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Chapter 18 The Beginning of Middle School 2
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Chapter 18 The Beginning of Middle School 2

And so the days went by slowly in the first week of Jake’s class, it really is normal for the first week to be a little stuck as if it were even made for some students to adapt to their new school or class, so the classes do not have much content , as Jake said he would do it he would take a look at what would be spent for class of the day and if he knew what he would be taught he would not pay attention in class, just watch if the teacher called his name to answer something, Joseph was the Contrary to Jake, he was totally focused on the teacher’s lecture, so it’s normal for him to do well in the exams.

After they ate lunch together and talked about everyday things like what happened in class or the sports of the week, Jake was a bit of a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, who won the NBA 88-89, and the conference in 89-90, but as he knew the most important results in the games it was very enjoyable to watch, not to mention that Fate said that his return to the past could change some futures, so betting could be his defeat, in football he was a fan of Miami Dolphins more who won this year was the San Francisco 49ers, he did not like hockey and in the Major he was a fan of the Boston Red Sox, more than he won was the Oakland Athletics, so they talked about their teams.

So the weekend came as his mother had to work and Jake was still in the last days of his week off, he decided to call his new friend Joseph to go eat in a diner, Joseph cheerfully accepted in the first few weeks he did not have what studying and had no close friends so he was bored at home, so the two met at the diner.

"Jake gladly you called me, I was bored to death at home, there is nothing good to watch and nothing to study, I thought I was going to have to review some more things to study what you already know does not have the same grace."

"I understand you, but you really like to study, I see that you will have a beautiful future ahead of you, I also study more just to pass the exams and what interests me."

"I really like to study and that was my luck because my father and grandfather have high expectations for me so I have to study anyway."

"Expectations like that?"

"Well ... I wanted to tell you before, but my father insisted that I not tell anyone before I knew the person’s character, but now that I know you this week, I’ve learned that you’re not the kind of person my father said , the truth Jake is that my family is very rich, I have been to school so because my grandfather also studied in public school and my father who studied in private school according to my grandfather was very alienated, so they wanted me to go to school publishes as my grandfather and is the best possible in the tests, and after I get to college that I can keep up with others, my grandfather owns a camera company and my father is a lawyer, just like my father is a son unique and I am my father’s only child, it is for me to inherit my grandfather’s company after finishing college. "

Jake quietly heard Joseph’s story and sighed, he did not really have that his friend was from a wealthy family, he must have been raised well, Joseph was humble and did not care much what he ate or wore, so even Jake who had experience of life did not notice, but what made Jake sigh was not it, Joseph said that he was heir to a very rich company, so he spoke may be up millionaire, but had to be a camera company, Jake had studied once that when it came to the digital platform and cell phones taking pictures, more than 90% of the film camera companies had gone bankrupt, it is not easy for a businessman to have a revolutionary vision and especially for large companies that had their businesses in the stock market make a change from the film to the digital platform is almost impossible, only the biggest did this and not because they had given up the film more because they wanted to follow the two platforms, companies had the capital to invest in two fields, and that was what saved the businesses of these big companies.

Now a friend he did by accident was actually an heir to a millionaire company that maybe just Jake with his future knowledge could help save, that certainly has the hands of fate, Jake was really thinking about how he could get into the market Joseph was at the door, but now it was not time to help Joseph, even if his friend believed him, his father and grandfather would never believe a child’s predictions, but Jake still had plenty of time to change that. game, Jake was not going to get involved in Joseph’s business but he would ask him to help in the future so that Jake could make his moves in the stock market, so using some of his knowledge of business and future knowledge Jake could make lots of money in the future, but now also was not the time, after his conversation with his friend Jake was going home, tomorrow will be the day that ends his week of rest and it was time to start Jake had not made a throw-in of 3 for a long time, it can be said that Jake had a strong will to endure so far, especially that despite the system suggesting that he rest for a week, he never said that he he could not fling once more Jake did not like to start things in half, if he held out to wait 3 months what was 1 week, in addition, Jake realized how this week of rest did well for his body and his mind, he was at his best and his mother did not care as well, as Jake stopped without her having to say anything she realized that he knew what he was doing, so she started to trust him more, it can be said that for Jake the confidence of his Mother was an unexpected gain.

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