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Chapter 26 The First Christmas After The Return 3
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Chapter 26 The First Christmas After The Return 3

I went up with the maid to the second floor, we went to the last room down the hall to the left, when I entered the room I saw Joseph sitting on the bed looking down, he seemed to be thinking about something, probably he was worried that his father was going to talk to me that he could not be present, of course I will not tell him about my conversation with his father, Joseph’s room was large, almost three times bigger than mine, he had some team posters and athletes he likes, had an autographed baseball and a television in the corner of the room, had a small table in the corner with a lamp, should be the table Joseph studies, as they had several books on top of it.

"And Joseph, will not you even greet me after I’ve come to your house?"

Only after he heard my voice did he seem to get out of his thoughts.

"Jake, Merry Christmas to you, that I wanted to meet you downstairs plus my dad said that I wanted to talk to you alone, I’m sorry for that."

"This is normal Hahaha, your father had to be worried about you, and I think he just wanted to meet me, he just introduced himself and then he already sent me up here."

I had to lie, otherwise, I felt that the mood between Joseph and his father would grow stranger.

"So that’s good, I was worried that he would do an interrogation with you and you could be scared of it."

"You have such an imagination."

In the background I was a little surprised he guessed exactly what his father did even though he did not know why his father was doing it, but I’m sure he’ll understand in the future.

"You have to study more on this vacation, Joseph, you did not say you were going to be the first in the class, I’m waiting, I’m saving the place for you Hahaha."

"You know how to hit where it really hurts, I confess that I underestimated the students of a public school, and to think that neither the first nor the other I only managed to be among the ten, and soon for you I was bragging, at least I learned to be careful with my mouth, and I was thinking of giving you the advice to pay more attention in class, but you’ll see that it will change next semester, I’ll still be the first. "

"The most you can do is tie me first, try not to miss any that you can take a chance Hahaha."

After talking to Joseph for a long time, I declined Oliver’s invitation to dinner and went home, as I had to go alone did not want to leave too late and leave my mother worried.

After all this, I did my last week of training and spent all my Stamina Bars, now I was anxious to know how much I had improved in all those more than 3 months.

"Now Fate shows me my statistics window that I’m crazy to know how much I’ve improved."

[All right here]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Middle School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.40 m]

[Weight: 39 kg]

[Force 9]

[Agility 9]

[Resistance 11]

[Intelligence 46]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]

[Body Control S]

[Man to Man B]

[Dribble SS]

[Layup A]

[Set Shot SS]

[Block C]

[Pass SS]

[Rebound B]

[2 Points SS]

[3 Points SS]

[Free Throw SS]


I was very happy when I saw how much my stats and skills had improved, a lot of it was in S or SS now, and the ones I had never trained before were in A or B, what made me happy was my Dribble, I never thought it would increase so much, I know I was doing well in training, but according to the system these skills reflect more what I can do on the court compared to the best of my age, as I never did a dribble before I did not think I would punish the SS, and from what I saw the other skills also reached the limit I could do alone, I needed opponents to improve, more could not have new opponents so far, and my stats I did not expect it to increase 2 each one, until the intelligence increased by 1 and was already very high, according to the system said it was going to take a lot to improve, and the resistance then shocked me increased by 4, I had not done exercises until the exaust these then the day before the holidays did not think it would increase a lot, as if he saw that I was in doubt the system began to explain.

[I see that you are impressed that your physical statistics have increased so much, do not stay, for training it took up enough to increase, those 3 weeks of intense training that made them increase, the truth is that by the natural growth of your body all statistics increased one point, and the other was for those almost 4 months of training so it’s not so fast, your resistance has increased because every time you do physical or physical training you’re improving your endurance, do not think you have to stay every time exhausted for it to increase a point, because if it was so when you reach 50 points of resistance you would have to train to the maximum for 3 days to be exhausted, since the resistance also increases your ability to recover energy, so sometimes while you spend you also recovers, and the way of increasing both is also due to the Stamina Bar, because as you re fully quit you can exercise more. How much skill statistics you’re certain will not increase no matter how much you train until you have adequate opponents, the dribble you do not need to be unsure, training is the foundation of the game, if in training your skill is high in the game she too will be, the only difficulty you will have will be to adapt to the moving opponent to dribble over in two games you must get accustomed, and the other thing that makes this SS skill is your agility stats, as I said statistics influence the execution of skill, now probably there should be no one faster than you at all Middle School so how speed is part of the dribble hardly anyone can stop you, the defense is different, have to have techniques also if you use only your strength will be lacking, plus you cannot stop training although several of your stats are SS when you get in high school will be D at most.]

As soon as I heard this I calmed down a bit, the system had already said that when my body grew some statistics would also grow, the resistance made me very happy, with a little more if I get 15 points, according to the system I could already to play a whole game with only a few minutes rest, that’s my other goal, of course it will probably not be easy, maybe it will take a year or two, the strength to increase now is profit, and I was not that arrogant to find who would be better than a 17-year-old player, his body at that age would already be fully developed and he would have much more training time than me and more experiences, not to mention the impassable barrier that is the height, I’ve heard of someone with 1.70 m that could win against a 2.00 m using much more speed and techniques, more with 1.40 m that I have now I can not even make a table near the basket if a face of 1.90 m I can only taste air pass the ball, neither throw, I can think that I would definitely take a Block, so I have to be patient and next year when I join the team I will start to gain experience in games and polish my skills, my goal is that when I get to 16 I can play with professionals, then I will feel that my training was worth it.

The holidays are over and after a few days I’ve made my birthday for 11 years, my mother had a small party just for us and was very happy when Joseph appeared at the party, it’s the first time since I was a small child that a friend appears at a party of mine, so it was a lively day.

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