Be happy with sports

Chapter 4 A Second Chance 1
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Chapter 4 A Second Chance 1

"I can say no, there’s so much I wanted to have done more I could not, I wanted to have my mother with me for a longer time, I wanted to have friends who really liked me and did not stay with me just for pity, I wanted to have much more money only if I had things that I wanted to have and people I could spend with.

I wanted to go to more parties, I wanted to have a car, I wanted to have a motorcycle, I wish I had a boat.

I wanted to meet more girls, I wanted to have someone I loved and loved me back, I wanted to be married, I wanted to have children, I wish I had a family.

I wanted to have run, I wanted to have played more sports, I wanted to have played basketball with other people normally, I wanted to have played real games, I wish I had won a lot of titles and prizes.

I wanted to have my legs ... "

When he was close to death Jake finally saw that he was not totally happy, he broke that barrier that had around his heart and his mind and blew.

Jake knew that what he lacked for him was something that the harder he tried in this life he could not have.

[Then you finally saw what was missing for you, which left you incomplete], Jake heard that robotic voice in his head.

"Who are you?" Jake asked, startled.

[I am the will of this world, well a small portion of it, what you call destiny].

"Fate, and what do you want with me?"

At this moment near death Jake did not care to ask if fate was real or not, if he was going crazy he would die anyway, at least he had someone to talk to and not just expect death alone.

[I like the will of the world I saw you Jake, I saw a man who like you said no luck, and your luck is so bad that it even affected the people close to you, but you were always optimistic and never blamed fate. In fact I eat the will of the world I do not decide anything, each one decides his own way, and that makes a karma. In your case your karma is incomparably good, you have never hurt anyone and suffered for things you did not deserve.]

"What do you mean?"

[You paid for a karma of a life that went beyond what you did, and if you decided that you were happy anyway I would let it go, but in the end you realized what was missing from you, a wish, a wish that could never be accomplished.]

"So you came to explain to me that I have had an exemplary life and can die happy and peaceful?"

[Not for everything you did I decided to give you a chance, a second chance.]

"A second chance like that?"

[I’ll send you back to the past, 30 years when you were 10 years old, and I’m going to send a little

piece of with your soul, you’ll remember everything you’ve lived and that piece of me will help you carry it out .]

"Is this like a system like that of stories?"

[You could say yes.]

"Thank you thank you very much."

Jake thanked fate crying, this was an opportunity for him to have everything he wanted.

[If it’s a system as it will be called]

Asked the system curious, the whole system of stories had a name that showed the ultimate goal of the user. So Jake replied with a smile.

"To be happy."

[It’s a wonderful goal, now go and be happy.]

After that a great light cleared the store and then Jake disappeared, into his past and the beginning of his new story.

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