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Chapter 39 A Star Is Born 5
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Chapter 39 A Star Is Born 5

Of course David did not know that he was responsible for Jake becoming more complete as a basketball player and that this move he used in him now would be one of the moves that would make Jake known, and if he knew that it would not necessarily make him happier anyway nobody liked to be the wheeled stone of someone.

The only thing David thought now was that he was wrong and Jake knew how to use the steal for a long time because the weather was perfect, if Jake was not so meticulous he would have learned that movement for a long time after all his ball time was always great.

More so Jake regained possession of the ball and as David was shocked Jake tied the game and continued with the possession of the ball.

This made David very bitter, as he had seen that Jake was very bad at the defense he had thought of making as many points as he could before he lost possession of the ball and would try his best after losing to regain possession again, so it would be a tight game more he would win.

Plus he could never have thought that Jake only allowed him to make a point and soon would draw, and all this by a mistake of judgment of him, but he was also impressed with the talent that Jake was showing, for him Jake looked like an onion when you peeled one layer had another underneath, and if you could peel several, you would cry.

But he soon recovered and pressed in the defense to try to recover the ball.

Jake also had to calm down, he was very excited now, the real motive of Jake trying to participate in the 1-on-1 competition even though he could not win was to try to achieve this ability, and for Jake to achieve this skill was the most important win the trophies or prize money.

After all, now that Jake learned the steal even if it’s F rank now, it could develop rapidly in his Imagination Training, and there too the games would be more complete and more challenging than before.

So he would not be embarrassed when he joined the school team and would not have to ask someone to teach him.

So Jake was trying to get a way through David, but David was a good defender if Jake was the best in the attack of this tournament, so David was the best on defense.

After a fake attempt Jake brought the ball closer to his body again, unlike before, Jake was hitting the ball at the height of his waist and this is because he could not make the ball hit lower as before to be able to change direction and get their dribbles.

More Jake did not do this from the beginning not because he was hiding his talents more because he knew that with this style of possession the opponent would have the opportunity to steal his ball.

So just when he saw that he could not do it any other way Jake started to play like that.

So David saw an opening and tried to steal the ball, but this opening was a trap for Jake, so David stretched his arm Jake threw the ball over David’s head and ran to the basket to do the layup.

This is not a move that anyone has to do because it has to have a great precision of judgment, good reflexes, and speed of muscle explosion to make the move before the opponent reacts.

And when David realized he was cheated, the ball was already in the basket, of course now David was not going to allow a play of this to happen again, but Jake did this just to ensure that he would be ahead of the board so David would have the highest pressure as time went by and made more mistakes.

The game continued to play and whenever David made a mistake Jake quickly dribbled and would make the point, so soon the game was 4 to 1 for Jake.

The time was passing and David was already sweating nervously, so he made another mistake and Jake went to the basket to do another layup, when David saw that Jake was going to make another point and increase the advantage he ran and without caring to make a foul tried to block Jake’s layup and succeeded, Jake did not expect a block at that time and lowered his guard.

This was an important thing that David achieved with this block, in addition to preventing Jake from making another point and regaining possession of the ball he left Jake apprehensive in trying to do inside scoring because he could take a block by the height difference.

So David did 2 points with layups and then Jake managed to steal the ball again, this time Jake did not try so actively to go to the basket and thought if he was going to try to make room for a 2-point shot, but David was tightening the mark and not space.

So Jake stopped hesitating and took a few steps back and tried a 3-point shot, David did not expect that either he did not try to stop, the only chance he had to win the match was for Jake to try to shoot from the outside and erase some.

More like he was thinking about it Jake hit his first shot of 3 and got a 3-point lead, so now that it was less than 1 minute before the end of time he could only manage the ball.

Although he could only pass the time as David hoped Jake saw that the mark was far away and did another shot of 3, and hit again, now having done 8 points and with a 5-point lead it could be said that the game was over.

And David accepted it too, Jake just wasted the time and David did not try to steal the ball either, it’s important to know how to lose in the sport if Jake had not won anything David might even have been ashamed of losing to an 11-year-old boy more like Jake won two competitions before that was no shame.

Everyone who understands basketball and came to watch today knew that Jake was a genius, of course they did not know how much Jake struggled in his training every day too, more than a successful person does not have to strive to be the best, the important to all was just now and his future, what happened before only matters to the fans that Jake would do after being famous, then what he did to train would inspire the young in the future.

So Jake received his third trophy and another 500 dollars, thus having received to the total 1500 dollars, after taking several photos the organization asked Jake to take another photo with the three trophies and Jake accepted since they gave so much money for him because to deny one more photo.

So Eva brought the other two trophies and as Jake could not hold the three together he asked his mother to take the picture with him too, everyone accepted and Eva took the picture with a big smile on her face.

She never imagined that after only a little more than 1 year of training Jake would dominate other young people up to 15 years in her area, of course, she knew he could not be the best, more than 11 years she had no doubt that no one was better than Jake.

And Eva knew that because Jake was so skilled in basketball he could easily get a sports bag to study whatever he wanted in a college and get a good job in the future.

Eva had no idea that Jake planned to play professional basketball in the NBA in the future, of course despite seeing her son perform well in this competition for Eva the NBA and what he did is like comparing a person who knows how to sing a bit well with a singer professional, for these things not only have capacity but also very lucky.

As soon as Jake finished taking his photos he was ready to go home because the hour was already approaching ten o’clock and Jake would not compete in the last category of the day, but when he went out with his mother he saw that David was approaching.

Jake told his mother to go ahead to have space to talk to David, after all, he was the toughest opponent Jake ever faced.

"Congratulations, you deserved to win, I came here thinking that I would win easily but I did not think I would find someone better than me and even younger."

"You also played very well, forced me to use everything I had, if I did not have to make that money I would have let you win."

"It was me who would not be happy about it, I do not need that much money like that, I wish you would let me win."

"I think we all have our own pride."

"I guess so, you asked me if I wanted to play professional basketball before and you’re going to be a pro."

"Of course, yes, you will still see me playing in the NBA in the future, although I agree with you that sometimes it is good to have a profession that you like, fortunately I like to mess with stocks and companies so I can still be a professional player and finish college and have a good job in the future. "

"That’s a good idea too, I hope I can see you in the future on television, then I can even be proud to have lost you. Good luck."

"Good luck to you too."

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