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Chapter 19 Training Skills 1
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Chapter 19 Training Skills 1

On Sunday morning Jake descended excitedly to the bas.e.m.e.nt, today began his training with the ball, the first warming up and went to the corner of the court where the balls were kept.

He took a basketball in his hand and stayed a while with her in his hand with his eyes closed remembering the feeling of playing, then he went to the corner of the court passing in his mind the training routine that he would have to do from now.

Although Jake wanted to shoot very much, the shoot was for the end of the training since it took most of the time, in the beginning he had to do a training to improve his dribble and ball control, which was to stay a good time bouncing with the ball quickly in a low distance, and trying to do if you look at the ball.

This gives an unconscious control of the body how to keep the ball close to the body, which is the essence of basketball, try to do this exercise with both hands, and after a good time start doing the exercise bouncing the ball to the court.

Walking from side to side and with the base of the body lowered and sometimes with the other hand raised as if defending the ball of a defender, thus Jake would make the bases to have the ball in motion that you can not have in your previous life.

Then train moving the ball around the body and changing the position of the hands quickly, so you can do it quickly in a game if necessary, this Jake also did a lot then had the ability, the ball quickly across the court running, to be able to do this in the game, all walking exercises with the ball Jake still had difficulty on his first day.

This is one of the reasons he did not want to join a team, they would think that he was an amateur, and then they would be surprised at his quick improvement that would be caused by the system, so it was better to come in after being a little good.

After the dribbling exercises and ball control and movement by the court, Jake was already a bit tired, so the system said that it was good to have the attributes of a normal a.d.u.l.t to start training, it is an exhaustive training the basketball, more had to be done.

No skill can mask the lack of training, so now Jake would train the pass, Jake was already considered very good in his passes plus the way to give a foot pass and moving around the court is very different than sitting in a wheelchair.

So he had to train a few moves, more over time the pass training that consisted of trying to pass a chest height, over the head, underneath and then bouncing was done easily, to be able to Making things difficult Jake decided to use a place on the court that had a piece of iron in the corner of the court so it was more difficult to give a pass and make the ball come back.

But even then it was very difficult after this training Jake was finally going to start his throwing training, first he was going to try to layups, to have more reality approaching the game, he had to walk around the basket area and then run from the Free-Throw throwing area and run towards the basket and make the move with his hands to put the ball in, to have a better performance in the game.

Jake had to try different types of layups already thinking about how the opposing player would try to give a stump in him, he would also try with the ball touching the table, so to have many varieties.

As Jake had never done this training he missed a lot more still hit some because he had good control of the ball and over his body, yet still after he finished this training he was exhausted, these exercises they had to take several laps on the court and also had to jump.

After he went to training shoot in the 2-point line, he made the same move than for the layups but did not run into the basket and rather threw, he had to try several positions from the 2-point line and out of the key.

In the beginning, he still made a lot of mistakes because he could not execute well the movement of throwing jumping, more then he started to hit more, more maybe because of fatigue he still missed a lot and lastly, he went to the training of shoot of the area of 3 points.

When he started to try it looked like he was less tired, at first he tried to fling without jumping like he did to try to remember the feeling, he hit some, still more missed most, maybe it was how the system said how now he has fewer strength statistics points, seems more difficult to throw, loses stability a little.

Then he threw jumped, and it was worse, but he still hit some, after all he was to the last part of the training that was Free-Throw, when he started he was exhausted, more like he did not have to jump or run before throwing and the distance was not great, he still hit most shoot, if someone who knew basketball would see that they would be shocked, he hit 7 out of 10 shoot.

This besides the fact that he is exhausted and has only 10 years and not have enough strength, you can imagine how much he would hit the future in a game, really had that being said that Jake had a great talent for the shot.

When the system said he had flair for 3-pointers this was that he is much better in the 2-pointers and much better at Free-Throw, so he is a talent for the basketball, penalty that he is not very good in defense otherwise he would be a great SG, this could be tidied up in the future with the help of the system, more has to be said that with his high vision of game and his talent for the pass leave if an SG is a waste of him that is a better yet PG.

Jake just thought he could be a better SG because he did not play group matches, he does not know how important a team has to win, so he thinks he is good is enough, the system did not fix it because in the case of Jake that's right, he would definitely enter the NBA in the future and there who is not good in his position?

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