Be happy with sports

Chapter 31 The Vacation 1
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Chapter 31 The Vacation 1

And so he continued on Jake’s holidays, In Vacation past, as Jake knew he was short on time and also very excited after going back to the past to do something, he spent all his vacation time training.

Plus this year he could not do the same, now Jake had to split his training time into 3, physical training, skills training, and imagination training, so each one would be done in a day until Jake got used to it and not get tired of using imagination training.

In addition, Jake has to use a vacation time to go out and play with Joseph and another time to relax with his mother, he had already agreed with Joseph that he would sometimes go to his house and also that they would go to the beach, after all, Jake lived in Miami, it would be a shame for him not to go to the beach when he lives in a place that one of the best beaches in the world.

As for spending time with his mother, Jake could go with her again at the movies or go to the city aquarium, or just stay home talking, so from the start, it would be impossible for Jake to spend his entire vacation training.

So also with this lighter training routine Jake would not have to use his Stamina Bars, he already had many saved and as he discovered in the game in his mental training his current resistance would not give him a whole game, especially one with the fast pace.

So it was good for him to save some for when he has important games, after all in an important game having a Stamina Bar was like having a new one for the lungs, he did not want to stand in a game like that.

Jake began his physical training on the first day and would move on to skill training in the other and when he used the imaginative training he after resting could go out with his mother or his friend Joseph.

To tell the truth Jake was already anxious for this vacation to end so he could join the school team, he sometimes talked to some of his colleagues who accompanied the basketball team last year.

At Middle School the basketball team has several tournaments, but only teams with good ability can participate in these tournaments, have the regional tournament that is done with only the teams from the south of Miami, the champion of the south plays with the champion of the north of Miami and the winner of that game goes to the state tournament, which has a representative from every city in Florida, then the winner of that tournament goes to the national championship.

So Jake was sure he could get some titles and so he could stand out among the other players, and get some sponsorship, it would not be easy anymore he was not training hard for over a year for nothing, and with that imagination training it was like he could always play with a team with a high level of skill.

So after a few days of training Jake was going out with his mother, he told her that the other week would go a day at the beach with Joseph and so she decided to take him to the mall to buy some shorts for the beach, some new sneakers and clothes for him to train, Jake always ran a lot and with his size growing fast his clothes were bothering, so it was a necessary visit.

"Mother did not have to come to the mall, we could go to the store near our house, they have clothes for me and they are much cheaper, so they are very expensive."

"Do not talk bullshit my son, some ordinary clothes we can even buy there, plus the clothes and sneakers that you need are sporting goods, if you buy there will rip with as much of the exercises you do, then we will buy at the sporting goods store that I bought your table for by in the basement, they have good things and also I already have a card there, as we have to buy many things is better to get a discount. "

When he heard his mother Jake fell silent, she was right, he was in the growth phase so he had to buy clothes. It would not be a waste of money and her mother seemed to think of everything, it was much better to buy a better outfit a bit more expensive than to buy a cheaper one and she rips it.

And Jake also knew that her mother enjoyed shopping at the mall, she did not buy anything for her but just to see the clothes in the window she was happy, that’s one of the things Jake never understood in women.

After they bought everything they needed they went to a fast food in the food court and ate while they chatted after they went home slowly, Jake was carrying most of the bags, it was because he was strong plus his mother thought he was showing off and was ready to pick it up when he got tired.

As they headed back home Eva chose a path that could see the beach, and when they were looking at the beach, Jake saw a poster that was hanging on the wall of a gym, when he stopped to see what it was he was impressed.

What was written was that they were going to have a youth competition on an open court near the beach that they were passing, will be limited from the age of 10 to 15 years, and would have several competitions, such as the 3-shot competition, Free competition Throw, and a 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 competition.

The prize for each competition would be a trophy and also a cash prize of 500 dollars, all were great prizes, Jake could compete in 3 categories and earn up to 1,500 dollars, he did not want to participate in 3 to 3, because he would have to find more two players and even if they won they would have to split the prize, for he did not compensate.

This competition would be in a month and would be sponsored by a private school in the region that is one of the best to teach athletes, it would be a good advertisement and as the local radio was going to transmit they would split to not have the burden of paying $ 2,000.

"Mom, I’m going to want to participate in this competition."

Jake said pointing to the poster, the poster said the location and time and that only needed to sign up for the day, so that would not be a problem.

"In this competition? If you want you can try, I was thinking that you had already given up on this dream of being a player if I did not see you training so much. "

"To give up of course not, I told you, mother I was going to join the team this year, it’s just that since

I knew I could not play last year I did not want to try."

"And this competition do you think you can win?"

Eva said jokingly, of course, she did not think her son who only trained in the basement and was 11 could win from 15-year-old boys who had been playing for years, but what Jake said afterward stunned her.

"If it’s just one I think I can win, but there are two that I can not be sure of."

’So he’s sure of one, I’d better tell him not to be too arrogant. ’Eva thought of saying this but changed her mind, some things the children have to go through in order to learn.

Of course, when Jake said that he was only certain that he was being modest, what he was sure of was Free Throw, even though he did not average 9 hits in 10 pitches as in training, he did not think there would be someone under 18 who could pitch better than him, in 3-point pitches he was not sure about luck, sometimes if someone was luckier than him they would hit more pitches if they had similar abilities, he knew his skill was SS up to the Middle School more like would have people of 15 years also, could have someone better, as to 1 to 1 his problem was the difference in height, if he found someone with 1.70 m would have nothing to do.

More like he would have to participate anyway because of what he knew he would win, it would not hurt to try the other two as well.

So Jake went home with his mother, he was quiet nothing was going to change in his training or his plans for the holidays, he would do the same things, he would not be nervous about a tournament in a month, not to mention his fort mentality that did not allow him to be anxious, he knew better than anyone that in a month his physical attributes and abilities would not improve much even if he doubled his training, and if he did not win he would have other chances, he got much calmer later of having that system conversation, he was still 6 years old, everything he trained six times he could not imagine the improvement he could make up until then.

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