Be happy with sports

Chapter 48 A Break 1
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Chapter 48 A Break 1

After winning the championship although before Jake did not think that was great, the truth after he understood that in fact for others was.

Jake’s school called all team players and coach Roy to take a commemorative photo with the champion trophy and also put that photo on a school mural along with other champions.

This trophy for the other year would call more youths who wanted to play basketball to enter their school that was known to be the best in the region for two years in a row, so this victory would also serve as an advertisement for the school.

The students at Jake’s school were also very excited about this championship, being a two-time champion was a good thing no matter the age or sport because it shows that his team can do more and not just once, so everyone was happy and bragged to their friends and told their parents.

The city newspaper also made a note about the team’s victory in the league and even mentioned that Jake was the MVP, so it turned out to be a bigger issue than Jake expected.

After all in his past life beyond school Jake did not care much about basketball, his schools also never won the champion trophy, so Jake did not think it was a big deal.

His mother and Joseph also seemed to be happier than he had been the winner, so after a while, Jake abandoned his mentality that winning a minor trophy like this was not important, if it were not for the various schools they would not have decided that way and just would give the vacancies to the state.

The only thing that made Jake sadder is that there were no sponsors who came in contact with him after the first trophy, he had heard that there were some people watching the game no one else seems to have liked.

Of course, since this game is important to win, Jake still would not have tried his best to show himself in the final game just to please the people who were watching, he would only do it when it was necessary for the state championship, and then it would not be too late to them they see what Jake was capable of.

Now that it was nearly two weeks before the start of the state championship Jake decided to relax before the state, he realized that although he was almost sure he would be the winner Jake was still very stressed in the regional championship, maybe because it was his first time as captain that he did not have to just take care of him.

So in the Jake school that was now more famous, he still kept his grades first, even though he was also busy with basketball, which left his teachers amazed at his diligence, and he was used as an example to many other students who complained about not having time to study.

In the classroom, Jake was still seen with his business management books and more economics now the language book he is seeing is another, it was a French book, many thought that Jake had tired of studying Spanish plus some knew that Jake already spoke his language fluently.

The Frenchman no longer had any teacher in the school who knew how to test Jake’s skill, but as he had a precedent with Spanish, no one doubted that he was taking it seriously and learning.

Jake’s goal was to make it known until university that he spoke all the languages ​​he learned in his past life and then learn Japanese he had decided to study before returning to the past.

When it was the weekend that was also Eva’s day off, Jake was thinking of doing something different with his mother, no matter how Jake was busy he always talked to his mother every day, he was taking great care emotions of Eve and also with her stress.

Eva was also very happy to be well cared for by her son, but even this sometimes made her angry, like the time she was in her period and Jake was bothering her because her emotions were very unstable.

Jake did not forget that Eva had died of depression and would never forget more because he blamed himself for not realizing that something was wrong with his mother.

So Jake asked Eva so they could go to the mall together, just to eat some candy and maybe also go and watch a movie at the movies.

Eva did not know Jake was doing this because she took Jake to the mall and decided to give him everything he wanted to celebrate that Jake had won the champion trophy with his team, she did not think Jake would also win the state championship so she found that this was the best time to celebrate.

If Jake knew that his mother still had no confidence in his victory and was planning to make him happy before his possible defeat, he might lose heart to go out with his mother this weekend.

So first Jake wanted to go to a well-known ice cream shop that was in the bottom of the mall, this was something that Eva liked more Jake was making this stop because he wanted, he liked ice cream mass and because of all this training, he had not eaten in years past.

For Jake ice cream it’s like those things that you love to eat or do most are not so important to you and he only remembered when someone else was commenting.

And Jake just remembered that he wanted to eat ice cream when he saw the store at the entrance of the mall and did not want to miss the opportunity, who knows when he would remember again.

Afterwards, he went to see the movies that were in the film on that day, as soon as he saw the name of a movie Jake immediately took his mother to watch.

The movie Ghost, this was one of the classics of the 90’s that even Jake who was totally out of the way of the novels liked it a lot.

Her mother did not like novels much, she preferred more movies and action and adventure but just the most classic novels she liked more than all, it was funny until she saw that the list of the top ten films that someone who said she did not like novels had two of them on the list.

But in addition, he remembered that when this movie went on television his mother had watched and liked it so much that he remembered Eva saying that she felt very sad that she could not have seen this movie in the movies because she was a Lovely movie plus her mother had lost half the excitement because her friends from the restaurant had talked in conversations several times about how beautiful the end was.

Just as Eve already knew the ending before the movie started she lost a lot of the thrill of seeing it for the first time.

So Jake asked Eva for a little money and ran to a nearby place and bought tissues and put them in his jacket, he knew that his mother would cry a lot to see this movie so far.

After they came in to watch the movie, it was really a very romantic storyline of the movie, after all the main actor dies at the beginning what is not normal in movies, but he stands around like a ghost, the person himself at first does not realize the why, even more, tries to help his beloved even knowing that he could not stay with her on earth.

Just as the whole self-respecting movie succeeds in the end, Jake had once heard that much of the success of this film was for the choice of music that gives a special feeling to the viewer.

As the film continued Eva had already begun to cry, so Jake handed the package of tissues to the mother who earned her the admiration of the women nearby for the consideration he had with his mother.

And so some of these women sent reproving looks to their boyfriends and husbands who could not think the same as a child.

Of course Jake did not know that he’d sparked a small fight between couples and even distributed some of the scarves around just to put more fuel into the women’s rage fire.

Eva was already accustomed to the consideration of her son who had been much more attentive in the last year, she even thought with pride the luck that her daughter-in-law would have in the future and that she had created Jake very well.

This film was a good indication to Eva that she was forgetting the pain she felt when she lost her husband, this movie made her remember him, more just with affection and no longer with the pain and sadness of losing him.

So the movie ended and Jake went with his mother home while doing a summary and explanation of the movie as always, he liked to make it sound like he knew more than he really knew from his knowledge of the future.

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