the day you saw me crying when you got home was that you had died from stress from working so hard, and now that I can, I do not want that to happen."

"The way you help me make more money and in my future, you’re staying home and helping me so I can think about basketball on the court."

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