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Chapter 25 The First Christmas After the Return 2
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Chapter 25 The First Christmas After the Return 2

Just as I was looking around at Joseph’s house the maid who had left to announce my arrival had come to guide me to the place where Joseph’s father was the householder, so the servant took me to an office at the end of the first floor was an office similar to what I had seen in movies, had a typewriter, several documents on the floor near the large table that Joseph’s father was sitting looking at me, the table was now cleaned with no documents and with a set of tea on top, the maid led me to sit in the chair in front of Joseph’s father who was not in this room.

"Thank you for coming to my house today Jake, I’ve heard a lot about you from Joseph, my name is Oliver and I’m Joseph’s father."

So presented Oliver, he was 1.73 tall was not as big as Joseph more appeared to be overweight, he was wearing a pair of glasses just like Joseph and a sweater that looked suitable for the time of year, he had by he was 30 years old and already started to have wrinkles on his face, it seemed that his work was exhausting, Joseph had told that his mother had already died when he was 5 years old and his grandmother also so the family was now only three men, Joseph seemed to like his father more he was very afraid of him, and looking at him now he really seemed to be always serious.

"It’s a pleasure to be here, Mr. Oliver, Joseph is a great friend of mine and always speaks of you as well."

"You’re very polite Jake, I called you here because I wanted to meet this friend of my son that he talks so much, you really should not know more Joseph always had a few more friends had some still in his previous school, plus what he did not he knew that some of these friends he had were people his parents told him to approach Joseph because of his grandfather, and although the children are innocent, that’s only when they’re kids, with a family so I’m sure the personality of them could become distorted too and when I arrived breeze maybe Joseph would already be too close so I could interfere, so I wanted to meet you to know if your intentions are good or how theirs I ask you to apologize if I offended you. "

Seeing Oliver being so sincere and making everything clear as soon as he saw me amazed me, I think something like that is not what you should say to a child, more like I had an adult mentality I realized, he wanted to see my reaction when told me this, if I had someone send me here to approach Joseph’s family for his money, as soon as Oliver said that the child would be scared and might try to run away, of course, he did not expect a child to act in front of him who is a lawyer who is accustomed to dealing with lies, but for me who had no plan against Joseph, this sincerity of his could help me clear things up at once with his father, although I think of needing the help of Joseph’s family in the future, this is just a convenience because Joseph would surely help me find someone else’s trust even though I could not count on your help I could still do the same But if he can believe in me and change the way he works for his company, he can get richer, if not more, if he has someone who could help himself. they will fail for sure.

"Mr. Oliver, I really have no other intentions as I approach Joseph, actually I did not know that your family was rich until he told me, I think he’s cool and a good friend and I hope I can count on him in the future, said he did not have many friends, but I do not have any other friends beside him, if I could I wish we could continue like this. "

When Jake told all of this to Oliver he was very shocked to be a bit shocked, as Jake had thought he had said all this to scare a child who was sent by someone else to approach Joseph, he would never expect a kid to respond with so much firmness, and from his experience as a lawyer he could see that Jake was not lying, just hiding something, it seemed that this thing did not have much to do with his son.

"I heard you were smart picking the best grade in the class plus I did not think you were that mature, Hahaha, plus that’s good too at least now I know my son made a real friend, I just hope you do not deceive my son in the future, he may seem strong but he is very fragile. "

"You can believe Mr. Oliver, as a friend of Joseph’s, I’ll try my best to take care of him."

"I can see that you are sincere, so I’m sorry for all this interrogation, Joseph is up there you can go with the maid she takes you there, I hope I can talk to you when I have more time, I feel you It’s very interesting."

"Yes sir, when we have more time we’ll talk, I’ll see Joseph now."

I liked Oliver, he was not as stiff as he looked, he was a bit like my mother someone who would try to do everything for the happiness of his son, he came to this house with Joseph, must have left a little work maybe had missed a few opportunities just to be able to see his son grow up in a better environment than he did when Joseph said that his father and grandfather had sent him to a public school to go through some difficulties a child would not have in a private school, although I think they had a certain reason I thought they had been a bit harsh with Joseph’s creation, but now I have seen that what happened may not be so simple when he had thought it was like I never had children despite living a long time I only saw things from the perspective of how I was and I am a child more now I think I could see a little the difficulty that has to face my mother or a father like Oliver, have qu and by someone first and you no longer be the priority, this is the vision of a father.

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