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Chapter 27 The Result of a Year 1
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Chapter 27 The Result of a Year 1

And so 6 more months went by, with training all was well, Jake was alternating between physical training and skills training, after the resistance became 11 Jake hardly got exhausted, of course since most of the time he trained was less as he had to go to school, but even so it was a great evolution compared when he started training, and as far as training skills was much more ungrateful, although Jake felt the improvement in his skills he just had to believe in system because he could not see everything on court or against an opponent, when you are playing any improvement is visible, more to Jake mainly that after discovering his talent never played basketball as it should then in the season could not use his legs could only imagine, even more his defense skills training, that he knew that although he practiced almost every day would not have any improvement, the other s abilities he still felt an improvement in those 6 months plus the defensive ones, so in order to train like this one had to have a strong mentality, Jake was already practicing also some movements of more elaborate dribbles to deceive the defense, but still it is difficult.

With his mother everything was fine, they were getting closer and he could not see any trace of depression on his mother’s face, his face was already blushing and she was extremely healthy, it seemed she had already forgotten her pain. when she lost her father, of course she had not forgotten her love for her father or her memory, only the pain of losing him, that Jake could understand how difficult it was when in her past life Eva had died a part of her heart had died with her, even someone happy as he almost got depressed and it took a while to recover, yet still he never forgot the pain of losing his mother, and yet he had a mentality much stronger than her, plus Eva had Jake to tell and get rid of her pain more Jake was alone in the world.

Even though they were much closer as family, whenever he had time Jake asked his mother to take him out and have fun and in that time they did several things, Jake even used the camera that won Joseph’s birthday gift to save all those moments, he was thinking of making an album and giving it to Eva, Jake had to admit that the camera of Joseph’s grandfather’s company was very good.

Jake and Joseph also got much closer in those 6 months, they were improving their friendship the way they did, after all, they did not go out much to talk and play, Jake had his basketball training to do and Joseph was always using his free time to study, to tell the truth the happiest person with this friendship was Joseph’s father Oliver, he repeatedly called Jake to his house for lunch on weekends or even for tea, he had to admit that even he already considered Jake as his friend not only as a friend of his son, he could talk about various subjects and was very mature, Oliver sometimes thought that if he closed his eyes and forgot his age it seemed that he was talking to someone older than him, even in chess is a game he liked a lot he could not beat Jake, chess was a game of patience and he is the one who lost first and falls into Jake’s traps, so at first he was ashamed Jake also liked to talk to Oliver he was a friend to him too, that year after his return he used several moments to go changing his personality and way of talking to everyone and everyone including his mother accepted that he was different from the other children his age and so with the people who were close to him, Jake no longer pretended that he was a child, and this was very well accepted by everyone, after all, anyone preferred to talk with a normal adult than with a child impatient and had no business to speak.

The reason that Oliver was happiest in the friendship of his friendship with his son was the school, Jake was always the first in all the tests and the teachers already used him as a model to inspire other students, and Joseph as his friend was what he was more struggling to get better at school, and was giving results, he was already second in the whole room that year and if he could get all the questions out of the test as Jake would tie in first, the reason Joseph really was trying so hard is that while he was struggling to match Jake in his grades in the classroom Jake kept reading language and finance management books, the teachers discovered that too, they did not say anything, they were just impressed, as well as studying for normal classes Jake was also studying other things, there is a teacher who would not be happy to see a student who was very intelligent and above all is modest and does not cause problems in the hall the first book that Jake was studying was about the Spanish language, once a Spanish-speaking teacher became curious and also happy with Jake’s thirst for knowledge and tried to speak with him in Spanish and the result surprised all the teachers he actually managed to have a simple conversation with the teacher, then he meant that he was seriously studying these books, then the subject came up to Eva, they asked if Jake had already done some language lessons or if Eva taught Jake to speak Spanish , and she said no, she knew a little speak Spanish because she learned a little from a relative of hers more as much as she spoke was less than Jake, Eva was also surprised that Jake was trying to learn a new language and was still the Spanish one which she liked so much, so Eva said that Jake was not doing classes and learned alone all the teachers were shocked, and so many teachers said that in addition to the Spanish books Ja Ke also studied business management books, but as they could not test their knowledge they did not know how much he was learning, so Jake became known as a genius at school, he already hoped for it and did not think it was a great thing, a title of genius is only more important shortly before university, and this is much harder to achieve, but what he did not expect is that his mother would be so happy with it, she would boast of it to everyone in the restaurant that she worked, and how he knew he could not afford a university for his son, but it was always his dream that Jake could get into one, so she was very happy for her son, of course Eva did not know that Jake was guaranteed in a university with his talent for basketball, she just thought he was joking, especially after Jake did not join the school team.

So whenever Jake was not training and Eva was not at work she always asked to speak in Spanish with her son to try to help him get accustomed to the language, which she did not realize was that Jake was purposely trying to decrease his pronunciation to talking to her and without Eva realizing who was improving her Spanish was her and not Jake, but with him saw that his mother was happy to help him practice he was also happy, and that’s how things went for Jake in those 6 months, he could not even remember how he had spent that time in his past life more certainly was not as good as now, and so Jake was not realizing how much his high luck was gradually changing the lives of people closest to him , a lot of problems and illnesses that people would normally go through were not happening to Jake’s friends, so life seemed great to everyone, it’s normal for people to tend to forget the bad things that happened in their s lives.

Now Jake was just days away from a summer vacation that would last for 3 months, he was scheduling what his training would look like and how he was going to use the various Power Bars that Jake was saving in those 6 months, and also a few days to complete a year that Jake came back in time for a second chance, he was grateful and always talks to the system, he gave Jake the opportunity to do everything he wanted and to end all the regrets he had, and the system even helped in his training, it made it much easier and gave a great motivation to see the numbers change in their physical statistics and their abilities, the system would give Jake a future, but what he did not expect and even forgot was that the system was very powerful and could do almost everything, the system was what made Jake different from the other players, it was his advantage to improve his life and soon Jake would realize it.

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