Be happy with sports

Chapter 40 The Vacation 3
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Chapter 40 The Vacation 3

Jake and his mother stopped at a pizzeria on the way back home to celebrate Jake’s huge success, Eva was very proud and would definitely brag to her work friends tomorrow at the restaurant.

After they were full Jake asked to pay the bill to celebrate his first prize.

He gave 1,000 dollars to Eva so she could use whatever she wanted, Jake wanted to give all the prize and Eva did not want to accept anything, in the end, they granted and Jake gave 1,000 dollars that Eva said she would put into Jake’s savings that she was going to make, and Jake got $ 500 to use on his first investments.

When they returned home, there was all the food Eva had made in the morning and they forgot that they promised to eat when they returned home, so they laughed for a while and went to sleep.

The next day Jake went to meet Joseph and told his friend that he had won the 3 competitions that took part in a tournament with young people up to 15 years old.

Joseph, of course, did not believe Jake’s fanciful story at all, but Jake was very happy to see the shocked face of his friend when he showed the pictures taken to Joseph.

So Joseph finally saw why Jake was sure he would join the school basketball team even though he had never played on a team before, that was because he had talent, so it’s harder for people to believe that someone close to you is talented.

Especially Jake who is also so good at school and is the best at school, Joseph has seen many talented people in sports at his old school, the more the player was better at sports, the worse he was usually at school.

And so the final days of Jake’s vacation were over, he would sometimes stay with his mother, sometimes train and sometimes go out with Joseph.

"Fate, now that the holidays are over, show me what my stats are like."

[Here it is]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 11 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Middle School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.51 m]

[Weight: 48 Kg]

[Force 13]

[Agility 12]

[Resistance 16]

[Intelligence 47]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]

[Body Control S]

[Man to Man B]

[Dribble SS]

[Layup S]

[Set Shot SS]

[Block C]

[Pass SS]

[Rebound A]

[2 Points SS]

[3 Points SS]

[Free Throw SS]

[Steal E]


So Jake looked satisfied to his statistics window, especially in the skills part, although his other skills had not changed at all, he now had a new ability being shown and it was the steal that Jake had learned in his final game against David.

And he was already in rank E, Jake was very happy especially when he made his first game in the space of his imagination training, his opponents and teammates were much better and more complete after being able to use steal, and the game was much more especially after Jake put the skill of everyone in the SS rank, even he had some balls that were stolen in his possession, but only in the beginning, after he got used to it he did not lose the ball anymore.

Plus this was just because his ball possession ability and dribbling was much higher level than his opponents, once he enters the high school level will be much more difficult than now.

His stats have also greatly improved after the natural growth of his body and also of his intensive training, he after a time could equal the body of a well-trained athlete, and when that time lasts to play a whole game should not be more so hard.

"Now I’m not afraid of anything else with people my age, I just have to get the team to win a few tournaments and if I’m lucky I can get sponsorship before I go to high school."

[I think you’re underestimating somewhat the difficulty of winning tournaments on a team, I admit that you alone are the best at Middle School only in your 1-on-1 skill, with two talented scorers marking you would already be nullified in one game, then you have to rely on the talent of your teammates too if you want to be champion, that’s the beauty of team games, individual skill is not everything.]

"So you mean that if my team is not good I do not have the chance to win, that’s not fair."

[Of course this is fair, you just have to play for a better team, so many great NBA players end up changing teams, it’s because they want to win and they know they can not alone, you alone can be able to take a bad team for the national competition, but when you get there all teams will have skilled players that you can not defeat alone.]

"So I have to hope that the team at my school has at least two more skilled players, with me too 3 should be enough to be the champion."

[If there are 3 players of your level it may be possible, but I find it very difficult, you have to cheer more to have a balanced team than a few skilled players, even if the ability of all your players are just above average as B by less, with you on the team you can be able to win the national championship, but if you have only one bad player, you will not have the chance because that player will be the weakness of your team that can be used in an important moment.]

Jake knew that what the system was saying was right, but he could not choose the skill of his teammates, it was his mistake to choose a school that was not famous for basketball, of course, this happened only because this was the old school of Jake and he had some emotional attachments for her, and yet Jake is fortunate enough to meet Joseph in his first year of school.

Jake also did not want to think about playing basketball for a team until he entered high school, but as he had to train his skills and team play, he could not run away from it forever, in the worst case Jake would show his talent for everyone to see and even if he did not win now he would win in high school.

The important thing was to find someone who could sponsor Jake to help his mother get out of this job, and for that, his individual ability was enough.

If it were necessary, Jake would draw attention from the big private schools and try to get a scholarship at a school that was good at basketball.

[This is a good idea, Jake, but you can not be satisfied with just a scholarship to enter a private school, try to get a sponsorship for you to play for this school, so they would pay you as a club pays a professional player, so you get everything you want and still win the championship next year.]

"I could do that, but let’s hope because we’re still just assuming that the ability of the players in my school team is not good enough to win the national basketball championship title, if they’re good enough I do not need to worry anymore to change schools. "

Jake really was hoping to be like that, he did not want to have to leave this school so, besides Jake having a fondness for this school he still had to think about his friend Joseph, he had heard from Oliver that after a year had passed Joseph wanted him to be able to move to a private school and end this experience of living a more humble life, more perhaps because of Jake, Joseph decided to continue in the school he was now, and so Jake also did not want to leave school and leave Joseph back.

[I think you do not really need to worry about your friend Joseph, as you heard from his father, he’s already passed his test and no longer needs to stay in a public school if you have to go to a private one because of basketball , I’m sure Joseph will also want to go with you, and Oliver’s father will also like this, because a private school has a far more superior teaching than a public school, and the reason he placed his son in a school where no one knew he was rich was just to let you out of concern, and you can help look at Joseph in that.]

When Jake heard what the system said he was a little more relaxed, he was actually more worried about his friend than the school, so if Joseph could go with him Jake would be much quieter in changing schools.

Then at the re-start of classes after the holidays, Jake would go to the basketball team to be tested whether he could enter or not, but what no one knew was that Jake would also be testing the basketball team that day.

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