Be happy with sports

Chapter 49 A Break 2
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Chapter 49 A Break 2

So Jake returned with his mother home who was very happy after crying a little in the movie, this was what he would never understand how women were happier the more they cried in a movie.

After Eva made her dinner, despite the fact that Eva still could not cook better than Jake, he himself liked to eat his mother’s food. So they reeled, in the days that Eva had to work and late night at home Jake cooked, and in the days that Eva was at home she cooked.

Eva herself was very pleased with this arrangement because it showed that her son really liked the food she made, and it was good to cook for him to love himself.

Then Jake went to sleep because the other day he had agreed to go to Joseph’s house because his grandfather would show up and it looks like he wanted to meet Jake who was the closest and only friend of his grandson.

So when dawn Jake ate breakfast with his mother, they still talked about the movie they watched yesterday and Jake told his mother to tell his friends how the movie was, so he thought his mother could take revenge on his friends without to know.

After a car appeared at the door of Jake’s house, it looked like he was the driver of Joseph’s grandfather’s car, Jake quietly said goodbye to his mother and got into the car.

He was much calmer this time in meeting his friend’s grandfather than when he met Oliver because that time it had not been too long that he had known Joseph, and he knew that his family might be thinking he was a mere wanted to stay close to Joseph because of his family’s money.

More like how he had cleared things up with Oliver, Jake thought he would not have much trouble with Joseph’s grandfather.

Even more so Jake was a bit anxious, because he had already heard who Joseph’s grandfather was, his name was Matthew Jackson, and he was a great businessman who was very successful in this industry, now he was a little old so that should be why Jake has never heard of his name in the future.

Even more so Jake admired Matthew a little because he had heard that the company Focus and Flash as it was called, had an approximate value of 320 million dollars, and was one of the leading companies in the market.

In addition, Matthew still had 80 percent of the entire company on his behalf and the other 20 percent was in the stock market.

That said that Matthew alone created a $ 320 million company, as Jake had long invested in the stock market and had not yet managed to make his first million in the past even though he was still considered successful.

He knew how hard it was to make much money in a bargain, and when he heard all this from Joseph he was both happy and sad.

Sad that since it was a company with a value of 320 million, the only reason Jake had not heard of the company’s name was either that they had been sold or that they had not switched to film time for the digital model and went bankrupt.

And the part that made him happy was that Joseph’s grandfather still had 80 percent of the company, which means that if he could convince Joseph’s family to change the type of camera in time they could do it without having to ask to other shareholders in a meeting, after all, they still had the majority.

And as Jake had come from the future he could "speculate" on several benefits that having a digital camera company was a lot better than having a film camera company.

And if they have the right business vision they could instead fail or have to sell their company, be one of the market leaders.

So Jake came to each of Joseph’s, the maid led Jake to the same office he came to visit Oliver, this time he knew he would have to see someone different this time, and as expected when he walked into the office, whoever was there was not Oliver, but Matthew.

"So you’re Jake, Joseph’s friend, I’ve heard a lot about you from Joseph and Oliver, which surprised me a little bit, I did not expect you to become my son’s friend in spite of the big age difference. "

"It happened to me and Mr. Oliver we have a lot in common that we like, and I also like to play chess so we got along really well."

"You really are an interesting young man, the best student in the school, learned alone to speak more than one foreign language, won the regional basketball championship as the captain of the team and still not arrogant."

"You praise me a lot, I happen to be lucky to have a little talent for basketball and I have to study hard to give my mother a better future, and circumstances have made me mature faster."

"Actually, if I did not know about your family I could say that you were an heir to a noble house because you have a certain size of someone who has already gotten very involved with people like me."

Really a great life experience makes a difference, although not sure Matthew almost made up what happened in Jake’s past.

Actually as Jake already worked in an accounting firm and also already had to get involved with some people from the stock market, Jake had already developed a method through experience to deal with rich and intelligent people like Matthew.

Plus he understood that as if Jake had been taught as a child, after all, he could never imagine that Jake had lived many more years than he looks.

"I really liked you, it also seems that the friendship between you and my grandson is quite sincere, it really is a shame that my company does not have much to do with sports because a brilliant young man that certainly is worth a sponsorship."

"Even though my company does not have much to do with it, the daughter of a friend of mine had started a sportswear company aimed at the young audience, so I’m going to call her and recommend that she see her files and maybe she can use you as a publicity boy for your business."

"I really thank you if you can do that, I was really looking for sponsorship after this championship ends because I want to give my mother a good life until I can make money on my own."

"It’s good to see that you care about your mother, and I’m happy to see that you’re not very proud and accepted my help, very proud people do not tend to gain anything in this life, because without help nobody gets anything, a lot of help before you get rich."

Jake really was not ashamed to get help like that, especially as he did not get money but rather an opportunity, what more he wants are chances of proving, and Jake really thought he could help any company that would reach out to him when he was underneath, after all, it is during these hours that you most need friends.

As for Joseph’s family, he was less ashamed still because he knew that if they listen to his advice their hundreds of millions of dollars company will escape from bankruptcy.

What bigger help could Jake offer?

So after Jake finished Matthew’s conversation he went up to the stairs without waiting for the maid and went to Joseph’s room, when he entered his friend was sitting there with a book in his hands.

"Jake you finally finished the conversation with my grandfather, you do not need to be scared of him, my grandfather just has his face it would be so because he is accustomed to making that face when he is doing business, but he is even quieter than my father, even befriended my father with it will be even easier. "

"I was not scared, your grandfather is really cool, he even helped me with a problem that I was worried about a long time ago on our first date."

"What problem is this you had and did not tell me?"

"It was just that I wanted to find a company that could sponsor me and then I could take my mom out of the waitress job and give her a well-deserved rest."

"And because you did not tell me, I could have helped you with that too long before."

"That’s why I did not tell you, it just happened this way because your grandfather offered it first because I would not ask him otherwise, you could not help me, it has to be a company that really needs someone to be a boy advertising, so I can help the company too, if it is not a sports company it would not work. "

So Joseph understood the idea of ​​Jake, then Jake spoke with his friend for a while and at the end of the day, the driver of Matthew took him back home.

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