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Chapter 28 The Result of a Year 2
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Chapter 28 The Result of a Year 2

So the holidays started and Jake started to train, he still wore the same weights, Jake thought of increasing the weight plus the system said that if he did that he could actually have some injuries so he continued to wear the 5 kg on each arm and each leg adding 20 kg, he just needed to increase the intensity of the training a little, so after a few days training when the day was over and Jake was wondering if he was going to use the first Energy Bar the system spoke to him.

[Jake tomorrow is the day you’re going to complete a year since you’ve gone back to the past, I remember you said you wanted to see the results of your training when you completed a year so I’m warning you.]

"So, about a year ago, I was going to ask you to look at the statistics to get an idea of how much it has increased in a year and also to see how much it will increase on this vacation, so please show me."

[All right here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 11 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Middle School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.46 m]

[Weight: 44 kg]

[Force 11]

[Agility 11]

[Resistance 14]

[Intelligence 47]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]

[Body Control S]

[Man to Man B]

[Dribble SS]

[Layup S]

[Set Shot SS]

[Block C]

[Pass SS]

[Rebound A]

[2 Points SS]

[3 Points SS]

[Free Throw SS]


Jake was analyzing how much he grew up this year, his height increased a lot, he did not realize why the other students were growing too, and the people closest to him were already too tall to compare, the weight also increased more as if he were too thin , who looks at his body does not imagine that he already has the greater strength than many adults who do not exercise, his speed is also still being maintained, it must be because the training that Jake does also serve to increase dexterity, is increasing a lot, it was the smallest statistic a year ago but now spent the other two.

His skills are also of another level, before he was an amateur who only knew how to throw and some things, now he had the firm base, his defense he already knew that was not going to increase in those 6 months, the statistics that are SS Jake feel that they are still increasing, according to the system layup is a skill that can only reach SS with increasing height, the sooner he will join the school team and may increase some of those abilities.

His intelligence is also increasing should be related to the books he has read about the Spanish language and trade.

"It really has increased a lot this year I feel like a different person than I was, sorry that my abilities have stagnated, I hope that when I join the team to improve my defense to the rank S so that I can see how my ability is compared to students I find it difficult to wait another two years to see. "

[You’re in too much of a hurry, sure enough, training your skills alone has a limit to improving, plus you have more than 6 years to try to get a scholarship to university, that was one reason I brought you into the younger you can hit all the things you have to do in the future, make friends, take care of your mother and be able to enter a university quietly, I’m here to improve your whole life not just with basketball, when you do what you can do and see that you can not improve more by training try to do something else, after all I know that the reason you want to get into a university is not to depend on basketball for a lifetime, after all your career will end at a point.]

"You’re right I still have time, I just do not want to have to look at the past and regret not having done enough as in my past life, I already know what I’m going to do besides basketball in the future more still is not time to think about it, I’m still far from my limit in basketball. "

[You’re straight, you still have a long way to go and what are you doing tomorrow?]

"I think I’m going to take the day off to rest, I’m going to have to do 3 months of intense training on these vacations, it’s better to have my body relaxed before I start."

[This is a good idea.]

So Jake did what he said he spent all day resting and talking to his mother who was also off duty, they were always talking and hiding nothing from each other (apart from the system), so they seemed more friends than mother and son , and at the end of the day the system called Jake again.

[Congratulations Jake, now you’ve completed a year of training in your first job basketball player, and now it’s time for your reward for your effort, this reward always seeks to give you something you need and analyzing if you deserve it, in your case you do not need to be trained can be playing too, as you have trained enough you will receive the maximum reward by analyzing what you need most.]

"And what I received shows me."

Jake told the animated system, although it was annoying not to know what to do or when it will reach the rewards more was also exciting the unknown.

[Here it is.]

[Imagination Training.]

Imagination training? No matter how Jake thought of it he could not see what it was if he wanted to imagine he would figure it out he did not need the help of the system.

[Really Jake this time I can say that you used all your luck, that’s exactly what you needed and the best prize the system could give you.]

Jake was still wondering what this award was plus he did not think that something he thought was useless would receive such a system appraisal, it must be said that he had not seen the system compliment anything, and the system would not win anything fool it then it must be something very good indeed.

"Fate, explain to me what this training of imagination is, I do not know what it means."

[You do not know what it is? I thought you would know, this imaginative training equals Shadow Boxing that you may have forgotten to mention, the difference is that it’s not for boxing but for basketball and with the help of the system it turns almost into a game of virtual reality, the only thing is that this can not train your body, but can greatly improve your skills and give some experience to you in a basketball game.]

"Like a virtual reality game I still do not understand explains me better."

[Ok, you should have seen some basketball game is not, think it’s a basketball game, in this game there is a 10-player block with 5 on each side and this block has the same specifications of one in the NBA, with the same NPC rules, the players on your side and the opposing team will be like NPC in an RPG game, they will have a very high artificial intelligence plus they will not talk yet, so you will be a player and have another 9 controlled by artificial intelligence, you will be the coach of your team and you can make changes in your team, and you choose how the skills of the players of your team and the opponent team and their heights, only your physical statistics that you can not choose, they will have faces of dolls and this everything only serves to improve your technique and your experience in a game, you choose the position you play and if you play with a weak team or strong as teammates and also if your opponent will be strong or weak, all this is at your skill level, meaning that your teammates and opponents will all be between F and SS of a Middle School player skill, you can not play with opponents or allies of the high school level or below, and to activate this training you just have to sit cross-legged and close your eyes, then you think about starting the training and can go to that dimension with your mind, if someone calls you while you are training you will be warned and will leave inside moments.]

After listening to the system explain the skill he understood, this ability is very OP, he was worried that he could not find opponents to train his skills and was thinking about what he would do if his opponents were too weak, and also allies to train his passes , was also worried about his lack of experience playing a game and this ability solves all his problems.

It’s like giving a glass of water to someone who’s dying of thirst in the desert, a virtual basketball game, that’s what came to Jake’s mind when he heard the explanation of the skill, it really is how the Shadow Boxing Plus system would help improve your imagination multiplied by a thousand, in boxing you imagine an opponent more in basketball are 5 opponents and 4 allies besides imagining the court, the rules, the judge, and the time, it is impossible the more system makes it possible and still allows you choose the level of skills of opponents, of course Jake would never choose opponents weaker than him, but he could put them only a higher level, which he could train to reach the same level as his opponents, and when they had rank SS Jake would already be in the S rank and could move to the next level, like the height, if all were a little higher than it would be great, and the allies could also have a level of ha He could also order everyone to pass the ball to him and could only pitch when he allowed, so he could train various skills and game schemes, he could see how much he could handle in a match with his endurance, since his statistics and skills in the image would be the same as his in the real world.

Now he was excited to begin.

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