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Chapter 22 Training Skills 4
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Chapter 22 Training Skills 4

As soon as Jake was very happy and satisfied, a person at the height of Middle School was 13 years old and Jake still had 10, it may not seem like much more is this time that boys grow faster in physical, then a 13-year-old with a good genetics could be 1.60 m while Jake at age 10 was 1.35 m, and usually the bigger the body the more strength he has, then Jake is way above those of the same age, actually Jake started to wonder if all the players did not they would not be better. More like the thought of Jake, the system soon spoke.

[Jake, I think you’re misunderstanding something, you can not in any way compare your training to someone your own age in the physical part nor the best computers can do what I do that is to let you train to the maximum without risk and your stats do not grow the same as others, if a child your size, we are not even talking about age, had the same strength as you, then that child would be full of muscles and could no longer increase his strength without damaging the your body, until you have a training limit that can do with your age, and as far as training of abilities what takes more to learn for the normal players is the Ball Handling, the Body Control, the Pass and the pitches of 2, of 3 and Free Throw, all this to master at your level takes years of training, not to mention they have to trill the other skills too, plus you have trained this for more than 10 years in your past life, and with your arm strength that was very good you can focus more on your aim what young people often do not have the strength to throw at their age, in addition something else that you may not have noticed that makes the results of your training improve much faster is your intelligence, no genius of the world would have an intelligence like yours before 20 at least so it is impossible for young people to have their training speed, you have the times that understand the movement you will do in the best exercise to power runs it better without high intelligence takes months or years to understand moves that take few months to you, and as I said you will train fast to the next level after you will take like the others.]

Jake understood later that the system explained, his rapid training is due a little to his talent, a little to his effort, a little to the system and much due to his great time of life that increased his intelligence and also gave the time that he already had trained, for example, you can not doubt that if a star like Michael Jordan came back in time like him, before he was in college he would have returned to his peak in skills because he would be like training again or as a student remember what you’ve studied is different from learning from scratch.

"Fate, you were talking about the next level, what’s the next level and how do I get there?"

[The next level is obviously high school, and for you to reach that level is different than to get to the level you are now, because now you are at the correct age, so to pass on to the next level you will have to have at least S in all your skills, or reach 13, then you could already pass immediately because you already met the requirements, I recommend you train more without opponents to play it will be very difficult you can achieve the S just training alone, more continue training as you are doing now because even if your skill level reaches SS at High School level it would probably be C, after all the best of the best of all skills of players up to 18 would be the comparison, there are 18-year-old players who in a specific skill could play in the NBA more in college basketball, so do not loose in your training, do as I told you before, change from physical training and skills training, so you can improve on both.]

Jake knew that the system was right, he wanted to raise the level of comparison of his skills because he liked to see after a training time his skill level increase in his system window, it’s like a reward for Jake, more maybe in those more than 2 years even if he trained a lot did not get to S in defense skills, it is difficult to improve without opponents, Jake wanted to join the school team but he thought it best to wait, it would be very difficult for him to be able to play on the team in his first year , and he could not make his pitches from 3 to 10 years, according to the system he would have to wait until the 12 to not draw much attention, he really did not want to draw attention before getting to high school that is when they would have the scouts of the colleges watching his games, then it was time to show himself, and surely there he would find opponents worthy of improving his defense skills, Jake even thought of playing in a more defensive position now at school, but only by the difference in physical statistics would it be difficult for someone to force Jake to be serious.

So Jake continued training as usual, and going to school, soon would be the first test, Joseph was a little nervous more Jake was calm, impossible to go wrong in the tests because they always drop questions related to the classes they had and after Jake remembered the content would be difficult for him to miss.

Three days after Jake talked to the system was coming to the end of another day of training and Jake was throwing his balls of 3, he already hit 2 out of 10, which would be a good average in a game, after another cast the system called him.

[Congratulations Jake, you’ve earned your first reward from me for your efforts, as today you completed 1,000 pitches of 3 you’ll earn a reward, this is a hidden quest, from now on every 1,000 pitches you make you’ll earn that reward.]

"Because you did not tell me before I would have done the 1,000 several days before."

[I can not tell you these things because although the rewards are good, you will be disconnected from your training, if you made 1,000 pitches of 3 several days before many exercises would not be done, you will not leave your goal because of the missions otherwise you may regret it, your ultimate goal as a player is to be the best.]

"I understand, I just wanted to know beforehand to program me better, but I did not know I was going to have missions."

[I’m going to act almost like a system, I’m just not going to try to affect your growth with missions that leave you better quickly, you’ve gone back in time at a younger age so you can have time to improve your life if I improve your skills with just some missions this would not make sense, and the missions will be for your future jobs also in addition to basketball player, so I told you not to pick several start jobs, because to improve you have to focus on one first.]

So Jake understood, it seems that with this system he just would not be the best if he did not want to.

"Then show me what the reward is."

[Stamina Bar]

[This is the stamina bar, you eat one and it recovers all your energy, it is great to use to improve if training, more is better if you use during a game, in the meantime you eat and back like at the beginning of the game, so you can run more than the others.]

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