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Chapter 24 The First Christmas After Return 1
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Chapter 24 The First Christmas After Return 1

And so a few more months went by, during those months Jake did not relax from his training and kept trying his hardest, plus he insisted on not looking at his statistics window until winter holidays started, but he still could feel that he was improving, in his pass training he almost always got the ball back to him after trying several types of pass hitting the ball in an iron bar, in the training of layups and balls in the table Jake also managed to hit almost all even making several moves with his hands before releasing the ball that would be useful when the opponent tried a Block, in his training of Dribble he could now run the whole court hitting two balls on the ground while his eyes were closed, but despite this he did not know how much this would be effective on his opponents when they were on the move, and what progressed most was his shooting training, he could not find any more no clear flaw in his pitches with jumping, his positioning when he jumped was good and he kept a steady average of hits, was not as good as in his past life plus the system said it was because of his lack of attributes, this could only be resolved with time, plus his Free Throw average reached 90 percent, he would miss one in 10, of course this only when his condition was very good plus was good enough, plus the system reminded him that in the game the pressure of the fans could make the average drop quite a bit.

In those months Jake also spent a lot of time talking and going out to have fun with his mother and sometimes going out to play with Joseph, but as Joseph seemed much more interested in studying it was difficult for him to find himself out of school. Speaking at school the tests passed, there were two in this semester, Jake got first in the two and Joseph was in the top ten, the teacher was impressed by Jake’s performance and even praised him for his mother who was very happy, she was very proud of her son who was good at home, and still good at school and even practiced a sport.

Joseph was also shocked by Jake’s grades, he thought several times to give advice to this friend of his who was not paying attention in class but did not because he was afraid Jake would find him annoying and did not want to be his friend anymore, but now his he was ashamed to have thought of it, but was also very happy for his friend, even more, so that he could show this result to his father and grandfather who were complaining that Jake could be a bad influence on him, now they would have to accept that friendship.

Jake was also very happy, not with the grades because it was what he expected, but with the teachers, now that he had gone so well the teachers will not care what he does in the classroom, and now he could bring business and language management books to start masking his knowledge with his age, and Jake was also happy because his mother was happy.

And so it was winter break, it would only be 3 weeks at Jake’s school, and he had already accumulated 6 Stamina Bars, so he would have to do everything he could to improve his stats, he got with the assistant gymnastics class some weights to put on their arms and legs, they weighed 5 kg each, so putting on both arms and both legs would be 20 kg more in weight in their exercise routines would increase their strength and endurance would not normally be indicated to use those weights more with the system warning Jake did not run the risk of having injuries so he made that risky move, so Jake came back with the exercises of running and of pushups and the times he made bars, now Jake did not know what his current statistics were like but he could run 1 hour at a speed of 5 km per hour until he got tired and did 40 pushups and 20 bars, all this in 2 hours he rested, all this with the 20 kg body weight, the rest was 1 hour, so on a training day of 10 hours he did 3 training sessions, of course in the second and third sections the average result fell, but it was still incredible, Jake decided that every 3 days he would use a Stamina Bar so to fully recover, so he could have a better result yet, and so he did, he spent the whole vacation running and after 3 weeks he was looking forward to the result, after two weeks of training Jake had to give a stop because it was coming Christmas, he had already spent Thanksgiving with his mother more with there were only two in the family and it was a holiday that was usually lively when one had a large family, was passed in a less festive, just one dinner, plus Christmas was special, Eva would do anything to see Jake happy that day, so a few days before they would go together to pick a Christmas tree, her mother would put various ornaments all over the house, they decorated the tree and his mother made several desserts, Jake knew early that there was no Santa Claus so he did not have to go through the shame of pretending to know, so it was a lively day at Jake’s house, and he took these days to give a rest to his body, even with the Stamina Bars Jake’s body was in high load, if it was not the Jake system would already have an injury, then those days were great too, Jake ended up going out with his mother on Christmas day, they went to several cool places in the city, the best ones were on the beach more Jake did not like going to the beach at Christmas, it was better to go near the summer, but still had many beautiful places to see.

After Christmas day, Jake received an invitation to go to Joseph’s house, his friend wanted to see him more this invitation was mainly to meet Joseph’s father, his grandfather lived in another house in a more noble area of ​​Miami, but Joseph lived in a big house too, it looked like a mansion, it had more than 10 rooms on three floors, but it was not very luxurious, it had only two cars in the garage and the furniture was old and beautiful but it was not those that cost a fortune, it was then that Jake understood that this one that was already a huge house was the only temporary house of Joseph while it studied.

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