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Chapter 30 A Different Game 2
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Chapter 30 A Different Game 2

While I was resting in the interval from the second to the third period I went to talk to the system.

"Fate this training of imagination is really incredible, I feel like I’m playing here with my real body, and it’s also very cool to see how they think, it’s hard to imagine that they are not real people playing with me but controlled by the system."

[You are underestimating human intelligence, the problem is that humans can not use 100% of their brain capacity, if they could, this would be a child’s play, but with me helping is very easy, there are many people who have thoughts on this is just an enhancement of this.]

"But there’s one thing I think is strange, their passing skills, dribbling, and pitching are so much worse than mine, was not it for us to have the same skills?"

[So you noticed this, that’s why I told you not to stop training, when you get to the SS level of a skill you start to outdo the best, plus your opponents will have a skill equal to a SS at Middle School level , so it’s normal for them to be worse than you, a good example of this, even the best 3-point pitcher at 13 years or less would be much worse than you are now, so it’s very difficult for them to hit a basket in a game in that are being well marked, more like in this training your opponent in fewer points than you and everyone has the same ability, they have to take a chance.]

Listening to the system talk so Jake understood how he can not control the thinking of the opponents, they have a mission to win and in their view the two teams are equal so they have to risk a 3-point pitch, of course with Jake in the team purple, their chance of making more mistakes increases, and Jake has much better passes and pitches than everyone on the court.

After a good rest a good deal of Jake’s energy had returned, then he figured he could play until a part of the 4th period before he got tired, so he went with his team of puppets for the third period of the game, 48 to 30 was a good advantage then Jake saw that he could slow down and take advantage of the ball possession.

Without realizing he was thinking more and more like a PG, so the game resumed with a much slower pace, Jake tightened the defense and tried to force the other team to throw since they had difficulties in invading the bottle, so it was a good opportunity for Jake to train his defensive rebounds, he could get some, but when the rebound went to the area of the car he had no chance with his height.

Jake did not take off and slowed his speed as much as possible, he wanted to save energy, yet he realized that everyone, being opponents or allies still had a lot of energy left, so he understood why there was only one substitute, for him, Jake was the only one who would tire in this game.

After a while Jake realized that the opponent had changed strategy and was defending more the bottle, so Jake was having difficulties to pass or attempt an infiltration, he also could not ask his team to throw because otherwise it would be the same as the opponent and would miss enough, so Jake made a substitution and put the PG on the court and replaced the SG, so now he would no longer make the frames of plays of the team and focus more on scoring, when Jake made a change of positions received the free ball and tossed the 2 points, most of the time he hit his shots even when he missed was lucky and his team took the offensive rebound, so his team did not lose any attack and the advantage only increased on the scoreboard.

More like he had to try hard to throw it ended up getting tired at the end of the third period and was replaced, as the coach he gave the order for the team to only trying to throw if it is ending the possession of the ball.

So he was watching the game of the reserve, it was very different from watching on television mainly because as he was in the game he could feel the skill of opponents and teammates, his team now without him lost much more possession of the ball and I lost more attacks, but the game was more balanced.

When the third period ended the game was 70 to 50, his team scored fewer points because he held the rhythm of the game and the opponent scored more because he was time off the court.

Jake did not care about the outcome of the game because he knew that this was training, if he trained in defense they would lose and if he tried to throw more, they would lose too.

It was not as much fun as Jake thought, despite being a virtual reality game, because there is no cheerleader, more players or competitions does not have much grace, lack voices, music and stories to be funny, more training was everything well, it was a lot better than training alone on a court in the basement, so Jake watched in silence the rest of the substitute bench game, after another period the game finished 85-65, the two teams were really very similar they did 15 points each.

Jake made 36 points and gave 15 passes, meaning that 66 points went directly through his hand, it was a Double-double plus Jake was not so happy because it was natural since he had ordered everyone to pass the ball to him and could only to throw when he left without saying that all the allies were very skilled than to hit a good pass was to make an assistance because they would always hit in the bottle.

Plus he was more than satisfied with this reward from the system, that’s exactly what he needed, so long as he continued training he would certainly improve his skills if he had not already decided to join the team in that second year of Middle School he would give up on this idea, more so if he would stop to think, although this is a great training, the training players had defined patterns of play, but real-life opponents would think different things, not to mention that it was good to play with several opponents.

Jake’s plan was to play very well and win some prizes to fulfill one of his dreams and also make his mother happy, and see if he could get a sponsorship.

He recalls that in his past life he heard that sometimes some sponsors watched National Middle School tournament games and selected some young and talented players to sponsor, and that’s what Jake wanted most, he needed money to help his mother and when he had to make some investments in the future, after all, he had to use some of his knowledge of the future to ensure his mother’s stable life, after all, they would still wash for several years for Jake to earn a lot of money as an NBA player.

After Jake left his imaginary training he immediately felt dizzy, as if his brain were overloaded, and it took him a while to get back to his senses.

[The first few times you do this training you will feel this dizziness when you leave, so it is best to use once a day only, although you have won this reward by luck is also by your high intelligence that is able to withstand this effort, after all, humans never use their brains.]

"Do you have any side effects?"

[Not at all, it’s even good for you, after a month when you stop feeling nauseous when you quit training you’ll realize you’ve gotten faster to use your brain, it’s almost like boosting your intelligence.]

"So instead of a side effect will get a bonus, that’s fine, it’s really the reward I needed, thank you Fate."

[You do not need to thank everything that happens to you because you deserve it, after all, I use your karma to help you.]

So after leaving the basement, Jake said he would not want to eat and went to bed because he was feeling very tired.

When he woke up Jake saw that he had slept more than 13 hours and was impressed, he really exhausts his mind this training, it was good to use every two days, so Jake began to change the schedule of training of this vacation, although he earns less physical statistics on those holidays he would gain a lot more from this training, so when he joined the team he would not be a newbie, and would have the chance to even play earlier than he imagined.

So Jake came down to breakfast with his mother, now Jake was much more excited, this year was already much better than the past, and he saw that soon could make his mother stop working as a waitress.

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