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Chapter 23 Training Skills 5
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Chapter 23 Training Skills 5

Jake was very pleased with his first reward, this Stamina Bar would really be very useful for most workouts would be a waste too big to use for now, street resistance is still very low so even if she fully recovers all her energy would be wasting a product that could be used better in the future, so Jake did not plan to use his reward for now, as being very good to use in games, was certainly true, but it was better to use only in important games, because it is normal in a team all players always have time to rest in the game, even in the NBA players play almost always less than 40 min, and get to do 1,000 pitches of 3 with your current resistance without disrupting your training would take about a month even, Stamina could be considered a rare product.

After that Jake completed his normal training and went upstairs to stay with his mother for a while, he was very happy because it seemed like Eva was no longer as depressed as before and was much healthier, she was doing less overtime than he remembered and it seemed that with her beauty returning her mother was getting a lot more tips on her job, and she was already completely accustomed to Jake’s training pace and did not think he was crazy anymore, even being a bit proud of how much his son was struggling to fulfill his dream, Jake, of course, knew all this and whenever he had time he talked to his mother.

"Mother are not you tired today?"

"What is it Jake you think your mother is getting old, no I have not gotten tired these days, the other waitresses are getting more time at work and customers are not causing problems so the bargains at the restaurant are fine, so I’m not doing much overtime, usually most waitresses are just temporary and just want to work for a while until they live as an actress or singer or give up and go home, it seems like the restaurant was lucky and they got several waitresses who are like their mother who wants a steady job, so the boss is not having trouble with the shifts and even his mood is better. "

"That’s a good mother, I’m happy for you, I was thinking, it’s going to be that weekend you could take me to the movies, there’s a movie that I really wanted to see."

"At the movies? of course, it’s been a long time since we’ve been watching a movie, I think it’s a good idea to have fun and relax. "

"Thank you, Mom, you’re the best."

Of course the excuse of wanting to see a movie was a lie, Jake who came from the future has seen all these movies several times, but he remembered that sometimes when he talked to his mother after growing up he said that he regretted not doing more stuff with him when Jake was younger like going to the movies, going to see games in stadiums and going to the amusement park, and of course Jake knew that if he did not say he wanted to go and see his mother he would never go alone to see a movie in the movies, mothers, mostly single moms are able to abandon everything for their children, so without Jake his mother would not have a social life and would watch a movie to relax, and the movie that was on was good even was Michael Keaton’s Batman and Jack Nicholson, one of the best films of this decade.

So the week went by and over the weekend Jake and Eva went to the movies closer to home, Eva bought two popcorn and two soft drinks, tickets, and some sweets, she was excited to go out with her son in the family after so long , and in the late 80’s things in the movies were not as expensive as today, after they went to see the movie, the queue was still great even if it was not the movie’s opening week, many couples and few families were in it, it seems that the film had an age rating, there was no problem as his mother was with him, and Jake was not really any kid he already had the soul of an old man, they saw the movie and it was really cool even though he had already watched several Sometimes, especially the role of villain, was the high point of the film, after that film in the opinion of Jake the other several films gives series Batman would not have a good until the 2000s, but was a good source of income for Warner, mother liked bastant and the movie, he remembered that his mother was not like the other women she loved action movie and did not like romance movies, maybe because when she saw romance movies she would remember her father and be sad, before I did not think about it , but now that I know she hid her feelings from me I had to stay tuned, I did not want to lose my mother again.

After we went home talking about the movie, I explained things she had not understood from the movie, and she smiled when she could understand, as I have seen this movie several times and even read several reviews I was talking like a pro.

After I went to spend the rest of my day in training, I could not miss a day even though I wanted to stay with my mother.

Really just as the system said I felt that as I trained my ability did not improve much, I was improving fast because I was learning the basics, but now that the level of skill increased I had to think about all the exercises, what I was doing wrong to be able to improve, in the pass I could no longer improve unless I had thought partners, however much I could imagine the players moving, it would never be equal to the real thing, the defense I improved my positioning the most, without an opponent I would not improve, now the only improvements I was making were in the Dribble, the pitches, and the basket moves, because I already had a good base with my high level of ball control.

So I would train this way and after the end of the year I’m going to start alternating training as the system said to increase my physique on vacation is a great idea, I’ll use all the Stamina Bars I can to improve my stats to the maximum that I can, now that I have proved in my training that the points of strength, agility and endurance help in the duration of my training and even in the executions of my abilities I can not leave behind.

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