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Chapter 20 Training Skills 2
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Chapter 20 Training Skills 2

After a good day of training came to school, Jake took classes normally and talked a lot with Joseph also in the breaks, they already became great friends, especially after Joseph saw that Jake had not changed his attitude even after knowing that he was rich, Joseph also did not live very luxurious despite having a wealthy family, as he told Jake, his father and grandfather are training him and to pass high school without much money would show him how a normal family lives clear his father does not force him to do anything if Joseph wants to give up he can and they would go back to live before, Jake no longer knows in his previous life where he and Joseph did not know each other, Joseph gave up this test after a year, not for lack of a rich life, or because he could not get good grades, but because he did not have a friend in his first year of school, he was still 11 years old and he was a child and could not stand solitude, then in the future Joseph always resents and in addition, actually the camera company he inherited from his grandfather went bankrupt, Joseph did not have the vision to switch from film to digital, luck that he was very good at his job and sold the company.


In the Monday Jake returned to train after dinner with his mother Eva and went down to the basement to train, while Jake trained Eva looked at him secretly, she was very happy when she saw that Jake was finally using the court he asked for and playing with the ball, before he just ran and did not even catch the ball, so Eva did not understand how Jake wanted to be a basketball player in the future because he just ran and exercised like crazy and neither took the ball or used the table she bought him she did not care too much about the money, but it was because it was the first expensive thing Jake had ever asked for in her life, she knew Jake as every normal child had the things he wanted, but how did he know his situation was not good and his mother had to work hard to be able to take care of the house so he did not ask.

And Eva also wanted to give something to her son, but Jake did not seem to have any dear interest, and he did not like expensive clothes either, and he almost did not rip one up after he won, he could be considered the perfect child for many more mothers for Eva not, she wanted to give everything to her son, her greatest happiness was to see Jake smile and see him so taking care of everything hurt his heart, more these days he finally said something he liked to do and even asked for a belated gift to that, so what Eva most wanted was for Jake to have fun with the first gift he wanted.


Jake had not really realized that his mother was looking at his training, he was very focused, today he had much less time to train so Jake was giving everything in his training, he still made some mistakes in many things more could see his improvement, it came from the talent Jake had for basketball, he could use his body in the best way possible to do the exercises, then Jake was again to the pitches and really like today he trained less and was more energetic he missed much less, more he was still wrong and he knew why it was the way he jumped and positioned himself to shoot, he had to take some of his body habits that he took when he threw without leap, but he could still see the improvement, only the Free Throw still they were still the same, Jake had already reached the maximum technique for the Free Throw, which diminished his percentage of correctness was his lack of strength as the system had said ago Jake saw why even players considered to be great had an average 40 percent hit rate, a normal athlete, even an NBA player would have an average of 30 strength and those who had a lot more than that were the ones who focused more in defense or buried, it is clear that even with the help of the system it would still take a long time for him to have more force statistics than these.

"Fate, with training like that, I think we’re going to have to give up physical training, every day I do not have much time and on weekends training time increases, and I get a lot more tired with this training than with training. other."

[I was already hoping for this, it was good that you reached the 7 force before the holidays are over, you do not have to worry about it, when you see that your skills training gets very slow you can start to switch between training of skills and physical training plus this training can also increase some points in your speed and will increase many points in your endurance, strength training was meant to be behind because you do not have the necessary equipment when you have will increase quickly, not to mention that with normal growth of your body because you are a child will increase some points of strength and endurance, only speed that does not increase more by natural growth, the important thing is you do not relax in training, you have to have a great advantage among the other young people before you enter college, because then scouts do not care much about their potential at that time they will only care about what you can show on the court, there the time to grow is over.]

Jake heard everything the system said and saw that it was true, the increase in physical statistics can only increase greatly when it comes time to use equipment, plus the skills he can improve now, and in the future even if he does not have many team skills he can enter through his individual abilities, but this is what takes more time even with the help of the system, and he has many F skills even when compared to a child, so this may be good for Jake, after all these skills would improve well faster than the pitching that comes to S when he learns to jump jumping, and with Jake’s talent this will be very fast.

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