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Chapter 42 The Basketball Team 2
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Chapter 42 The Basketball Team 2

So team 2 started with possession again, Jake soon received the ball and was advancing calmly to the court of the opposing team looking for to control the rhythm of the game and to calm his teammates.

Coach Roy also realized this and praised Jake in his heart, the reason that the PG was often the captain was so, PG’s job is to organize the team without their attack and to control the pace of play, Jake learned this while playing in the dimension of your imagination training.

It was very remarkable to be able to lead their teammates when they played together for the first time, but the youngsters always respected the best, and Jake gained his authority making that move.

Soon he was in the line of 3 points and all his companions were marked, this served to remind Jake that this was a real game and not as in his training of imagination that he had only to think and his companions moved as his will.

Here he needed to combine the plays and talk with his teammates, he soon made a signal to the SG of his team that realized he unsealed and soon received the Jake pass, then the SG left for the bottle and when another player of the team opponent went out to mark it he passed to his mate who was free and that scored the 2 points.

This was the way of the teams without much training if you find a small space to pass the ball to the defense of the other team dismounts, so the good pass and the vision of the players were important.

Still, the starting team did not shake, they had experience and they would not be agitated just for losing so little, so the SG that was now setting up the ball received the ball and Jake soon appeared to mark it.

Jake on the spot noticed that this player was different from the other and he could not steal the ball so easily, then the SG tried a dribble to escape the mark of Jake but he could not get rid of the mark, this is one of the things that Jake learned well in the 1-on-1 tournament, when you’re away from the basket a little space for your opponent, so you run less rich to be dribbled, and close to the 3-point line you tighten more on the markup.

Jake had confidence in his speed so he could give some space, he did not expect his opponent to risk a shot of 3 and even if he did he probably would not score the 3 points.

The SG seeing that he could not get rid of Jake looked for a good pass option, the teammates who were in last year’s starting lineup with him on the court now were Center and small forward, among them Center was not very good at attacking only defending and small forward was skillful and fast.

The point guard and Power forward had already graduated and the two on their team were not very skilled.

Then his only option was the SF so he made a signal to his partner who soon understood and easily got rid of the mark and received the ball and gave a 2-point shot.

Jake was a little disappointed with his teammates, they were passed very easily, so it was no use defending him well and the rest being a weakness.

So Jake understood even more than what the system had said was a fact, without skilled teammates he would never have a chance to go to the national championship with only his ability.

Even if he only made shots of 3 and took the team away in the back would have times that every time he caught the ball would be marked by more than 2 opponents or would miss every time he was shot.

This is the reality of a team sport, now if your teammates were a little good it would be enough to win the tournament because it would not be just him who would make all the points of the team.

So when Jake restarted the attack he realized that the SG of the other team was his marker now, not that it made a difference for Jake, he had confidence that he could pass anyone on that court, but that is not his goal what he wants is to show a little of your skill and find companions with skills.

So the game was gone and the first half was over, Jake’s team was losing by 4 points, as he was not trying to score many points and only gave passes and organized plays, a pity that his teammates could not hold on to the defense.

So Jake had already figured out who should be the starting team after the end of the game, he should be the PG, what was marking he should be SG, the other team’s Center should also be the starter, plus the team 2 Center as well showed potential, perhaps with a year of training, next season he would be the starter.

The SF of the other team was very skillful as well, he does good mid-range shots and also knows how to get on the pitch, and is also good at dribbling.

The PF was only the weakest position, the biggest candidate should be what is playing in the starting team, although he is only average in both the attack and the defense, he could become the team’s weak spot.

Just as Jake had already analyzed all the players he would use the second half to establish his superiority, although he did not like to show it was important for his teammates to know of his ability and for him to become the captain and team leader.

So in the second quarter, he used all his speed and resilience to dominate the match, he totally disregarded his marker and just ran around the court until he hit the car or made 2 and 3-point shots.

When they were only two minutes away their marker was already exhausted and ended up butt on the ground twice by Jake’s crossovers, so when the game finished the second team won by a difference of 11 points, this because the defense was not as good as the attacking, and the home team did not allow the lead.

When the game was over everyone was dripping with sweat and very tired, only Jake was breathing normally, after all, Jake was preparing his resistance to bear in the future a game of 48 minutes, for him 16 minutes was nothing now.

So everyone on the court including the coach were looking at Jake as if they had seen a monster, this ability was not something for an 11-year-old to have, and even more so because everyone knew that Jake had never played on a team before, that it means that everything he knew he learned alone.

Of course, this is not the truth though he actually trained himself alone what Jake had learned was with the coaches who were his acquaintances in his past life, he learned several coaching methods and also saw many games between youngsters so he was able to learn to do everything that does not require other people to train.

And this was also partially solved when he learned ’imagination training’, with which he can train all abilities.

"Well that was a good game, now I’m going to decide who goes to the starting team and who goes to team 2."

Coach Roy decided to talk to end the strange weather that was left after Jake’s incredible performance, at the end of the first half everyone noticed how he was a skilled PG who knew how to lead his teammates and boom passes and even defend well.

More in the second half he showed all his skills, as he was able to do whatever he wants on the court and even give 3 point shots, he showed the difference between him and the others and how he was the star of the team.

It was as if he had two different personalities, in the first he was a good player for the team and in the second he was the player who did everything by himself.

"Well then in PG’s position Jake will be the starter and then if everyone agrees he’ll also be the captain."

So everyone agreed from the headlines last year no one wanted the position and as he showed, Jake had the ability to lead the team.

"Good then for the position of SG Lucas Garcia, for the position of SF Aiden Lewis, for the position of PF Luke Allen and for Center Owen Turner."

So the team was formed after everyone complimented the training ended for the rest of the day and everyone went home, Jake was a little upset because now that he saw the team he knew it was impossible for him to win the national tournament.

Some were even skillful, but this was just for school and maybe some were good for the state level, more for the national nobody was, what he expected was the more he trained and played they would get better, after all, the experience is also important for judge the skill.

Jake did not expect much, just which his teammates were good enough to hold the defense and make a few points when he needed them, so the other teams could not focus all the way on him.

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