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Chapter 17 The Beginning of Middle School 1
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Chapter 17 The Beginning of Middle School 1

After deciding to rest in the first week of class Jake can really realize how much his body was worn and his mental state too, he was completely exhausted, and after fulfilling that sense of duty he had to reach 7 points of strength, he can relax much better afterward, after all, normal training is like this, until rest can be considered a kind of training.

And so came the day that would start Jake’s school year, his 6th grade through 8th grade he would be in this public school, it’s the same one he studied in his past life, the school’s name is Southwood Middle School, has a lot of fame in sports more in the cultural and artistic areas she stands out a little, maybe has a little influence of this school Jake’s willingness to study acting, but that’s not important, Jake did not intend to participate in the school basketball team, this would be an experience with very little challenge for Jake, and he would stand out a lot, maybe if the school team was good he could train a bit the basics of basketball and his skills in teamwork, more if the team is bad he can even get worse.

So Jake got ready and went to breakfast with his mother.

"Good morning mom."

"Good morning, Jake, you start your classes today, you’re already turning into a teenager, I hope you study well and do not get in trouble all right?"

"Of course mother, I’ll pay attention in class, respect the teachers and try to make new friends."

"Very well, this is my son, now hurry to eat not to miss the bus."

After that Jake went to school, it was a good school, with big buildings, gymnasiums for various sports and theaters, very good for a public school, then Jake went to the coordination and picked up his school schedule, the time was 9:10 am - 3:50 pm, then had 1 hour for clubs, just as Jake already knew the school well went directly to the classroom, arriving in the room he sat close to background, his vision was now very good and also he just needs to listen to the class just to remember their content, all of Jake’s teachers were men in their forties, making Jake lose even more the urge to pay attention in class, next to him had a little boy smaller than Jake plus he was very chubby, he wore a goggles and looked smart, since he started classes some small groups had formed since they should have known each other for years, in his past life Jake was assigned to another room so he did not I met to no one here, not to mention that he had no close friends at school, but still this chubby kid caught his eye.

Jake was a person who believed in fate a lot, especially after everything he went through and knew his destiny, so for a boy that interested him even though he was over 40 years of mental age and also did not seem to have many friends sit down his side in the classroom could be considered a kind of destination, in addition, Jake had promised his mother that he would make a friend so he was the perfect candidate.

When it was time for the break the students were saving their books to go to the next room after lunch, Jake had already put away his books and approached to talk to his colleague.

"Hi, fine, nice to meet you, my name is Jake, I do not know anyone at our school and I feel like I can get along with you, can we talk?"

Jake had not lived much for anything, as he worked at a company he had to know how to talk to someone out of nothing and make a good impression.

"Hi, my name is Joseph, I do not have any friends either, so I’d like to talk to you."

When Joseph spoke he had a small smile on his serious face, his father had sent him to this school without telling him and he lost the few friends he had as he was somewhat antisocial, he thought he might be without friends, more this boy that was sitting at the bottom who seemed uninterested during the class actually pulled conversation with him, that’s great luck.

"That’s great then, let’s get out of here and find someplace to eat."

After Jake said that he got up and left, Joseph got a little lost the sooner recovered and followed Jake, as Jake had already studied at this school before, he knew the best places to eat, and places that no one went, was a good place to talk too.

Then they talked for a while and saw that their class schedule was the same, so they could sit together all classes, and so after the first day of school Jake and Joseph became friends, Jake liked Joseph very much, he seemed mature to his old and really smart, his goal was to make the most of all the tests, he did not want to go to any club like Jake, although Jake liked the theater he could not spend much time in the club activities, he needed to improve his skills first basketball, this week off Jake would learn all he had to learn about this new school environment and deepen his friendship with Joseph, because then when he comes back to train he will not have time for anything.

So after his first day of school, Jake went home, he cleaned the house and made dinner as usual and waited for Eva to tell him how his day was.

"Hi Jake, my son, how was your first day at school, did you make some friends?"

"Yes mother, I made a friend, a boy named Joseph, he seems to be very smart and sits on my side in every class, he also does not go to any club and then we become friends."

"Good, Jake, that makes me very happy, but this is about not going to any club, are not you going to join the basketball club?"

"I think not mother, this year even if I join the team I will not be able to play because the starting team must be 8th grade, and I’m still not good enough to get a place, so for now I’m going training alone at home when I get better I enter the team. "

Jake had really thought of it and it was like he said to his mother, in basketball now he was really bad and training in the club with a rhythm for kids will decrease his training, so he had better train his skills at home and when he had good enough he went to the team, just to train his team plays, so he helped the team and himself.

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