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Chapter 21 Training Skills 3
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Chapter 21 Training Skills 3

And so over a month has passed since Jake started his training with the ball, his mother was happy and Jake was also he was motivated with his possible improvement, but intentionally did not look at his stats chart, he wanted to see a table most complete of its evolution after a good training time.

At school all was well too, Jake still talked a lot with Joseph and did not pay attention in almost all classes, at the beginning the teachers did not notice more then they ended up noting by the great contrast formed by Joseph paying close attention and Jake pretending, then the teachers began to ask questions to embarrass Jake and to show that he had to pay attention in class, sorry that he hit everything that was asked and most of the time with different answers than the teachers taught so they stopped paying attention to him, which the teachers want is that all students understand their classes if they have some student who is already advanced in some subject or has already learned, so teachers pay more attention to others who have more difficulties, Jake, of course, knew that too what he intended was after seeing that the teachers were not paying much attention to him, he would start to study his language books and business management that are what he will most need to learn in the future, and also he has to start at some time pretending that he was learning some languages because he could not just start speaking four new languages ​​out of nowhere without explaining how he had learned so he could to do this gradually in the future by his ’ease’ of learning a language he could be called genius more was better than having his secret uncovered.

Now it was the weekend and Jake had all day to train, after a month had passed and he had a better practice to do the exercises and also was not as tired as before, at this point in training Jake had improved a lot his pass and was able to hit the iron bar in several ways with passes and the ball came back to him most of the time, he was also improving his position when jumping, his body did not get crooked, able to make the pitches with more easily, his dribbles mostly improved a lot, certainly had to do with his high control of the ball, he hardly released the ball as he walked with her around the court bouncing with his eyes closed, when Jake learned to fully use his legs and improved balance of his body in block his body control also improved, Jake also trained much his layup and also the rebounds, which he had more difficult to train alone was Man to Man and his Block because he had no opponents, but at least he could improve his positioning.

"Finally it’s been a month, Fate shows me my window of statistics and skills, please, I’m anxious to know how much I’ve improved."

[Sure here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Middle School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.35 m]

[Weight: 36 kg]

[Force 7]

[Agility 7]

[Resistance 7]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]

[Body Control B]

[Man to Man C]

[Dribble B]

[Layup C]

[Set Shot SS]

[Block D]

[Pass S]

[Rebound D]

[2 Points]

[3 Points]

[Free Throw SS]


When Jake saw his statistics window he was a bit happy and a little annoyed, happy because he had seen that his stamina had improved, and also that his pitches of 2 and 3 were also much better now that he learned to jump jumping, is far from the NBA level even more thinking that he was only 10 years old now this was more than excellent, even with the help of the system the skills still relied heavily on the player himself, and he was sad that for him his Dribble, Layup and Body Control were even lower than he thought, for Jake compares to a primary player these skills should not be so bad, but as the system said should be correct, if one day he started to doubt the system would not help him look for your statistics.

[And, Jake, you should be happy with what you see, this month of training you gave the most despite the short time you had, and you had a great improvement, if you are now in this school team for sure you already would be the captain of the team, plus taking the statistics as pass and pitches that you already had a great training and is only adapting to the fact you have legs now, the others have not grown so easy, when I show the statistics for you from now on it is the best of all positions, which means that when you have SS in defense you will really be the best player in defense, at this stage I even think it is possible for you, more from the next it will be impossible, the geniuses have been discovered by your coaches and will be trained to the best of your ability, and you do not have much talent for defense unless you train more defense than the other skills you are good only when you have a 26, and so if you find good players to play against you every day.]

Jake understood well what the system was saying before he was compared only to the best player and even a great player has his weaknesses more now he would be compared to each statistic the person who was better in her, Jake certainly knew that he did not have much talent for defense, plus he was still good, before he just did not play well as Center because he never trained the skills of the position anymore now he was training with what he learned from his coaching friend and what he researched alone, so he can say that is better now than when he was 16 or older and was called to play, unless the height is clear.

[But you still do not seem to be so satisfied with your growth Jake, I thought you’d be more excited now just to change that title.]

Now that the system mentioned that Jake realized, he was very focused on his skill levels and did not realize that he was being compared to a perfect player in all skills of his age at Middle School now, and no more in primary, if so then the system is right, your growth far exceeded your expectations.

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