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Chapter 38 A Star Is Born 4
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Chapter 38 A Star Is Born 4

It was a very quick move and with a very natural movement of the body, and it was unexpected that Jake could make this move, it was a very complicated move to learn to do so naturally that could deceive the defender, just as CJ did not expect he ended up in the floor.

The public did not expect it either, for a person as young as Jake to be good at one thing, it was just incredible, but Jake seemed to be skilled at various things, he knew how to do Free Throw, mid-range and outside scoring shots, plus inside scoring.

Now, in addition, with his high speed, he also knew several moves of dribbles, and it seemed so natural, of course, that Jake did not look good in defense anymore if he was good at everything he would already be in the NBA now.

After that the morale of CJ fell to the ground, forcing Jake to make shots of 3 was just to be in trouble, CJ knew that even then would not have much chance to win, especially now that he appeared to have several types of dribbles, players who always made shots was much easier than those who made dribbles for the basket.

So Jake varied between crossovers, several types of size-up and even spins, after Jake made 4 points CJ had already given up the game, at least he did not want to lose so ugly, so he continued to force the score and even made a foul that Jake converted easily, so when he was 6 to 3 and Jake saw that the time was running he made a 3-point shot and hit, so ended up 8 to 3.

CJ was sad to have lost more consoling himself thinking that he had been the only one he had not lost before time runs out so far, and he was right, no one else cheered him despite him playing well because of the ugly game he tried to do in beginning.

So Jake rested for a while watching his opponent’s game in the final, one was 1.71 m and the other 1.74 m, both were too high for him to play freely than by height Jake did not care who his opponent was.

As soon as the game progressed everyone could naturally see that the tallest was the most skilled, he knew how to use his height well to do indoor scoring and also had the ability to do mid-range scoring, in defense he was also very good against his opponent he managed to make 2 blocks in his game, his opponent was also good but managed to make only 4 points, and the highest was with 7 points now and the game still had a time to finish.

While Jake watched the game he tried to think of ways to beat the taller guy, it would be difficult for him to be able to do inside scoring and he also had to be careful not to lose possession of the ball because if his opponent went to the inside scoring him did not know how to stop it.

So Jake decided that the only way he could win was with his speed and his dribbling moves, he might even have to use his outside scoring despite being too risky, and he did not think his opponent would make room for him.

"Fate, what do you think your skill is compared to other high school players?"

[I think in attack he’s just C more in defense would be B, he has good stability for a defensive player and will still get much louder than he is now, I think until he can become an NBA player in the future with his talent.]

"Seriously? I do not think I remember such a player in the NBA so he may not have trained enough, it’s a shame for you to speak so well of him I think he has talent. "

[It is not always just lack of training, it could be a cause similar to yours or other circumstances, without a player or an athlete in any sport does not only require more skill also a bit of luck and also persistence if he is not lucky, suffer some injury or think it is not good enough to risk his future he could try to do something else.]

"You’re right, although I find it a pity each person has their own circumstance if my mother had problems and I had to make quick money or stay home to take care of her I think I could give up basketball too."

So Jake finished seeing the game in silence, as he needed to focus this time he was not the audience to stay with his mother but stayed close to the court to watch the match.

When the game ended with the highest guy’s victory he immediately glanced at Jake, he had seen him while he was playing more could not divert his attention until the end of the game.

So the referee called Jake to the court and said that the final would start in 5 minutes to give them time to rest.

"So you’re Jake, it’s amazing what you did today, and although I find you more talented than I am, your age only gives me more pressure, I did not want to be mocked by my friends for losing someone so much new and smaller than me. "

"You’re also very good, if you keep working hard I think in just a few years you could be in the NBA."

"I do not want to go to the NBA, my dream is to be a doctor and not a player and since neither me nor my family has the conditions to pay for a college I’m going to try to win a sports bag playing basketball, so I’m only going to play until I finish college . "

"I imagined something like this, it’s good that you want to follow your dream, and also you can always play in your leisure time, so it’s good too."

"You’re the first person who is not surprised when I said I do not want to be a player, I liked you more and I will not go easy on you in the game, after all, I want the 500 dollars too, my name is David happy to meet you, it. "

As soon as Jake shook David’s hand he went to the corner to rest and focus on the game, just like the system said David should have a situation not to be in the NBA and that reason seemed like it was because he would be a doctor in the future, also a bit must be because he was not confident in doing much success in the NBA, after all just being able to play does not mean you can be rich playing.

After a while the game started, again Jake did not start with the ball possession, David calmly hit the ball and tried to fool Jake, but Jake did not move so Jake went to the basket and after reaching within range basket turned on his back and protected the ball.

Jake really was not very talented in defense, his opponent did what he wanted in front of him and he could not get the time to catch the ball, this was one of the skills Jake had to learn that was one of the most fundamental of all basketball the steal.

As it was a skill that Jake had never done in a game before Jake could not learn and so was not on his skills list as the others, but this was still unacceptable, it was impossible for him to be a good player without mastering steal, plus he had no way to learn or train because he never played with other people, and in his Imagination Training his opponents could not use steal either because they could only use skills that Jake had so the games were more open and less lacking and more points.

More Jake tried a lot this last month in his training of imagination and got the way to use the steal, now only needed to use in a game, David also should have realized that Jake was not very good at using steal otherwise he would not do that type movement in front of you.

So after David made the basket he seemed more confident that Jake did not know how to do the steal, and he was right, so he was trying to make the same move again, sure that Jake would not catch the ball this move was better than the move without shame of CJ from before and would give the same result.

This time it would not be like this, Jake purposely never used any defensive technique before, just by waiting for such a chance, and also because he did not need it, Jake wanted his opponent to lower his guard in front of him and so he would make an obvious move with David was doing now, a pity that no one had ever realized that such a skilled player as Jake did not know how to make such a simple play that was taught in every school.

As David repeated the play and Jake saw that the opportunity was certain he made the move and stole the ball from David’s possession, and at that moment Jake learned one of the most important skills he needed to become a more complete player.

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