Be happy with sports

Chapter 32 The Vacation 2
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Chapter 32 The Vacation 2

So another week passed the training was not so heavy now that he was alternating, he rarely got exhausted, and his brain seemed to be getting used to his training imagination, he did not stay so much and did not need to sleep anymore, but he still did not see the improvement that the system said it would do to his mind.

As long as he did not feel pain, Jake also made a change in the height of the player who was marking him, was placed a height of 1.73 m, that was the highest of the game until then, with this difference of height Jake could not the more you stop your pitches, the more you could stop your opponent from going into the basket.

Another change he made was that the player who marked him had all of his abilities at most, SS in all his defensive skills, so he can see the difference from that game they had, they won more Jake had to spend a lot more energy, because he had to use his speed to score points, the luck is that while the opposing team did not change the defense to prevent his team from going to the bottle, Jake could always use his passes to break the defense.

More when he arrived in the middle of the third period Jake always had to replace so he learned to make the best score while he was on the court to be able to win after he left, after all, he could use his speed to break the SS defense of the opponent plus his substitute could.

So the next day it came time for Jake to go to the beach with Joseph, his friend was excited because he had not been to the beach in a while after all his father did not have time to go with him and his friends only liked to do things that waste their money.

Jake also did not go much to the beach, when young in his past life he did not want to disturb his mother, who was always tired of work to go out for a walk, he was not as smart as in this life that he realized that his mother liked to go out with him, and instead of tiring his mother, these outings would help take the stress out of the work of the week.

And when Jake grew up he was always doing a part-time job to help at home, after he got older Jake did not see much fun going to the wheelchair beach so he was not going.

So now he was doing something he had never done before, he was going to the beach with a friend.

"Thank you for coming with me to the beach Joseph, I know you would rather be at home studying today but always wanted to do this."

"No, thank you, I’ve always wanted to do this with a friend, but I could not either, and I know you also prefer training."

After laughing together for a while, Joseph asked.

"Are you really going to try to join the basketball team this year? I do not understand why you did not come in last year, so now you would have learned to play and could even enter the starting lineup. "

"And who said I do not know how to play?"

"Have you played on a team before?"


"Have you ever done street basketball?"


"Have you ever trained with a coach before?"


"So I do not know how you’re so cheeky, you dare say you know how to play."

"I trained alone this time because I did not know it now, I know."

"If it were like that, it would be full of players in this world."

"More is already full of players in this world."

"You understood what I meant."

"When I take the test for the team you will see."

While they were talking they walked along the beach, although they said they were going to play on the beach they were just walking along the beach and enjoying the sun, the sand and the feeling of being on the beach full of people, it was a shame that Joseph did not know how to swim and did not practice any sport.

One good thing is that Joseph was much thinner than before, Jake knew after talking to Oliver that Joseph used to be stressed out because of the school and his few friends who only exploited him, so as to get fat from stress Joseph also ate a lot for cause of his nervousness, so he ended up getting very fat, Oliver thought about putting his son into some sporting activity plus Joseph had asthma and because of his weight, could not do even a time of exercise that he already had to use the asthma pump .

Now at least he’s eating a lot less and he’s not as stressed out either.

So they talked for a while then just sat still, taking advantage of a moment, Joseph was thinking how lucky it was to have a good friend but what Jake was doing was seize the now, Jake knows that people change, he would not change because he had already changed what had to change, his mind was not of a boy anymore, but he did not know how Joseph would be in the future.

Joseph was now a loyal boy, but this was because now he is very pure, and he was so because his father and grandfather protected him without him knowing, sometimes he even had some clues about what was going on around him plus he pretended not to know.

More Jake knew that more than time, money also changed people, Joseph would have to run this company in the future so he could not do without hardening his heart, some decisions like closing a factory and laying off hundreds of people who relied on his salary and employment to survive was normal to prioritize profit, and sometimes with money came the desire, desire of all kinds, whether power, women or even more money, sometimes people changed.

Jake did not think his friend would be like that anymore he did not meet Joseph in the future, especially after his family company had failed so Jake did not know if this friendship would last him just wanted to take advantage now, now it was real, now they were best friends.

So after spending the day with his friend Jake went home to rest, tomorrow was starting another round of training, and also the day of the tournament was arriving only missing a few weeks.

Eva was also anxious, she was already talking to her co-workers to change shifts so on the day of the competition she would be off duty, things in the restaurant were improving, her boss was not even going to the restaurant, now he could hire a manager to able to relax and enjoy the money that was coming in.

He was even thinking about opening another spot for his restaurant to take advantage of more success his analyst and accountant was against it, he said he had not like a new restaurant to work out, he was even surprised to why this current restaurant is making so much profit.

Of course, even graduating from the best college he would never think that the reason the restaurant was making a success was that the son of one of the waitresses was very lucky.

Plus that was something even Jake himself did not know, he was still not convinced of the effects of having such a high fate, so far was only functioning passively, without Jake wanting, as the system asked Jake not to try to play the lottery he was not doing it.

So in a new training section of imagination Jake tried to play in another position, he was like Power forward (PF) a position that he has played in the past more hated more this is because he did not have the training, now the only position he does not could play was the Center because he did not know how to play with his back to the car, and did not want to learn it since he probably would never have to use it in a game.

His opponent who was scoring him directly Jake gave him all SS defense and also a height of 1.75 m, he knew he would lose in all disputes at the top plus he had to do this to prepare for the tournament, despite have an age limit, did not have a height limit, and in America tall people generally seek to play basketball as their choice of sport, because even if they are not very skilled they can still play before the professional basketball.

In the NBA height helps more skill is everything, no one can play there just because they are tall, but before it, technicians prefer a High Center than a lower skill Center.

So in his training Jake was for the first time to see his team lose, and many points were made on him, of course, because Jake was trying not to throw and just go to the basket, and also because today was not who was giving the passes, when he gives the passes he can use his ability to force a point, plus he had to admit that the opponent’s defense is very good, the system made their positioning perfect and not that opening.

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